Upon the Midnight Clear

Ever think Scrooge had it right before the ghosts ruined his life Meet Aidan O Conner.At one time he was a world renowned celebrity who gave freely of himself and his money without wanting anything in returnuntil those around him took without asking Now Aidan wants nothing of the world or anyone who s a part of it When a stranger appears at his doorstep, Aidan knowsEver think Scrooge had it right before the ghosts ruined his life Meet Aidan O Conner.At one time he was a world renowned celebrity who gave freely of himself and his money without wanting anything in returnuntil those around him took without asking Now Aidan wants nothing of the world or anyone who s a part of it When a stranger appears at his doorstep, Aidan knows he s seen her before in his dreams.Born on Olympus as a goddess, Leta knows nothing of the human world But a ruthless enemy has driven her from the world of dreams and into the home of the only man who can help her Aidan Her immortal powers are derived from human emotions and his anger is just the fuel she needs to defend herself One cold winter s night will change their lives forever Trapped together in a brutal winter storm, Aidan and Leta must turn to the only power capable of saving them or destroying them both trust.
Upon the Midnight Clear Ever think Scrooge had it right before the ghosts ruined his life Meet Aidan O Conner At one time he was a world renowned celebrity who gave freely of himself and his money without wanting anything in

  • Title: Upon the Midnight Clear
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780312947057
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Aidan O'Conner (Human) and Leta (Dream-Hunter)Aidan tried to be a nice person all his life. Now he hates everyone, because everyone has betrayed him. His brother and his nephew have taken advantage of him, his ex-girlfriend slept with his brother and then accused him for things he has not done, his best friend told all his secrets at the newspapers and magazines after Aidan confided in him. And all the things these people said were distorted facts of his life and lies.The only fact is that Aidan [...]

    2. 4.25/5Another great addition to Dark-Hunter and Dream-Hunter series.Despite the fact that Upon The Midnight Clear isn't a particularly outstanding book in the series, it still has its moments. I really enjoyed reading Aidan and Leta's story, and I loved Aidan's motto that he would be the last one standing and that he wouldn't let people who hurt him win.Leta totally won me over. She has such a beautiful heart. She knew what Aidan had been through and she swore she would never ever betray him. Sh [...]

    3. Upon the Midnight Clear2 starsDolor, the god of Pain is summoned into the human realm by the selfish, cruel Donnie, who wants him to torture and kill his brother Aidan. Dolor’s awakening triggers Leta’s waking too, a dream-hunter and Dolor’s greatest enemy. Leta is determined to save Aidan’s life and defeat Dolor. Aidan is a very successful actor, now living as a recluse after his trust and generosity were badly abused by his family and fiancée. The only character is finely worked out i [...]

    4. Hoping for anything better only led to bitter disappointment. No, this was his life. He'd be alone until the day he died.Aww, poor Adrian! He's only the biggest movie star on the planet who has millions of dollars so he can live the rest of his life without working ever again. Okay, I get that his family were a bunch of greedy a-holes who betrayed him for money and tried to kill him, but, hey, everyone has problems. I can't decide whether to eat another cookie before dinner, or if it will ruin m [...]

    5. This series has become so tedious to read. I'm just desperately trying to make it to Acheron's book. But there is no Acheron here, so it was such a waste of time. This story was made of all kinds of cheese and so predictable, I literally knew what was going to happen within the first couple of chapters. I listened to the audio, and while the narrator was okay, he did overact a bit, to the point that everything Aiden said was overdramatic, and I think that helped add to the cheese. To put it mild [...]

    6. I felt like there was something missing from this book. I liked it, but I think it could have been better. The storytelling seemed basic--not something I'm used to with Ms. Kenyon. I get that this was supposed to be short story, but it was a little too barebones for me. The characters (other than Aidan) just didn't seem to come to life for me, which is atypical for a Sherrilyn Kenyon story. My biggest issue is the short length. I think that keeping this short really restricted the complexity of [...]

    7. Is it just me, or are Sherrilyn Kenyon books hit or miss? With more misses than hits I'm afraid.And this one is a clear example of a miss.Maybe I could've enjoyed it if I hadn't read so many other Dark-Hunter books. But after so many, I just can't help but notice that it's practically the same thing. Only a few things are changed. Like the names.So no, this book didn't leave me with a good feeling. The only good feeling I had was that I managed to finish it.

    8. This felt more like a novella rather than a full Dark-Hunter book and I think both the romance and the story suffered a bit from having less time to grow. That said, this still had plenty of the usual elements (the humour, the romance, and the mythology) that make the Dark-Hunter series so fun to read. It was good, but not as good as usual. The real plus was the Christmas theme. It was a lucky coincidence that this was my read for Christmas Eve since I had no idea this was going to be a very loo [...]

    9. This was short. It would have been better but for 2 things. The hero was a whiney bitch for almost the entire book. It got old fast. Poor little rich boy, people were mean to him. I get they were really mean. But still. Get over it dude. Bad shit happens. People suck. But not ALL people. Whaa-whaa-whaaHeroine was a bit of a sad sack but was a very sweet woman. She had loved her dead husband and child very much. I would have been ok with this. But when the hero stops mid sex to ask about how much [...]

    10. This book is just 282 pages of Aidan O'Connor whining and griping. If you want to read that many pages about a whiny-ass, weak-ass, pathetic excuse for a man - then more power to you. Have at it.He flicked the lid off his beer and held it up to the photos of his 'family' that he kept on his mantel next to his five Oscars. "Fuck you all very much," he said snidely.But in the end, he knew the truth. He was the only one who'd been royally screwed. He'd put his trust in all the wrong people and now [...]

    11. 'Hmmm, feeling a bit ‘meh’ about this one. Riding the high of Devil May Cry, I dove straight in expecting good things and it all fell flat for me I’m afraid.This book felt more like a glorified novella. It’s really short, and there’s not a lot of story to really get drawn into. And although we get a brief visit from some of the characters we’ve met in earlier books, it feels a bit isolated from the rest of the DH world – although I’ve been assured that these characters do appear [...]

    12. I like the dream-hunters a lot, and even though I've read them out of order, I had no trouble following. I think of this as a long novella. It was a fairly short, really quick, action-packed read. Leta, a dream goddess, is brought out of a healing 2000 year self-imposed stasis when the god of Pain is summoned from a curse she and Hades put on him last time he was out. He's the one who gave Zeus the nightmare that caused all the Oneri to have their emotions stripped. So she heads off to Earth to [...]

    13. Review to come!!Meanwhile follow me and my book adventures at"Bookshelves and Everything Else"Keep reading!!!

    14. Aiden O Conner, became a famous actor, and is very talented, but was betrayed by everyone he knew, he has no friends and his brother is the worst. When his brother makes a deal with a god, to take him out, his life is in grave danger and there is only one person that can save him. Leta. Leta, knows the danger of her one enemy, and this enemy is after Aiden. A human man who has only known betrayal and injustice and pain. He doesn’t trust anyone, and lives like a “Scrooge” up in the mountain [...]

    15. Is it just me, or do Dream-hunters fail in comparison to Dark-Hunters?I mean the story was so short. And mediocre at best.The characters weren't flashed out enough for me to care about them. Not to mention that after heroes such as Wren, Valerius, or Zarek, Aiden just looked silly.I know, I know, every pain is relevant, and shouldn't be brushed aside because someone has it even worse, but I think what made me react like this was the writing. SK didn't put enough effort into character development [...]

    16. Aidan is a great actor who has been betrayed so much in his life that now he just wants to be left alone. His brother has turned everyone against him because of his deep-seated jealousy, and now he has summoned the God of pain to kill him. Leta goes to fight Dolor and help Aidan live. There is an instant attraction between them that becomes a deep trust and love. Aidan and Leta make a great team and they both deserve happiness after each of their bad pasts. Great series and Great read!!

    17. This was not one of my favs in the series, and yet it made me cry. Leta was amazing and she warmed my heart with her determation to save Aidan. I loved holiday gatherings stories in the back of the book. I sure hope that we will get a chance to read Aimee and Fang's story some day.

    18. Many think that Upon The Midnight Clear was a disappointment for the simple fact that the book was "too short." However, knowing ahead of time that it is a specialty release, noted as being longer than a novella but shorter than a novel, while I admit the book was shorter than Sherri's standard, it was very good considering.Unlike the previous Dream-Hunter novel, Upon The Midnight Clear went in the direction of having a female Dark-Hunter, Leta, and a human male, Aiden. Essentially being targett [...]

    19. 2.5, y soy generosa.Segunda vez que leo este libro y ya se porque no recordaba nada de él, ¡¡porque no hay nada que destacar!!. Novela corta, repetitiva y reiterativa, con unos personajes principales insufribles, sobre todo Aidan el amargado-quejoso, con una relación instantánea y un final "flower-power" irreal y muy precipitado.

    20. 2.5 Stars a pesar de que es un 2.5 en la puntuación le puse tres porque tampoco estuvo tan mal, pero no debería estar en los libros principales más bien los relatos y que no veo nada de la trama principal aquí. A pesar de todo me entretuvo no fue la gran trama, lo que sí es como me está encantando que salgan Hades y Perséfone, ese Dios malote que es mi favorito, espero que en el próximo libro salga más.

    21. 3.5/5 💝Este libro es como un "parón" navideño (de hecho se desarrolla en esas fechas). Aqui solo encontraremos a los protagonistas y dioses que tienen que ver con las emociones (dolor, locura, ira, etc).Es cortito y entretenido.

    22. Another great book to the Hunterverse-series. In this book we meet Aidan O'Conner and he acts like the Scrooge. Aidan is tried of people walking all over him and taking advantage of him for his money. The money he worked so hard to get while becoming an amazing actor who is loved and adored by all. Not only has his friends betrayed him, his own brother tried to kill him for his money. Now, his brother is looking for revenge and believes Aidan doesn't deserve that money or the fame, he says it sh [...]

    23. Audio- It was so cheesy, so predictable, and ended with such a common resolution. So chewy sweet I think I got a cavity. 2.5 stars. I didn't hate it but it was just Meh for me.I wish I had just skipped this book. It really had no ties to the rest of the series.

    24. RESEÑA COMPLETA ➜goo/8aMZUuAidan O’Conner es un reconocido actor que a pesar de contar con el cariño de miles de personas alrededor del mundo no ha experimentado en carne propia el cariño. Él creía que tenía todo en lavida, una carrera exitosa y una familia amorosa pero así como su popularidad creció también lo hicieron sus problemas personales. Su hermano mayor comenzó a chantajearlo y junto su hijo empezaron a exigirle más y más dinero y su esposa la que juró que siempre iba [...]

    25. There was a time when Aidan had it all, both rich and talented he was an Oscar winning actor who was engaged to the woman of his dreams, but then he was betrayed by his family and closest friends and lost his faith in humanity. Now he lives in the middle of nowhere and keeps the whole world at a distance, the last thing he needs is for anyone to get close enough to betray him again and he has no intention of returning to the movie business no matter how much money they're offering him. His broth [...]

    26. Aidan is a first rate actor, academy award winner and Hollywood A-list. He has been betrayed by everyone he loved and cared about – leaving him with a very low view of humanity and a complete inability to trust people.But his brother has decided to seek further revenge and summoned Dolor – the embodiment and deity of Pain who will be freed by human sacrifice – and by torturing and killing Aidan. Leta, the Oneroi a sleep goddess, has given herself the task to control Dolor, to prevent any m [...]

    27. It's been a while since I read this series. And kinda disappointed that I chose this book for my first DH book this year. I don't know why but it felt that this was written by another author and not by Ms. Kenyon. There was something missing from this book. Well, it was good but not as good as the previous books in the series. And I don't know if is just me but Dream Hunter is my least favorite aspect of the Dark-Hunter world. They weren't compelling, exciting and enthralling as the Dark Hunters [...]

    28. This story veers from what I am used to in the Dark Hunter series. The roles are reversed in that Aiden is the human, and Leta is a goddess Dream Hunter. Aiden is a world famous actor who has turned bitter towards the world and all of his family. His brother has made a deal with Dolor, God of Pain, to kill him--basically because he is jealous of Aiden's success. Two thousand years ago, Dolor murdered her husband and baby. Leta trapped him so he could not hurt anyone else. The only way he could g [...]

    29. This book is definitely a Dream Hunter bookere is nothing about the Dark Hunters in it which is unfortunate. At least the first Dream Hunter had some references. Aidan is a famous actor who is fed up with people and living up in a cabin all alone. He is a very angry person with good reason. Leta is a dream goddess who finds out the god of pain, Dolor, has been "awoken" with the desire of Aidan's brother, Donnie, to kill Aidan. Leta's not going to let that happen. Aidan was a bit hard to take. SK [...]

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