A Fine Disregard: What Makes Modern Art Modern

History of Modern Art
A Fine Disregard What Makes Modern Art Modern History of Modern Art

  • Title: A Fine Disregard: What Makes Modern Art Modern
  • Author: Kirk Varnedoe
  • ISBN: 9780810931060
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “A Fine Disregard: What Makes Modern Art Modern”

    1. This is one of those amazing books that I can reread at any time, time and time again. I love this book. It is so well written, so articulate and really makes you understand the importance of Rodin, the influence of Japanese art on the Impressionists, etc. I think I should probably go back and read this again! Love it!

    2. I'm embarrassed to say that I have a very shameless love for art criticism, as well as a very juvenile fantasy to be as eloquent and evocative and insightful about art as art historians and art critics. I find my self enjoying art pieces in museums that have accompanying comments than those that don't.In that way, it's a bit sad that I have trouble appreciating contemporary art without having first read about a piece, or someone's interpretation of that piece. A lot of things just don't reach me [...]

    3. This was a very informative read. I enjoyed the author's style of writing, the clarity of his thoughts, the way he illustrated his points with photos of the art he was referring to. He defined some of the various elements that emerged at the end of the 19th century that caused the art that was produced to differ from what came before. He also destroyed some of the myths surrounding the artists and their art by pointing out where many of their "influences" weren't exactly influential. His ideas a [...]

    4. There is no doubt that the author had a gift for beautiful prose that makes art history easy to understand and "see". I loved this book and look forward to reading his lectures on abstraction in D.C though I would far prefer to watch the videos that will one day come out that will show his eloquence live.

    5. I am rereading, after hunting down a copy -going in deeper, critically. The Rodin/Degas discussion was a revelation. So grateful for his almost single handed acknowledgement of the role of the artist.

    6. Only read this if you want to understand what makes art art. An accessible, readable, work of art criticism and cultural history,

    7. One of the best books about modern art ever written. This man was a genius, an original thinker whose ideas were totally accessible. The art world lost him a brilliant teacher.

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