The world changed after that terrible day when the sky burned, and now every heart is gripped by fear Earthquakes, fire, disease, and floods pummel the earth, and its citizens watch in horror But in the darkness there is hope an anonymous but powerful hero whom the public dubs Guardian emerges from the wreckage He is Grant Borrows, one a chosen few who walk the earthThe world changed after that terrible day when the sky burned, and now every heart is gripped by fear Earthquakes, fire, disease, and floods pummel the earth, and its citizens watch in horror But in the darkness there is hope an anonymous but powerful hero whom the public dubs Guardian emerges from the wreckage He is Grant Borrows, one a chosen few who walk the earth with extraordinary powers They travel the globe, helping those in deepest peril and determined to uncover the secret behind this world shattering cataclysm But when signs of a dangerous ancient prophecy begin coming true, dark questions arise about secrets Grant might still be harboring The world teeters on the brink But some refuse to let it fall They are Fearless
Fearless The world changed after that terrible day when the sky burned and now every heart is gripped by fear Earthquakes fire disease and floods pummel the earth and its citizens watch in horror But in t

  • Title: Fearless
  • Author: Robin Parrish
  • ISBN: 9780764201783
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. As the world reels from a bunch of natural disasters, Grant Borrows and his super powered friends become heroes. But have they escaped the plans of the Secretem? This is the second book in a Christian fantasy series. While I loved the first, this one fell too much into middle book syndrome. The first half was slow, but the second half really picked up. Definitely read this series in order.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    2. I picked up all 3 together and read them back to back. Even though this is a Christian publisher, the message is very subtle and would be a good read to recommend to non-Christian friends who like scifi & books with supernatural elements. If you like your books with a fast pace, reasonable character development, and a semi-believable plot about good vs evil, then this is a series for you.

    3. Fearless is the second book in the Dominion Trilogy, a series of apocalyptic/supernatural thrillers. The story follows Grant Borrows, a man whose body has been switched; that is to say, his mind was transferred from one body into another. He is not alone in this; there are approximately three hundred other people who have experienced the shift. As part of the transition, they were all given rings which bestow supernatural powers upon them. Grant’s ring is the most powerful of the baubles, gran [...]

    4. Fearlessby Robin ParrishRecently on a mailing list, someone asked what were the favorite books from 2007. I chose Fearless by Robin Parrish. This book is the second book in the Dominion Trilogy Series. Last year, I read the first book, Relentless. The storyline matched the title perfectly because the novel was action packed from beginning to the end. I was so excited about this book I suggested it to a coworker. I didn’t think it would be the type of book she would normally enjoy, but being an [...]

    5. This book is the second in its trilogy. I almost didn't read this because I wasn't crazy about the first one so I'm glad to say that I like this one. Definitely a thriller. This book answered some of my questions in the first book even though it also creates new questions, especially at the conclusion of this book that made me actually ponder to read the next book to complete it. I'm more likely to complete it than when I finished with the first book. I still have the same problem - it apparentl [...]

    6. First, I loved the writing style. The story was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were well developed. I enjoyed the plot and would highly recommend the series.The action was forefront of the book but the motivations were cleverly woven into the story. The thing that I was disappointed with was where the theology ended. There were numerous references to the Old Testament: Cain and Abel, Noah, Jacob wrestling with the Angel of the Lord and the Angel of Death from Exodu [...]

    7. finally managed to get back to the Dominion Trilogy and this is book two of the series… that’s the backdrop… the big deal is how much the story has progressed and how well put together this storyline is… it’s always exciting to witness an author come into their own and Robin has clearly done so here… Fearless is more cohesive and well-focused than when Grant Burrows first debuted as a serial novel on his website…I was very impressed by the character development, and, given the simi [...]

    8. I' not really a fan of this series at all. Some of the things I hate: 1. All the characters are supposed to be 30-40 year olds or older but you'd swear they were 16 2. The characters seem underdeveloped to me and I can honestly not get attached to a single one of themey basically all annoy me 3. I hate hate HATE how every character seems to be able to draw the correct conclusion, no matter how big or small, before they even have the information to do so. I mean, I know they have enhanced mental [...]

    9. The plot thickens with Grant Burrows as he makes a distinct choise to use his powers--from a ring that originates with evil--to use it for good instead. Along with the rest of the Ringwearers they do everything in their powers to rescue the world from the multiple catastrophies that are taking place all over the world. While doing this the Secretum continue to try to manipulate Grant for their own purposes and Grant cannot help but be curious as to what those purposes are. The first book was gre [...]

    10. This is book 2 of the Dominion Trilogy. Book 1, "Relentless" had an interesting plot line and made me curious about the follow on plot (it stopped at a cliff hanger point). I purchased the full series to satisfy my interest. I didn't realize the publisher specializes in Christian Theme books which is a turn off for me. The second book, "Fearless" focused on an apocalyptic end days theme with characters looked into following the agenda of an evil sub-group that was all powerful and promoting the [...]

    11. As sequels go--this is no Empire Strikes Back or Wrath of Kahn. I would not however go as far to say that it is an attempt to push out story bits to make you want a third book. It felt to me it took a long time to get to the crux of the book--with little character development along the way. Certainly things happened and it was fun to see where the characters were going, and there were a few surprises. I think I appreciated more not reading the first and second novel back to back--as through clos [...]

    12. Just bought it - I've scheduled myself to start reading it tomorrow on the treadmill. Saturday's are usually my off day - But we ordered pizza tonight. so tomorrow you get it.I read the first of this trilogy and enjoyed it very much, I am very interested to learn where this story goes. I like books conceived as trilogies, as this one was, I like the arc and development that comes with that design. They read like one story, not "sequels" thrown together to make a buck off a successful character.

    13. This is Book 2 of the Dominion Trilogy. I really am enjoying this series and was totally shocked by the ending of this one! Just ordered Book 3, Merciless, to start reading. Sometimes I get tired of reading how "tired" Grant is from his non-stop going to save the world and then he gets a second burst and keeps on going, but he's like the super-hero guy who keeps on ticking, so it's understandable. I see Robin Parrish has another series and will probably read that next.

    14. The second installment of the Dominion Trilogy sees Parrish's writing improve: less filler, tighter exposition, and more natural flow. The story barrels toward part three as the scale turns global and the tension smartly builds towards the climax/cliffhanger. Parrish has something not every author does: the ability to tell stories. Aside from a few quirky mechanics in his writing (that should smooth over time), this book continues what will hopefully be a long and enjoyable career.

    15. Read book 1 Relentless a few years ago, thought it was good, so bought this one, but never got round to reading it.Then I found Fearless on my Kindle, as one of the oldest unread books, so thought I'd better read it! Read both Relentless and Fearless almost without stopping - got well and truly hooked. So much so that I broke my "no more books" rule and bought Merciless last night! Ready to lose the next few days now! Thank you Robin Parrish for these great books!

    16. Fearless demonstrates much improved writing compared to the first book.I really felt a part of the characters' journey through the fire fights, rescuing people, and trying to figure out whatever the heck is going on. Why do Grant and friends have these powers? Is Grant somehow causing all the turmoil in the world? Does Grant really have free will, or is "fate" somehow driving everything?

    17. Another trilogy I started reading and felt compelled to continue with the series. I acquired the first book (Relentless) as a free download. The synopsis sounding very interesting. I had not read many books from the sci-fi genre so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised. Thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to read the final book.

    18. I. Absolutely. LOVED IT! I can't believe Julie got shot, though *Sniffle* That was kinda sad. Andokay, this may seem weird, but I don't careAm I the only one who imagines Grant as super adorable? Alex is perfect for him. Random, I know :D

    19. This second book in the trilogy was just as exciting as the first. I can hardly wait to read the next one and see what will become of the people in the story because the ending of this one was a surprise.

    20. This really rounded out some questions I had about the first book and helped the characters make more sense for me. There's still alot that needs to be explained though, can't wait for the third book!

    21. I really enjoyed this book. I read Relentless almost a year ago, so I couldn't quite remember all of the characters and had to look some of them up again. Of course, I can't wait until next summer to get the final book of this trilogy to find out what happensd that seems to far away right now.

    22. A fast paced action sci-fi novel that will keep you on your toes! A truly engaging read. And though I would not classify this as a Christian novel, I will say that the concepts of good and evil are interesting.

    23. Another great novel by Robin Parrish! Can't wait to read the third, and have no doubt it will be even better!

    24. WowMesmerizing book. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read the next in this series. Thanks for a great day of reading!

    25. In a nutshell: pretty solid. The trilogy is starting to get a little preachy, but not so much as to ruin the fun.

    26. Good, the parts of super hero work kind of made me struggle to continue, which is why it took me so long to finish this one. Otherwise, I liked it. I plan to go onto book #3.

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