The Devil to Pay

Liz Carlyle, bestselling author of The Devil You Know and A Deal With the Devil, continues her devilish streak with this sensual regency romance.By day, Sidonie Saint Godard is a quietly elegant young widow who teaches deportment to the unpolished daughters of London s nouveau riche By night, she is someone altogether different.The notorious Black Angel so called for herLiz Carlyle, bestselling author of The Devil You Know and A Deal With the Devil, continues her devilish streak with this sensual regency romance.By day, Sidonie Saint Godard is a quietly elegant young widow who teaches deportment to the unpolished daughters of London s nouveau riche By night, she is someone altogether different.The notorious Black Angel so called for her lusciously located angel tattoo ruthlessly takes from powerful men who exploit, and gives to those who suffer at their hands Always in disguise, she has eluded capture and her identity remains a mystery.The Marquess of Devellyn, one of the least noble noblemen in town, uses and discards women as he pleases But when the Black Angel entices him into her bed, ties him up, and pilfers his most valued possession, she may have gone too far This time, Devellyn tells her, she ll have the devil to pay And he definitely means to collect.
The Devil to Pay Liz Carlyle bestselling author of The Devil You Know and A Deal With the Devil continues her devilish streak with this sensual regency romance By day Sidonie Saint Godard is a quietly elegant young

  • Title: The Devil to Pay
  • Author: Liz Carlyle
  • ISBN: 9780743470049
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I keep thinking that eventually I will read a Liz Carlyle book that just doesn't do it for me. Well this wasn't the one! I absolutely loved this book! Devellyn was just awesome. He was a big giant of a man, but he acted like a little lost puppy. He is so awkward and sweet but he is also thoughtless and selfish, but not when it comes to Sidonie. For example: Sidonie,” he said, his voice strangely hoarse. “You are the most—I mean, you are so…I find you…ah, devil take it! Never mind!” [...]

    2. I have to admit I was lured into reading this by a single quoted exchange:“Sidonie,” he said, his voice strangely hoarse. “You are the most—I mean, you are so…I find you…ah, devil take it! Never mind!”“I beg your pardon?”“Nothing,” he growled. “I misspoke. What did you say about oranges?”I can't resist a Hero so bumblingly, gruffly dorky. I loved the idea of the heroine leading the double life! She was a sort of cross between Robin Hood and Batman, a night-time vigilant [...]

    3. Reviewed for THC ReviewsI have no idea how I keep managing to allow so much time to pass between reading Liz Carlyle's book. Somewhere in the past three years, I squeezed in one of her novellas, but I was shocked to discover that it's been that long since I last read one of her full-length novels. I really need to stop doing that, because thus far, she's never failed to enchant me with her stories and The Devil to Pay was no exception. I absolutely loved this story of a seemingly proper widow wh [...]

    4. This was super cute and fun! My first Liz Carlyle book. The heroine, Sidonie, is a widow and thief (this is the second book this month I've read where the h is involved in illegal activity - the other one was ) Devellyn, the hero, is this big hunk of a man who has all sorts of problems with women and is estranged from his family. Sidonie and Devellyn also happen to be neighbors. I liked the way Ms. Carlyle revealed their background layer by layer. For example, Sidonie was married before and we s [...]

    5. Here's the thing: I don't list 1/5 of the historical romance novels I've read on my Kindle this year. Why? Because most of them are total crap. And chauvanist at that. And dumb. Whatever. This one was not Einstein material but I really enjoyed it. The plot was kinda dumb, but for some reason I really liked the characters, and that's all these books are about. The ending is improbable at best, but I consider these romance books akin to, say "Ninja Assassin". You don't go in expecting it to win an [...]

    6. Devellyn isn't a happy man. Not only is he estranged from his family, (view spoiler)[he feels guilty for his brother's death (hide spoiler)] and as the icing on the cake he was robbed by the Black Angel and his humiliation is known all over London. He would feel better if only he could forget the pretty thief and stop lusting after her. And then he meets Sidonie, another woman that enchants him.Sidonie is the Black Angel, trying to help women that were abused. Although a thief, she is honourable [...]

    7. Another good book from Ms. Carlyle. These things truly are like potato chips. Aleric was a sweetie who needed a lucky break for sure. The night the Black Angel stripped him, tied him up naked in bed and robbed him, he got his break, it just took awhile for him to realize it. After all, he had been shunned by his father, been left by at least 10 mistresses, have wood eating beetles eat him out of his home, knock himself out at least twice by banging his head on the headboard while he was bangingr [...]

    8. Loved it! One of the best books I've read in a while. Strong character development and a lot of emotion. Liz Carlyle is a really good writer. Can't quite give it 5 stars, since it lost a little steam at the end and the story's conclusion, while touching, wasn't as dramatic as it could've been after all the build-up. Still, I enjoyed it thoroughly and can't wait to start the next book in this series. 4.5 stars

    9. Where have you been all my life, The Devil to Pay?? I guess it's my own fault for not exploring Liz Carlyle's backlist more thoroughly, plus inexplicably this book has been absent from some of the "best romance" lists I've seen This is easily one of the best books I've read this year, so enjoyable! I feel like starting a second read now so I can spend more time with the characters, not just hero/heroine but the whole supporting cast. Amazing.

    10. Found this older Liz Carlyle book at the library, and figured I should read it so that I'm caught up on her series.While I liked Sidonie -- she's kind and caring -- I never really bought the whole Black Angel disguise thing. I was never sure why she felt compelled to do this. She can't really articulate why she thinks it's a smart way to help poor women, so as a reader, I was never convinced about it either. It's apparent that she carries a grudge against rich men, but her robberies just seem ch [...]

    11. Altogether fantastic! Liz Carlyle certainly had her mojo working when she wrote this one. Charming, sexy, laugh-out-loud funny in places, great dialogue, great scene-setting, great characters. The hero Devellyn is Carlyle's answer to Lord of Scoundrels, and he is to die for! Sidonie is over-the-top wonderful, and her brother George Kemble, who appears in practically all of Carlyle's books, is one of the main characters in this one - not just as a brilliant valet, antiques dealer and "fixer", but [...]

    12. The first half of this is great. The prologue was intriguing, quirky and set up the premise (Sidonie as Robin Hood) well. I loved Devellyn's character, too - it's such a relief to read about a hero who is not charming, debonair, and a natural with women. That doesn't make him unattractive, as he is self-aware and self-deprecating too. There's a real chemistry when they first meet, and again when they start getting to know one another.The plot loses its way a little in the second half, and the en [...]

    13. 4/4.5 stars - after initially thinking I wasn't going to like this, it was a very entertaining read. I loved the main characters and there was some intrigue about the story too. It was a little predictable but then again, most romances are! Glad I read this one.

    14. Devellyn is one of the more interesting historical heroes I've come across. He's got this brutal/ruthless streak in him but somehow he's also the guy who lets half a dozen mistresses just run roughshod over his life while he barely bats an eye.

    15. This was refreshing after having just read a few historical romances that were weighed down with emoting that was as excessive as it was implausible. With lots of one-sentence paragraphs to punctuate the drama.As in, "She trembled in his arms. As Lord HawkSilverRakehell caressed the slick folds of her feminine desire, she knew that no one could touch her the way he did."It was as if he touched the core of her soul."Liz Carlyle avoids that. She doesn't need to use one-sentence paragraphs to conve [...]

    16. 3.5The last pages are wonderful. The rest is a bit slow if you ask me. However, it's a lovely romance.

    17. This book begins a new arc and ends another. Our hero is Aleric Hilliard, Marquess Devellyn. Aleric is a disreputable rake that is beginning to find his life missing something. I think that the first time he meets Ruby Black a/k/a Sidone Saint-Godard pushes in the direction of redemption. While some of what Aleric does as far as Ruby is concerned is questionable he is so confused by what is happening to him I don’t think that he realizes what he is doing. He has lived with guilt and anger so l [...]

    18. Better than expected. The writing is witty in places and there appears to be the scratchings of a plot outside of the hero/heroine getting together.The plot is similar to the plot description of Connie Brockaway's "All Through The Night", which I have not read. But no more so than I'd say Laurie McBain's Moonrise Madness. There is trope - where the woman is a sort of Robin Hood character by night and a lady or widow by day. It's rare, but if you scrounge a bit you can find it. Most romance novel [...]

    19. One of the things that most makes me sad is when a book doesn't live up to its potential and The Devil To Pay was one perfect example of this situation.Sidonie Saint-Godard is a polite, charming, elegant young widow who makes her living teaching the daughters of London's nouveau riche.But Sidonie has a secret. She is the infamous Black Angel, a Robin Hoodesque figure who stalks the night, preying on the men who exploit the weak, taking what she can from them and then giving everything to those w [...]

    20. As I've previously said with other historical-romances, this one was a surprisingly good read. I didn't expect to get pulled into this story and its characters as much as I did. Perhaps that's why I enjoy reading them so much.Dev is such a tortured soul. He is self-depreciating, sarcastic, confident but still unsure of himself, and ultimately a sweetheart. Sid is brave, stubborn, sensual but still prim, and ultimately an avenging angel. Her want--no need--to help those who are trapped was an adm [...]

    21. Liz Carlyle writes really well and in a style I find enjoyable; however, her stories always fall flat. Carlyle can craft a beautiful sentence, just not a good book. This is my Carlyle pattern: Pick up a book and barely recognize the name. Start the book and just ooh and ah over the writing style. Ask myself, “Self, why haven’t you read more Liz Carlyle?” Read about 1/3 of the book, completely lose interest in the story, and remember why I don’t read more Liz Carlyle. Begrudgingly finish [...]

    22. Carlyle is a hit-or-miss author for me, but when she is on, she is really on. And she is really on here. Our heroine, Sidonie, is a seemingly respectable widow who moonlights as Black Angel, a daring vigilante who humiliates and robs upperclass men who mistreat women (and the money she gets goes to the women's help). Our hero, Devellin (yes, that's his name. Oh well, it's romancenovelland), is an aristocrat who is busily trying to drink/gamble/etc himself to death because he cannot deal with a n [...]

    23. Sidonie and her brother George are half-French,illegitimate children of the late Duke of Gravenel.She is a widow at 29,teaching deportment to young ladies and chaperoning them. Sidonie has a secret identity: The Black Angel/ Ruby Black- a notorius Robin Hood-like thief.George has changed his name to Kemble (saw it in a theatre bill),became a man of trade.Sidonie meets Aleric, the Marquess of Devellyn, and robs him.Aleric is estranged from his father,the current Duke (which Sidonie doesn't know). [...]

    24. #3 Devil trilogy - Historical RomanceFrom Book Cover:By day, Sidonie is a quietly elegant young widow who teaches deportment to the unpolished daughters of London's nouveau riche. By night she's the notorious Black Angel -- so called for her scandalously located angel tattoo.The Black Angel takes from powerful men who explot and gives to those who suffer at their hands. Her identity is a mystery.The Marquess of Devellyn, one of the least noble noblemen in town, uses and discards women as he plea [...]

    25. Ahh Google, what would I do without you. Ah man, even reading that summary makes me want to puke. Seriously, I picked this one up on the name of the author and simply because it had the word Devil in it. It took me a fair few days to get through this novel and it's not one I really enjoyed. Simply put, Gentlemen around town are sudden being beseiged by a beautiful is vengeful Black Angel. The temptress seduces, steals and vanishes into thin air. CUE THE HERO! The Duke of Devil street becomes a v [...]

    26. Another Liz Carlyle book I enjoyed. I loved the idea of Sidonie (heroine) leading a double life, like a female Robin Hood with her original ways. Known to few as the mysterious "Black Angel", things got more interesting when she stumbled with Devellyn, and when he swore he'll get back at her. The plot thickens when Sidonie met with Devellyn as her original self since they were neighbors. There was a lot of tension until truth was revealed. The love scenes were definitely sizzling and passionate, [...]

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