Rebel with a Cause

President of Samaritan s Purse and son of acclaimed evangelist Billy Graham, Franklin Graham offers his life story, from his childhood through his rebellious teenage years to his ministry of today.
Rebel with a Cause President of Samaritan s Purse and son of acclaimed evangelist Billy Graham Franklin Graham offers his life story from his childhood through his rebellious teenage years to his ministry of today

  • Title: Rebel with a Cause
  • Author: Franklin Graham
  • ISBN: 9780785271703
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Rebel with a Cause”

    1. Franklin Graham's autobiography Rebel With a Cause tells the story of his prodigal years eventually leading him to embrace his calling, is a book you every parent of a prodigal should read.I read this book several years ago so my recall of particular portions are a bit sketchy. Still, I remember reading of the first hand account of Franklin Graham's early years and the many mistakes made along the way.Graham speaks lovingly and with endearment of the mountains of North Carolina, his childhood ho [...]

    2. I rarely read any non-fiction other than the Bible, but, as a Christian, this book sounded interesting, especially since I've considered myself a bit of a rebel with a cause. Mr. Graham's story was exciting, and he is kind of like me in a way: reckless as a youth, but eventually discovering the error of our ways. However, the space-wasting format was a bit annoying, and, since this book was published over two decades ago, it could use some updating.

    3. Great book about Franklin, the Graham family in general and mostly about Samaritans Purse and their work around the world. It was wonderful to read about what God did behind the scenes in setting things up. Things you would never hear on the news.

    4. Guess I wans't in the mood for autobiographies, but I didn't enjoy this one as much as I'd like to. However was pretty entertaining.

    5. In anticipation of attending Franklin Graham's Decision America rally in Pierre, SD on 5/24/16, I decided to pick up his autobiography to learn more about the son Billy Graham. "Rebel With a Cause" is a quick read which Franklin tells the story of his younger years, living in sin and not wanting to be known as "Billy Graham's son". He *was* a rebel, starting to smoke in his early teenage years followed by a drinking habit. That along with rebelling against his parents, his teachers and peers, ma [...]

    6. Franklin embraces a purpose for his life after struggles as the son of the famous Billy Graham. I like his no-nonsense and clear style of storytelling. This is a book of short stories that chronicle his life's journey and help us understand how he performs his current role as the head of Samaritan's Purse. Franklin has an unusual ability to admit how his traits can be used just as easily for good or bad results. Franklin admitted how his trait of strong rebellion caused an addiction to cigarette [...]

    7. Franklin is an honest and simple writer. He just “says it like it is.” From childhood to the present, Franklin lets us into “his world” – his struggles, his shortcomings, his disappointments – and his greatest joys. This book could be divided into two sections: one – the adolescent and early adulthood SEARCH for identity and purpose, and two – fulfilled life vision through the ministry of Samaritans Purse (a missionary organization that provides provisional and medical aid in are [...]

    8. Feeling inspired to get a pilot's license with my son after reading the autobiography of Franklin Graham, "Rebel with a Cause," who on the 1st flight as a pilot crashed.I got to hear the CEO of Samaratain's Purse tell Indiana Jones stories of being shot at by snipers in the middle east, bombed near Sarajevo and surviving minefields in Rwanda. Politically incorrect he will say what no one else will say and go where no one else will go. Franklin, a rebel kicked out of boarding school and the son o [...]

    9. WoW!!! What a book! What insight. I so enjoyed this book and my eyes and heart were opened more. It truly wasn't what I expected. I loved hearing how God turned the Rebel around. I so loved hearing how he came to his own, on his own. I really enjoyed hearing of the work he has done already. It gave more and more insight to Samaritan's Purse. Yet there was still all the love and graciousness of the South in there. I was hooked on page 2. I had been wanting for many years to read this book, but ne [...]

    10. This was an engrossing book. The only thing I regretted was that it didn't cover quite a few recent years and changes in the Samaritan's Purse ministry. Franklin's account of his early childhood hijinx and his mother's sometimes creative discipline were hilarious. It was fascinating to see how the Lord took Franklin's interests and personality and used them (after his conversion) to raise up a true leader to continue and expand the work of Samaritan's Purse. Franklin's deep compassion for those [...]

    11. This autobiography is the story of Franklin Graham's life. While I do not think he is a great writer, the stories that he tells of growing up as the son of Billy Graham and how he found his own way in life were very interesting. I especially enjoyed hearing about how he came to care for the underserved in so many areas of the world. It was good to hear how Samaritan;s Purse was begun and what they are doing today. That is his mission organization that gives away nine million showboxes to childre [...]

    12. Though it seemed a little disconnected at the end, this was a terrific read on how God brought Franklin Graham from the rebellious boy/teen/young adult that he was, to the strong man of God he is today. It was almost like reading a modern-day Jacob story.Franklin really was quite the rebel in his younger years, using people and means to for his own services (even when helping others). Yet once he was converted to Christ, God used all the connections he had made in those earlier years to amazing [...]

    13. Franklin Graham ringt um seine eigene Identität. Von Kindheit an steht er im Schatten seines berühmten Vaters Billy Graham. Die Erwartungen des Umfeldes sind hoch und sein Lebensweg scheint vorgezeichnet zu sein. Doch Franklin wehrt sich dagegen. Er ist ein rebellisches Kind, das sich mehr für Rauchen, Trinken und Schießen interessiert als für die Bibel. Getrieben von Abenteuerlust bereist er arme Länder um den Menschen dort zu helfen. Dabei erkennt er schließlich, dass Gott einen eigenen [...]

    14. This is the first autobiography I have read in a long time, and although it was written a few years back, I found it quite appropriate for me today. It's a simple, easy to read account of Franklin Graham's amazing life. It held my interest to the end. The beginnings of this man's life certainly was not rosey for a famous evangelist's son, which makes it even more interesting. God used many to help mold and shape him for his remarkable work, and with ever-loving parents who stood by him no matter [...]

    15. This was a great book to read. Such an interesting biography to learn about the life of Rev. Billy Graham's Son and all the things he done in his life; and some that was sometimes sinful and wrong. To finally where he got tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I loved reading and learning how he finally gave his life over to the Lord.I recommend this book to everyone. After I read this book I started following Franklin and BGEA more closely than I had before.I'm Thankful I ran ac [...]

    16. I read this book a long time ago, but I remember enjoying it. Franklin Graham had everything lined up. He was the "son of a preacher man"--he should have been an awesome Christian automatically, right? But he wasn't. and he didn't want to be. until God changed him. but even that's interesting. The story of how he became the man behind Samaritan's Purse disaster relief organization, loving and serving God, is pretty interesting. He's no sissy for God.

    17. What an honest account of finding himself, and learning how to have his OWN calling! Only when he was doing well with what he was called to do, did Franklin take on another challenge - to preach, as his father's son, and in his own style. Loved learning about the many accomplishments of BGEA - many before I could remember. This book is a testament to finding your passion while doing God's work in this world. Nice personal touches added to the story.

    18. I love how this author told his story without going into too many details of others personal stories. As I don't read very often anymore the thought that I want to read this one again surprises me. Interesting with adventures and stories showing how even when in his spiritual immaturity God was able to work through him and along the way show how important prayer is. Easy reading and loved getting a glimpse into the family of his parents, Billy and Ruth Graham.

    19. Franklin Graham describes his life as the son of the famous evangelist, Billy Graham. Including his years of rebelling against his Christian upbringing and having a famous father and all the expectations those involve. He ends with his current charity work through his independent organization and how he resisted outside influences to have him take over Billy Graham Ministries as he was confident it wouldn't be a good fit for him or for the organization.

    20. I enjoyed his trip from his early rebel years and the fantastic work God provided in his life. I can't see myself making all the sacrifices he made and the fearlessness of all the things God sent him to do and how gracefully undertook them. I was afraid for him even if he weren't for himself.The book was a satisfying read and gave me loads of hope for my own fearless requests from Our Father in Heaven. Thanks Franklin Graham for writing this book. It was a great encouragement.

    21. Get to know the man who is the driving force behind Samaritan's Purse. What's it like to be the son of a famous evangelist? How could you ever meet everyone's expectations? Franklin had to be himself, and he had very wise parents who allowed him to work through the process of learning who he was supposed to be, and becoming that person. God's perfect timing of events is very evident throughout this book.

    22. As I finished the story fo Franklin's journey from rebellious child to rebellious Christian leader, I was left thinking "What does this mean for me?" Seriously, the book left me questioning what I am doing with all the prep work God has put into my life. What does God want to do with the rest of my life? I wish I knew and I thank Franklin for raising the question and making me uneasy in my own skin. Now, if I could find some answers

    23. Loved this book, easy to read, inspiring, humorous and encouraging, touches alot on the tragic effect of war and poverty on the human race while showing the flip side of people helping others in dire need and how God works miracles to heal broken lives. The account of Franklin's smoking addiction and how he recovered from it was enlightening.

    24. This was my second book that I read from Mr. Graham. While I'm admittedly not a fan of his method of teaching scripture (nor his interpretation of it), Graham has done a great job with this book in describing his own journey of faith. Growing up as the son of the president's pastor was rocky for Franklin, but this book shows the importance of faith and the power of God's love.

    25. Up to page 137, this is a folksy autobiography with a good mix of humor, boyhood angst, and glimpses into growing up as a Graham. Soon after this point, the book becomes a mixture of wonderful big hearted acts and annoying arrogance. I suspect Franklin will continue to be a bold public figure for many more years.

    26. Impactful testimony. Specifically helpful to those raised in Christian homes coming to their own faith and choosing to walk boldly with God. A fun read with great insights into coming of age, becoming a follower of Christ, working in ministry, and serving others in dire circumstances.

    27. Absolutely phenomenal! This guy has such a wonderful writing style as well. I was laughing through most of this book at some of the adventures this man has had! Amazing book. You can see why he really is a man of God. Samaratins Purse is blessed to have a founder like this one!

    28. On long trips, as my husband drives, I read a book out loud to him. This was the book I chose to read and it was so good that we are planning to visit The Cove in a few weeks! We love biographies and this did not disappoint! Highly recommend it!

    29. I fell in love with Franklin. None of us can imagine being the first born son of such a famous and accomplished man. He had a few rough years, although not as rough as mine. But he found himself and found his calling. He is doing a remarkable work for God.

    30. A good description of someone who is doing a huge amount to help the hurting people of the world. The son of Billy Graham, he suffered and rebelled through his youth, then found what was right for him and grew into the man he is today.A great read.

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