Generation Dead

Something strange is happening teenagers who die are coming back to life, but they come back different Termed living impaired or differently biotic , there are lots of conspiracy theories to explain this new phenomenon As their numbers keep on growing, so does the discomfort of the living people in the local community.
Generation Dead Something strange is happening teenagers who die are coming back to life but they come back different Termed living impaired or differently biotic there are lots of conspiracy theories to explain t

  • Title: Generation Dead
  • Author: Daniel Waters
  • ISBN: 9781847383273
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Oh, my. How can I put this lightly?Generation Dead is Twilight, but with zombies instead of vampires. And it's just as terrible. To wit:Meet Phoebe. She's a goth girl! (How 1999!) Phoebe listens to so many cool bands, like This Mortal Coil and Bronx Casket Company. We know this because author Daniel Waters assures us every fifteen pages that he is an expert on his goth rock. Phoebe also writes poetry! It's really, really terrible poetry, too!Meet Adam. Phoebe lives next door to him. He's a footb [...]

    2. In its Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954, the Supreme Court ruled that separate schools for black and white students were unconstitutional. The schools for whites were often superior to their counterparts for black students and consequently the separate schools offered very different educational opportunities. This ruling was key to the civil rights movement and efforts to end segregation.On September 3, 1957, nine black students were barred from entry into Little Rock Central High Sc [...]

    3. Phoebe Kendall is your typical goth girl - she wears dark clothes, applies pale makeup, and paints her nails black. What sets her apart from the crowd is that she is in love with a dead boy, named Tommy Williams. All around the nation dead teenagers have been rising from their graves and practically rebooting their souls. They are also called zombies, living impaired, differently biotic, etc. Although most of them have to wait a few minutes before forming a sentence, a special few can function a [...]

    4. This book was so good! It is both a fantasy and a romance book. You can't just put it in one genre, which is what I like.This book was great!I loved Tommy, but Adam was so sweet!Throughout this book, I wanted to kill Pete! He was so mean to all the DB kids! And when he killed Evan I started cying.Then he killed Adam.After I read the part where he died, I set the book down. Then I started crying hysterically. I just kept saying "No! He can't die! He can't. He was so nice. He can't die!"I wanted t [...]

    5. You’ve heard of Generation "X" and Generation "Y." Get ready for Generation Dead. Generation Dead being known for its, well, undead. Science can’t explain it, and no one really knows why it happens, but American teenagers are coming back to life. Known to the living as differently biotic or the living impaired. These zombie teenagers try to "live" their undead lives, but as with any group of people that vary from the norm, there are always prejudices.Phoebe, a Goth. girl, finds herself unexp [...]

    6. 2.5 - I really wanted to like this book. YA, zombies, cool cover - how could I not love it? I expected a funny story judging by all of the reviews and I think that is where the let down happened. This book is quite serious. It's really about intolerance and how people hate. There is startling zombie violence throughout the book. There are funny parts but overall this is not a lighthearted read. This is not a bad book but it wasn't what I was expecting. After the abrupt ending, I'm left feeling s [...]

    7. (Source: I own a copy of this book.)Some teenagers in America are dying, and then becoming reanimated. The description the government is using is ‘living impaired’ but the other kids just call them Zombies.Phoebe is a Goth, and seems to be developing an attraction to one of the zombies called Tommy.Can a norm and a zombie be together though? And what will everyone else say if they do start a relationship?This was an okay story, but it was a bit dull at times.Phoebe was a bit of an odd charac [...]

    8. Possible one of the worst books I have ever forced myself to finish. It starts out as a typical teen sci-fi book about american teens who have started to rise from the grave. It merges into the authors barely disguised soap box rant about society and racism (for which the story falters and becomes a very distant second priority). When the focus finally returns to the story ( in the last dozen pages) the author hurredly whaps a bow on the ending saying that the reason some zombies are more capabl [...]

    9. I expected a light zombie book.Instead I got a pretty deep look into prejudice and "social acceptable terms" and all kinds of political soapbox discussions about accepting kids who've died and how to change society to accept them. Near the end, it finally became more about the character and I enjoyed that more. I especially don't like the POV changes. They are mid-chpater and mid-paragraph sometimes. It's jarring and complete distracts from the story. A simple break squiggly, change in chapter, [...]

    10. Welps! I finally did it! I read Generation Dead! And while most of you have reviewed this book I relly won't go into too much detail.Basically:If you are a teenager and you die you can come back to life. Small Town school is now over-populated with zombies and it's a regular Civil Rights Movement for equal equlity. Parents and kids aren't too thrilled about the new students but there is a group of kids that is willing to chain arms and go all "Occupy Wall Street" with them.It's pretty much a new [...]

    11. This isn't a bad read. It's certainly not spectacular either though. I've read reviews where they have compared this novel with 'Twilight' but with zombies instead of vampires; it's not, it's better written than that, and nowhere near as annoying or cringe-worthy.The concept of the novel was good - I'm a big zombie fan and this is the first time I've read anything where the undead do not go shuffling around eating brains, but instead, try to incorporate themselves into living society as much as [...]

    12. Okay, I admit: I hated it for the first fifty-or-so pages. But it got better as it went along, and somewhere in the middle I found myself getting hooked. It wasn't as shallow as I expected it to be; in fact, parts of it were pretty sad and even powerful. I felt like it wasn't quite as good as it had the potential to be, though. It would've been REALLY good if the plot and characters had just been developed a LITTLE bit more. For most of the book, I kept asking, "Wait, WHY are these kids coming b [...]

    13. More of a 1.5 score. I'm being generous.Well, I'm glad that's over. Let's see. What was the worst part? The completely uneventful plot? The lifeless characters that, ironically, were not the zombies? The lackluster romance? The completely ridiculous bad guy that in several occasions told our brilliant protagonists that he planned to kill everyone yet they still scratched their heads wondering who was hurting their friends or simply ignored the threats in favor of parties? One thing is clear, I a [...]

    14. I like my fiction as stories, first and foremost. I read fiction so that I can escape from the world churning around me. 99.9% of the time, authors write with some kind of meaning in their writing, a lot of that is subconscious. A lot of fiction writers write the story first but, without helping it, some kind of theme will usually emerge from the fun. That's fine. What I don't like is when my fiction is really just a ruse to beat people about the head with a message they "should" be learning. Th [...]

    15. Generation Dead by Daniel WatersFirst in the Generation Dead series4 starsPhoebe Kendall is your typical high school Goth girl. She wears the clothes, the makeup, listens to “Goth” music, and loves black. She and her BFF, Margi, have a common bond when it comes to all things black and combat boots. Her best guy friend is Adam (who is finally realizing that he is in love with her and of course Phoebe is completely oblivious to this). Now she has mixed feelings toward a guy… but he’s not j [...]

    16. Story *** 3/5Zombies are now a fact of life. What was once considered the final journey taken by humans is no longer the case. Not all people who die are staying dead, but for some unknown reason, this phenomenom only occurs in teenagers. Now, the undead youth is forced into a world of hatred, discrimination, and fear, because the government has not yet given the undead basic human rights.Oakvale High prides itself in being a tolerant and accepting high school for the undead youth, and houses th [...]

    17. Generation Dead is an amazing new YA series. I was instantly hooked. I love that it has action and it's paced, but it's really interesting. Yo learn a whole new life and the story behind the 'living impared'(or zombies) which the zombies rather be called(by those who mean no harm in the word).The characters are easy to get attached too, Daniel Waters really grasped teenagers(male and female). I like Phoebe and Adams humor towards eachother and how they can trust eachother with stuff that they do [...]

    18. Get ready for the next sensation: waking up after you’ve died. It started with one strange case, and now it’s happening to more and more American teens. But having a second chance doesn’t make living, or whatever their existence is called, any easier for these “living impaired” or “differently biotic” teens. They face much discrimination, fear, and hatred, and they don’t have any legal rights either. That means anyone who hates them enough can destroy them – and the differently [...]

    19. Generation Dead by Daniel Waters was recommended to us by one of our readers, and after enduring this book, I have no idea what this person was thinking. As you may have guessed by the title, Generation Dead is a zombie story. In the movies the zombie is usually the antagonist, who spends most of its time trying to eat living humans; however, in Generation Dead, the zombies are trying to integrate into society. At this point the only zombies are teenagers, who come back after dying. Science cann [...]

    20. I was actually expecting something more from this book. A bit more POW and excitement. While the general concept was interesting the execution failed for me. Every once in awhile there will be scenes which I enjoyed and thought was humorous. For example there’s a scene where a “celebrity” gives the group a pep talk. It was funny break from all the drama and nonsense.It was whole stereotypical characters were what mostly turned me off though. The hot, goth girl who is technically the social [...]

    21. The concept behind Generation Dead is incredibly clever and executed well by Daniel Waters. I was expecting a book about teenage zombies - what I didn't expect was a well-written and complex young adult novel dealing with the universal themes of discrimination and acceptance. Daniel Waters blew me away with this fantastic debut!The compelling characters leapt shuffled off the page and into my heart. Waters never stopped developing each of his characters - they constantly evolved throughout the s [...]

    22. I bought this because I thought the idea of teenagers dying and coming back dead quite original but I was very dissappointed. There were some moments that I thought that it might be going somewhere but a lot of it was predictable-girl falls for the new guy but has a boy bestfriend who gets jelous. Nevertheless, I stuck with the story and it was ok so I decided to get the next book, knowing that sometimes the second book is much better than the first. It was, but not enough for me to carry on and [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book about the teenage Zombie's (differently biotic) trying to fit in at school and with society, the Zombies were mostly all very likable, I especially liked Karen who I think is featured on the front cover.The ending was good and also a bit of a cliff hanger leaving you wanting to pick up the next book in the series straight away.

    24. Many of the other folks who have reviewed this so far have mentioned plenty of the good things about this book, and the other reviewers have also done a great job explaining what it's about. I agree with most of them that it was a fun read, but there were too many things about this book that bothered me for me to say I liked it. I give this book a middle-of-the-road rating, and I'll explain what my fundamental problems with the book are, though I should say for the record that such things will n [...]

    25. Like many other readers, I found that the summary on the back of the book did not quite match its contense. It was advertised as a zombie love story, but instead its really all about segregation and hate. To be honest I thought this was a nice surprise because the resulting book I found to be much more original and interesting than had it been like a typical high school romance. I thought the concept of the teenage zombies ( or differently biotic) was alright, but its never going to catch on in [...]

    26. I picked up Generation Dead by Daniel Waters about a year ago, but I just got around to reading it. The cover was the first thing that drew me in and I’m glad I finally cracked it open.Generation Dead is Daniel Waters’ first YA novel, but you wouldn’t know that by reading it. He did a very good job crafting a witty, funny, and sometimes saddening story about kids who die, but don’t stay dead. The kids come back as zombies (or differently biotic).The YA genre is bountiful with stories abo [...]

    27. To be clear, I didn't loathe this book but I did have a huge amount of issues that I won't proceed to list off. It's an interesting premise, the idea that some teen deaths are revived in such a way as to come back to "life". The pool of those that are integrated back into life is so small that it needed to be addressed more than a vague concept of it being of great interest to the public. It was just a little too convenient in it's vagaries to sit well.The use of zombified (my bad, living impair [...]

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