Angels on Sunset Boulevard

THE ANGELS PRACTICE, OR TAP, is the kind of cult that doesn t exist There are no rules and no records, just a MySpace like website All you need to know is that it will define who you are and what you will become.Amidst the glittering L.A nightlife, TAP parties are the place to see and be seen, especially in the exclusive back room Taj and her rocker boyfriend, Johnny,THE ANGELS PRACTICE, OR TAP, is the kind of cult that doesn t exist There are no rules and no records, just a MySpace like website All you need to know is that it will define who you are and what you will become.Amidst the glittering L.A nightlife, TAP parties are the place to see and be seen, especially in the exclusive back room Taj and her rocker boyfriend, Johnny, are TAP elite, so when Taj meets preppie outsider Nick at a party, she doesn t give him a second thought But then Johnny goes missing, along with Nick s sister And suddenly Taj and Nick are teaming up to question TAP s darker side.
Angels on Sunset Boulevard THE ANGELS PRACTICE OR TAP is the kind of cult that doesn t exist There are no rules and no records just a MySpace like website All you need to know is that it will define who you are and what you

  • Title: Angels on Sunset Boulevard
  • Author: Melissa de la Cruz
  • ISBN: 9781416927679
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Angels on Sunset Boulevard”

    1. Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooTAP, The Angels of Practice, is all everyone can talk about. This website/drink/drug is intoxicating and no one can get enough of it. No one can explain what TAP really is, since it is all around them and they are so dependent on it. The company that owns it holds the most exclusive parties, grants everyone's material wishes, provides all the gossip and promotes the biggest rock star that everyone loves, Johnny Silver. But then str [...]

    2. Ugh! Let's see, I first opened this book and began reading it in hmm October, I think. It is now Mid-January and I forced myself to finish is. I hate to give up on a book, but I almost wish I would have.The concept behind the book is good and original. TAP, or The Angels Practice is a Facebook/My Space type website with a twist. It is more like a cult, just for teens and young people. One of the biggest parts of TAP are the parties where a special narcotic/hallucinogenic drink is served to free [...]

    3. The genre of Angels on Sunset Boulevard is fiction. Taj the main female character of the story is a fun loving, pretty, poor skater, who never in a million years ever thought of talking to a guy like Nick. Who is a good looking, rich, all-American athlete that gets all the good in life and never has to really work for something he wants. So when the two joined forces to find Taj’s rocker boyfriend Johnny and Nick’s 13-year-old stepsister Fish it was destiny that the two was really meant for [...]

    4. First off is it just me or does that look like Shannon Doherty on the cover? Anyway, I really enjoyed this book and boy will the ending shock you and have you hooked for the next book. I just saw on Twitter that Melissa de la Cruz is still working on Angels Lie and from it looks like it won’t be out until October. Another book to wait for!I picked this book up because 1) I really enjoyed the Blue Blood books and am anxiously waiting for The Van Alen Legacy and 2) it totally sounded like somet [...]

    5. It was very weird and confusing but then after you think about it it's reflection on real life and how the media and marketing and just life in general works. How somebody starts something gets noticed and everybody else just follows like how nicks description about red bull. So behind the whole story I get the concept and everything but I just don't like it I don't like but in a way I kind of wants to know how it ends. Even as I was reading the book I knew that this was going to be one of those [...]

    6. not my faves--- kind of weird- and I hated the way that melissa de la cruz wrote like a teenagert sure if that is cuz Im clearly not a teen--- or what? I felt like the language took away from the story. And she was kind like all named/place dropping about the whole beverly hills thing.But when I was a teen if I can remember back that far-- I don't think I liked it either comes off as really pretentious or something like Im such a super cool grown up that I even talk like u guysallyno your actual [...]

    7. Meh, this book wasn't very good. I think that the reader is supposed to feel like the situation is mysterious and intriguing - really it just feels confusing and boring. Because nothing is truly explained, you are left with plotholes and inconsistent character development. This is more disappointing because other books by this author have been awesome, but I would urge even big AuPairs or Blue Bloods fans to give this one a pass.

    8. I read this book in one day, it was a very easy read, but very confusing at the same time. The characters were fairly likable and had some depth to them. The plot was good, original, but towards the end the author dumped a load of information on the reader, but did not ever fully explain. Then it just ended. I have heard good things about Ms. Cruz and hope that some of her other books are better written.

    9. Comprei esse livro há um bom tempo, mas, por motivos aleatórios, até agora não tinha me animado para ler, mesmo tendo uma temática divertida, misturando 90210 com Gossip Girl, além de muita gente rica, bonita e poderosa. Taj é a namorada da nova estrela do rock, Johnny. Mesmo que nenhum dos dois seja suficientemente rico para criar a própria carreira, como muitos em Hollywood fazem, graças ao talento de Johnny e uma misteriosa rede social chamada TAP (The Angels Practice), ele vira uma [...]

    10. I just finished Melissa de la Cruz's new book called Angels on Sunset Boulevard. First of all, you can totally tell that this is going to be the first of a series of books. It totally leaves it open at the end.The story starts out with the disappearance of a HUGELY famous rock star right at the beginning of his largest concert ever. His girlfriend is in the audience and witnesses the event and is shocked and is worried about him. Johnny Silver met Taj on TAP (eerily similar to Myspace), a social [...]

    11. Melissa De La Cruz has always brought us fun, paranormals and romances and this one is no different . With a touch of thriller , romance and fantasy. Angels on Sunset Boulevard is an excellent read.Welcome to the world of TAP , a website filled with social networkings . When Taj meets singer Johnny Silver , he introduces her to the world of TAP Parties . Soon he is selling TAP the drink and finding more than one way to get high and his career which was at a standstill seems to be on the up-rise. [...]

    12. Like The Blue Blood Series I loved this book. It was such a great read. I flew through this book it was hard to put down. It was a different read then her other books but very enjoyable. I loved Taj, Nick, and Johnny such great characters. There were a lot of twists and turns through out the book. I honestly didn't know how it was going to end. This book really showed the pressures teens go through just to fit in or even stand out to be more noticed or popular. It even showed what teens would do [...]

    13. From de la Cruz's personal webpage;i have been writing and rewriting and tearing my hair out at the writing of this book for the past three years. I am so very sorry for those of you who are still waiting to find out how this story ends. But I am just not ready to tell it—I am blocked on it—I thought I knew how to end it, but I don’t. Not right now. I believe I will write the sequel at some point, but I can’t tell you when, or if it would ever be published even, since the contract has be [...]

    14. After reading this book I can say I'm unsatisfied. The story is slow, taking only action during the second have of it. The story is about a social network called TAP, it's dark secret and schemes to control people and achieve social goals. The story generates around Taj,Johnny and Nick, three people from different origins but who have this social network as a common ground. A series of events will occur that show us who the bad guys are and what the people who belong to that site can be capable [...]

    15. I picked this book up because 1) I really enjoyed the Blue Blood books and am anxiously waiting for The Van Alen Legacy and 2) it totally sounded like something that could take place these days with Facebook, MySpace, etc. It's kind of a scary thought of people using these social applications to prey on kids. I know there is some of this already but I was curious to see where this book was going to take that idea. I really liked both Taj and Nick and thought that they had great chemistry togethe [...]

    16. I thought this book was good, but, like the other books I have read by Melissa de la Cruz, it just ends, without resolving the conflict. This book is written from many different perspectives. The story is told by a girl named Taj, a boy named Johnny, and a boy named Nick. Johnny Silver is an instant idol to everyone in Los Angeles. He is part of a website called TAP. But everything gets out of hand when he suddenly disappears. Not even his girlfriend, Taj, who has more to do with his fame than m [...]

    17. The story was kind of unclear in some parts. And it seemed a little slow paced; I was halfway through the book and I still had only a vague grasp on what was happening. The ending, though, leaves the reader curios. While the idea is interesting and ties in modern, teenage culture - the fact that TAP is a social networking site should be indication enough - it didn't seem to translate well. Also, there was actually very little indication of angels or anything like that. The way it marketed itself [...]

    18. "Angels on Sunset Boulevard", written by Melissa de la Cruz, is about teens all over L.A. have suddenly gone missing which includes Johnny a rocker whom everyone loves, and Nick's sister. All these teens have one thing in common though; all of them are on a social network called TAP. Nick and Taj now investigate to see who and what is really behind TAP."Angels on Sunset Boulevard" is a book that is a decent read for readers I recommend it to those who are interested in paranormal,slight bit of f [...]

    19. Just so everyone knows right off, this book has a HUGE cliffhanger, so be warned! And there's no release date yet for the sequel, which sucks. Anyway, this is a really compelling book. De la Cruz's writing flows so well, and the way she deftly handles the suspense throughout the story makes this a must-read. The story is mainly told through the lives of Taj and Nick by a third person narrator, with alternating chapters. The characterizations of everyone in the story are extremely well-done and a [...]

    20. This wasn't as strong as Melissa De La Cruz's other work, but this is one of her older novels so I guess practice makes perfect. The idea is really cool though. So I liked it alot. I just wish there was a sequal already that was hopefully it fills in all the holes in this storyline. We were left off pretty flat, but this story has a really nice angle it just has to keep going in a good direction. For all those who want another eddition on her site Melissa has the book classified as part of a ser [...]

    21. This one is yet another interesting one from de la Cruz. The similarities to myspace and rock culture should appeal to today's teens and maybe even make them think a little more about what they put on the internet. The only thing I didn't like was that you're left with a few question at the end, so I'm hoping de la Cruz is going to work on a sequel at some point. I think that there is still more story to tell. It would be a good choice for public or high school libraries, but it has too much sex [...]

    22. 2.5 starsI honestly don't know how I feel about this book now that I'm done. Well, I guess when I put a book down to go clean my bathroom is never a good sign but I think that maybe it was ok.It followed a really random cultish type organization through their escapades and it was kind of confusing so I think thats why I got bored. So there isn't much that I can say about the book without totally spoiling it but I guess if you have some free time you could pick this up. I'm definitely going to re [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book and simply don't understand why the ratings are so low. I think Melissa de la Cruz is one of the best young adult authors and that her books are always fun and mysterious. The only thing that bugs me is not knowing if any other books of this series will be published. I certainly hope so can't wait to see what happens next!

    24. This book is very entertaining and I love the fact that it is based off of a myspace community. This is not a book for YA as in middle schoolers, but I can see it being for older high schoolers. It has IV drugs/herbs, sex, a drag queen guardian, etc. which are not themes that my kids could easily read about.

    25. I picked up this book when the borders near by was closing- a pity indeed- but found the hardcover at a very good price ;) anyways I'm glad that I picked it up because I was looking for something different, not just vampires or werewolves. if you are looking for something different, well you should read it tough it doesn't have a second book yet, visit Melissa page for more details.

    26. I've read this book a while back, approximately four years ago. I remembered that there was an orgy going on in the book about some cult or something, and the main character was a part of it. It was just weird I was disappointed with Cruz's writing in this book. The plot was nothing notable and masterful like her Blue Bloods series.

    27. This book is pretty crazy, I'm not sure what to say about it exactly. Being from Los Angeles though I found a lot of parts surprisingly relate-able so I enjoyed that. Its a quick and easy read so I do recommend it if you have the chance to read it :) I really dislike the main character (Taj) so I did give the book one star less because of her.

    28. As usual I like reading works from Melissa dela Cruz. She writes well. However, this book left me hanging in the end. I want to know more about the "angels". This book climaxed towards its ending and it makes a reader craving for more. I wonder if the denouement of the story is found on its succeeding stories. In any case this was still a great fast read.

    29. i'm so biased, it's ridiculous. this stupid book gets 5 stars from me because it's chock-ful of gorgeous metaphors and writing. truly showcases de la cruz's writing style. which is incredible considering the blue bloods series has some really high points, too, but there was something about angels that really hit it home for me johnny silver is perfect i love you johnny silver.

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