The Encyclopedia of Ignorance

The Encyclopedia of Ignorance None

  • Title: The Encyclopedia of Ignorance
  • Author: Ronald Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780671790875
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Robert and I have been having an argument in another thread about the question, which naturally arises when you read Penrose's The Road to Reality, of whether the world is in some sense complex-valued. Are there directly measurable physical quantities which intuitively should be thought of as being described by complex numbers, or is this just something we do because it makes the math more elegant?It's not clear if the question has a meaning, but of course it's been discussed before, for example [...]

    2. Brings to mind the philosopher, who when asked what his greatest piece of knowledge is, replies "that I may be completely wrong about everything."

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