My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

Lots of cats all around the world do exciting things like fly aeroplanes or play the violin but my cat, an ordinary round the house cat, likes to hide in boxes.Children will love joining in with this fun rhyming story that is just right for beginner readers.
My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes Lots of cats all around the world do exciting things like fly aeroplanes or play the violin but my cat an ordinary round the house cat likes to hide in boxes Children will love joining in with this

  • Title: My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes
  • Author: Eve Sutton Lynley Dodd
  • ISBN: 9780140502428
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Don't mind me, this is for my cat.So. This book told me that "the cat from France liked to sing and dance". See? Here.When I talked to you about this talent you're supposed to share with your fellow French cats - Oh, yes. You did that. Just FLEE. Because that's how we resolve problems. Just wonderful.Go hide in a box, you. It's rare to find a children book that puts me to sleep, but this one will do. Alright, it's got rhymes and cats in boxes, but that's about all.

    2. Lots of friends know how much I love to read, but this is not quite so for master Indy (almost 4, the little rascal). But!! He loves it, who hoo! I'm including this book as part of my story time assessment for my Diploma, and if my experience here at home is anything to go by, I might do well! Hey, as my friends know, I'm not shy to put on my best performance so fingers crossed. Thanks to my uber cool librarian, Andrew, for chatting to me so freely the other day at my busy local library. Maybe o [...]

    3. Of course it's not BAD -- it's got cats in boxes! Kinda weak, though. Cat-in-boxes could be so much more! A semi-random collection of photos and drawings of cats in boxes would have more interesting, in fact. I didn't really get the point of the anthropomorphized cats from foreign countries doing ethnic-stereotype things. Look, a cat in a box!Post a picture of your cat in a box in the comments and we'll make our own book.

    4. A very funny and entertaining book about what an ordinary house cat likes to do and what strange and funny things cats from other countries like to do. The book has very simple rhymes like “The cat from France likes to sing and dance, the cat from Greece joined the police” these are repeated throughout the book. Each page has an amusing image of a cat wearing traditional clothes from their country (or stereotypically from their country). The line that is repeated the most in the book is “b [...]

    5. "My cat likes to hide in boxes" is one of my 3-year-old’s favourite books. My daughter knows the words too thanks to the rhyming in the book. She can look at the pictures to remind her of the appropriate part of the story and pretend to read it on her own after we finish.The story sees many cats from lots of different countries doing amazing things and these are juxtaposed each time with the narrator's cat who only likes to hide in boxes. Each cat is illustrated in colour on a full page to acc [...]

    6. I read this to my children many, many times, and I've read it to my grandchildren (yes, my original copy). The rhymes aren't earth-shattering but they're cute; the pictures are uncluttered with clear lines and colours. The message is lovely - other people (cats, sure) may be glamorous and able to do exciting things, but just plain and ordinary is perfect.

    7. I always wonder what happened to Eve Sutton, I don’t think she wrote any other children’s books. Lynley Dodd of course went on to create the fantastic Hairy Maclary series plus many more. But this is still my favourite of her books. The Cat from France may well like to sing and dance but MY cat likes to hide in boxes, and that’s just fine with me.

    8. (From my blog: Quill Café)In accordance with the FTC, I would like to disclose that I purchased this book. The opinions expressed are mine and no monetary compensation was offered to me by the author or publisher.The cat from Spain flew an aeroplane, the cat from France liked to sing and danceCats are internationally renowned creatures, with assorted traits and talents. Yet, above all, there is one allure that brings out the playfulness in every house cat: a simple box.'My Cat Likes to Hide in [...]

    9. My teacher read this to our class in year two and then we performed it as a kind of play, each child dressed up as one of the cats. A fun way to introduce us to the basic elements of other cultures haha. Great fun. Loved it.

    10. How can you go past this book, really? It's a classic. I remember having it read to me as a 4 year old. At 32 I can still recite passages and, yes, I read it again occasionally for a laugh, just like I did tonight.

    11. I enjoyed this because of the simple rhymes and the repetition. Isaac's response was a little more polite and restrained. It's given me some good fodder for talking to him about our own cat, though.

    12. My son LOOOOOVES cats. So this book was the purrfect book for him. Simple rhymes that were easy to follow. He thought the book was cool and awesome.

    13. This is one of my favourite books and brings back many memories of having this read to me by my late Nana. This book also introduced me to many countries for the first time.

    14. This book is about a cat who likes to hide in boxes. Readers do not get an insight on who is narrating the story, but we do not know that they own the cat. The narrator goes on to tell the readers about all the cool things that cats across the world are doing. For example, the cat from France likes to sing and dance! After the readers are told about the cats across the world, they are reminded that the narrators cat likes to hide in boxes. The cat in the story is a humor cat. This is shown throu [...]

    15. I can't remember a time before I knew of this book, and to this day I'll chime in "But my cat likes to hide in boxes!" whenever it's applicable.Also, my cat DOES like to hide in boxes, so it's often applicable:

    16. I loved this book especially because our cat was made about boxes. I remember my mother reading it out loud to my sister and me.

    17. I love this book. It was a favourite of my husband as a child and now our boys too. I also like to take it to work with me to do activities on rhyme.

    18. This is one of my most favourite children's books.A lot of fun can be had with this book and when I read it in a group setting I try and use different voices based on which cat it is and what they are doing. For example I use a sing song voice when the line about "The cat from France likes to sing and dance" and put a lalala on the end. Children are enthused by this.I love this book because of its repetitive nature which is great for the toddler and three and above age group although it is recom [...]

    19. I first heard of this book when on placement and I read it to a group of 3-4 years old. They were truly engaged in each page and the illustrations encouraged them to discuss their own experiences and their own pets, which I really encourage as discussion is vital for further development. Reading this story to children without hearing it before was a enlightening experience for me as I picked up on the way the children were reacting to the book and felt like a child again; which really made me en [...]

    20. This is a board book but it is written for beginning readers, not toddlers. The illustrations are campy pen drawings with bright solid colours. Children will love the crazy adventures cats go on and all the ways the narrator’s cat hides in boxes.Every second page the author describes how her cat hides in boxes. On the alternate pages, it begins, “The cat from France/ liked to sing and dance.” Every second page, the previous adventure is repeated and a new one added.This is a delightful boo [...]

    21. Some cats are fancy, lead busy lives and belong to different countries. My cat, I mean, THIS cat, really, really likes boxes. I believe for the very young cat lover it will be funny as well as an education tool to learn the names of different places around the globe (avoid the audio book with a singing version: it is annoying).

    22. I loved this story! My daughter loved it! Now we just need to buy our own copy as we can't keep library book forver! Too bad all the stores that I checked don't carry it, because I think this book is much better than some of the books that they always have :)

    23. This book is a funny book for toddler aged children. The pictures are funny and all the different tasks that the cats do from around the world are exciting. Children will love to "read" along at the repeating part of "But my cat likes to hide in boxes."

    24. Love it!! Loved it as a kid and love reading to my kids. No quiet reading here- we all get to yell out BUT MY CAT LIKES TO HIDE IN BOXES! Great for wee ones learning language paaterns as they can soon paticpate by anticipating what each 'clever cat' does

    25. I lap up books about cats, but this one didn't do it for me. Still, it teaches a good message that no matter how fancy pants everyone else's life (or cats, in this case) may be, it's perfectly acceptable to go for simple pleasures. Like hiding in boxes. ;)

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