1 thought on “Bob Pierce: This One Thing I Do”

  1. A great biography about a great man who literally had no problem in laying down his life for others. Inspiring.

  2. This is the biography of Bob Pierce who was the founder of both World Vision and Samaritan's Purse. While the history of the book was most interesting and challenged my thoughts about missions, I found the writing style to be difficult to read as it jumped back and forth in time and from topic to topic. Bob Pierce truly dedicated his life at the expense of his family to the cause of missions and bettering the lives of others.

  3. this book is inspiring as well as informational regarding world missions. The life of Bob Pierce is a challenge to all who want to give their all for Jesus. Bob Pierce loved the nations and loved people – reading this book cannot but challenge and inspire any reader.

  4. This book changed the way I think of missions and missionaries. Anyone familiar with Samaritan's Purse or Operation Christmas Child should read it!

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