Silly Tilly

Tilly is not an ordinary goose
Silly Tilly Tilly is not an ordinary goose

  • Title: Silly Tilly
  • Author: Eileen Spinelli David Slonim
  • ISBN: 9780761455257
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Silly Tilly”

    1. What a great kids book!! We all need to be more like silly tilly! More fun for everyone!! Be yourself and you will find happiness like silly tilly

    2. Is it possible to be too silly? It isn’t if you’re named Silly Tilly! Eileen Spinelli’s loveable Tilly, the “daffy-down-and-dilly-goose,” is the life of the farm until her silly hijinks get the best of her barnyard friends. With colorful, cartoon-like exaggeration, illustrator David Slonim’s farm animals chastise Tilly for her featherbrained shenanigans, figuratively clipping Tilly’s wings with “enough’s enough!” The scolded Tilly is a forlorn Tilly, with sadness threatening [...]

    3. Very cute story about a fun loving duck whose silly antics are not particularly appreciated by her peers until she agrees to refrain, at which point life on the farm quickly grows much duller as result. I wouldn't have thought that "sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone" was a message of much use to a toddler. Seems like you should have a bit more mileage on you before this invaluable lesson applies. Nevertheless, this book proved to be an instant winner with my 3-year old daug [...]

    4. Oh, Tilly, you're just too cute! This book is told in rhyme and the illustrations add to Tilly's humor. I'm sure this one will have kids laughing as they read about Tilly taking a bath in apple juice and wearing a pancake for hat. It's a perfect Amelia Bedelia sort of book for young readers. I expect this one to do well in the Building Block Award voting and I think young readers will fall in love with Tilly and her antics.

    5. Silly Tilly is book about a goose who is very silly and dose some crazy things but that begins bothering the other farm animals .I would recommend this book to someone who likes funny,silly and quick books.I liked this book the things that see dose are very silly.

    6. I read it beforeuhcfuiashggffiefyruiqw0r7efjhadvggnqeufgr7r8eie8gqf'awiehfpsohuaghdfhdsfgdyisdedye238yr82e8rrufjgurfgur8jru4rrifusjdjejhr yuiehdg8usbcfdhvryr33fyrc8ffrrgry4yrhrrfruhbfgjrfvfgvfbwv chvrfb vcbvfnhgr3bgvrhu4ru858hg bfu4yugfyfeAFRXX6R74TFREERGRRHRRRFYRGFHRFBVNC VGVRHFBFVGRYRBFV RBGVHV BRGSDSBVDSJWEEHHCF UDSHFCGERDFYRUUEWSAEWSDGBFHUFCUFEDYFEEDCEDCDEHDHCHVBFRVHVHERVRVRDABHHBFFBRGVRFFVRFDECDWDBHBH1243GIEDEFRYGGDDGCG3RFYRCBFYVRYFH7YER4YRY4FDFGFYEFDWRYWRYGQE3BFGQE7VFUGEDGFYRHV72GTYFFGVYEW [...]

    7. I enjoyed the story and am a sucker for a good rhyme, though neither here was what you'd call "groundbreaking" in any way. The convention of using barnyard animals to illustrate a point has been done before, and though the method is, without question, effective, it probably won't earn you extra points for originality. The illustrations, on the other hand, did feel original and inspired to me (in my very unprofessional opinion), giving the book a very unique personality. All things considered, wh [...]

    8. I am going to give it five stars or rather my daughter is, she loved it and said she wanted me to read it again. I notice with some children's books that adults will give a rating based off their own opinion on the story, etc personally I have hated a few books I have read to my little one but she enjoyed it. to me that is all that matterswhether or not she enjoyed it!

    9. I read this book to three different sets of preschoolers, one of which is a group known to have short attention spans. This kept even their attention all the way to the end. It's funny and has a good message in the end.

    10. I'm not all that fond of stories in rhyme, and when I read this without looking at the illustrations (just to check out the story) it falls flat. The illustrations are what makes this a fun book in my opinion. The story has merit, but the pictures make it a fun book to read with children.

    11. AWESOME!!!Sooooo good! My 1 year old actually listened to the ENTIRE story without wiggling away! 😂 I think the animals kept his attention.

    12. Nancy like itNancy liked the book a lot. She was a very happy tot. We finished silly Tilley tonight. Now we turn the lights off

    13. Super funny great picturesSilly fun and great pictures. 4 and 2 year olds loved it. Does suggest some things you wouldn't actually want your kids to do like feet in mayo.

    14. Simon (9) and Max (5) say it's really funny especially when Tilly dipped her feet in mayonnaise. They loved the artwork too.

    15. Very fun and easy i loved itThis is such a good book it will put you in a good mood right away 5 stars for sure

    16. Excellent art. Great rhymesLoved every page. The best "is when he was upside down"Can't wait to read more. Looking forward to silly Tilly.

    17. My nephew loved itIt's an Adorable story. Will be reading it to him again. Hopefully soon, he will be reading it to me though.

    18. Silly Tilly can be annoying, but what the other animals eventually find out is that she's far more entertaining than annoying.

    19. cute bookThis book is cute. I bought it on my Kindle so I could check it out for free (amaze prime book of the month) because my friend's baby is named Matilda, and I call her "Tilly". If I can find a hard copy of it, i'll buy it!

    20. Spinelli, E. (2009). Silly Tilly. Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish Corporation.9780761455257Appetizer: Silly Tilly is a silly goose. She wears a pancake for a hat and has kissed a fish. And she has a lot of fun doing her silly activities, but most of the other animals can't say that they enjoy her efforts. Finally, the other farm animals have had enough and they ask Tilly to stop her antics.Spinelli's rhymes flow easily and incorporate a lot of fun adjectives.The illustrations are also fun and [...]

    21. Rhyming triplets and edge-to-edge smile-inducing illustrations follow the carefree foolishness of an unconventional goose and remind us to savour the spice of life.You can listen in on our chat about this book on ourJust One More Book! Children's Book Podcast.More independent thinkers on JOMB:WillowOdd VelvetSuki’s KimonoRuby’s WishGetting to Know Ruben Plotnick more here.

    22. "Tilly was a silly goose," starts this adorable book by Eileen Spinelli that takes us through all the many things this wacky fowl does. She likes to kiss fish, take baths in apple juice, and sit on birthday cakes annoying the rest of the barnyard with her wild antics. They tell her that she must stop all her nonsense and behave like the rest of the group. Sadly, she complies with their demands. The group soon realize thet her behavior livened up the place, "Hetta Hen remarked, I haven't laughed [...]

    23. The pictures in this book are captivating and filled with colors. The different shading and usage of colors makes it stand out even more. This story is about a duck that is always doing something new, something different to entertain his peers. It's an excited story for young children because it'll keep them flipping the pages just to see what this silly duck will be doing next. Sadly, not everyone was amused by this ducks sillyness so they farm animals all asked him to settle down and as he did [...]

    24. I love Tilly, and I'm glad she got to be her silly self again. It was sad to see her dejected. It's a good apology story and about unconditional love, enjoying others for who they are. I think of this as Eileen's PB version of Jerry's Stargirl.Fab opening line, "Tilly was a silly goose, a daffy-down-and-dilly goose, who took her bath in apple juice." I was hooked! I'm sure Ms Spinelli picked the name Tilly because it so matched the phrase silly goose, but what delightful serendipity that the aut [...]

    25. Sierra Birdsall EDUC 535 I smiled almost through this whole book. Fun book to read. Silly Tilly has a lot of rhyming words, great book for student to pull rhyming words from. I also think it teaches a lesson of taking people for who they are. Tilly does some funny things and the other animals get feed up with Tilly. Later, in the story they realize that Tilly bring happiness to each other them. The other animals say sorry and Tilly becomes back to life. Making everyone (animal) laugh again.

    26. Loved this cute little book. I read it on Kindle and was surprized at how lovely the art work was. This was about a duck who was always getting himself into ridculous situation. The other farm animal's were sick and tired of him. So they lost him and his antics and were lonely and didn't laugh anymore. He came back and they welcomed with open arms.I am going on a trip to see my 7yr old grandchildren and loaded up on some childrens books, this is the first I've read. I hope the rest are as good.

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