Never Lie to a Lady

In her dazzling new historical trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Liz Carlyle plunges readers into the steamy underworld of nineteenth century London Among the swirling glitter of English high society, a scandalous rogue gets than he bargained for in the lady of his desires.Lord Nash is a creature of the night his wealth and title provide but a tenuous entIn her dazzling new historical trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Liz Carlyle plunges readers into the steamy underworld of nineteenth century London Among the swirling glitter of English high society, a scandalous rogue gets than he bargained for in the lady of his desires.Lord Nash is a creature of the night his wealth and title provide but a tenuous entr e into polite society Notorious for his sophisticated manners and a dark, dashing elegance, rumors abound of the men he has bankrupted and the women he s left heartbroken But when Nash leaves his lair for a rare foray into the ton, he faces a lure of temptation all his own an extraordinary moment of passion with a mysterious lady in the moonlight and an obsession that will lead him into a hellish world of smugglers, spies, and intrigue And as for his damsel in disguise, the witty and beautiful Miss Xanthia Neville, he soon learns, is as unattainable as she is tempting And now Nash must decide if she is also dangerous
Never Lie to a Lady In her dazzling new historical trilogy New York Times bestselling author Liz Carlyle plunges readers into the steamy underworld of nineteenth century London Among the swirling glitter of English high

  • Title: Never Lie to a Lady
  • Author: Liz Carlyle
  • ISBN: 9781416527145
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This book was great! Obviously not the best of the genre that I have read, but not a terrible read. I really enjoyed how the characters knew who they were. Xanthia never made any excuses for herself, and what I really enjoyed was how the story did not revolve around Xanthia and her traumatic childhood. She dealt with it and moved on. My kinda girl!! Nash on the other hand is a strong man, who I defiantly want some alone time with , but towards the end of the story he began to become the "woman" [...]

    2. #1 in the Neville Family trilogyFabulous! Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!Historical romance, rich details, captivating characters, very strong, intelligent female lead character.Definitely a Top Read of 2008 for me!I am SO itching to read #2 Never Deceive A Duke, but am reading owed books first.#3 comes out this Summer, and I am SO there!I read one Liz Carlyle short story in a romance anthol. recently which I thoroughly enjoyedrcled her name in red in my book journal with arrows to remind me to [...]

    3. Lord Nash is a reclusive member of the ton with plenty of secrets and is a known ladies man to boot. Xanthia is not a typical miss of the ton; she runs a business and is part owner, and she is not looking for a husband. They meet, share a kiss under the moonlight, and become friends as both feel safe with each other because neither want marriage. Government officials use her to spy on Nash because they believe that he may be a traitor. She proves he's not, they find the real traitor and they fal [...]

    4. Puede que no tenga nada especial, pero me ha gustado.Una historia sencilla, con unos protagonistas inusuales que no tienen nada en común y que por circunstancias (y mucha atracción física ) de la vida empiezan a relacionarse. Una relación de respeto, de igual a igual, bien relatada y con el suficiente detalle narrativo para incluirte en la historia. Hay una trama secundaria, la "excusa", bastante bien llevada.

    5. The first book in the Neville Family series by Liz Carlyle. Miss Xanthia Neville is no simmering little miss but an independent woman of 30. Lord Nash is a rake and a rogue and unrepentant. My first by this author and I really loved it. I can't say exactly why, it just worked.

    6. First in the Neville Family historical romance series. The couple focus is on Xanthia Neville and Lord Nash.Might want to fix that one line: ".g backward gets one nowhere, does it?" "Doesn't it" would work so much better.My TakeIt's certainly an intriguing start to the romance, and not one that I've ever encountered before. I do love how perfectly suited Xanthia and the romantic Stefan are for each other, and Carlyle takes advantage to write a great story as she plays against the mores and expec [...]

    7. At last I finished this. It has a decent storyline, characters are likeable, the plot was good, too. It has all the elements I want in a historical romance, but the dreaded pace was the only thing that kept me from reading this in one sitting.I'd like to give this a much higher rating but sadly, that's the best I can do. I'm a fan of Liz Carlyle, but this is by far the slowest read of hers. The independent heroine is a plus for me, I liked Xanthia instantly, she's the epitome of a modern-day wom [...]

    8. this book was mediocre for me. I enjoyed a strong female lead especially given the time period and the sex scenes were very enjoyable but overall im a tad disappointed by it. The plot was very interesting with the female lead spending the entire book defending the male lead from criminal accusations falling in love with him along the way. Unfortunately some of the dialogue was disappointing, for instance the male lead going from shying away from marriage rather hardcore to using "dear" every oth [...]

    9. there was surprise bondage. as in we'r having a good time, all proper like despite being in a scandalous affair, but let me just slide this silken scarf around your wrists and drive you crazy with pleasure.I liked the fact that her characters aren't coated over in a romantic gloss. the male has the kind of less than flattering or just plain blunt thoughts that I would expect to go through a mans head. Including the idea of sexing away ones sorrows with the wrong person and realizing that it does [...]

    10. Amazing!I will admit that the first 50 pages or so had me thinking I was going to be disappointed. I have become so accustomed to the hyper-realistic regency setups of authors like Mary Balogh, that I was all prepared to decry this one as "fake", "unrealistic", "Anachronistic",etc But, I think it works. And it works well. Is is unlikely--even impossible--that a woman of any social standing would run a shipping company? Yes. Utter, historical nonsense, yet I am strangely willing to ignore it beca [...]

    11. I am struggling to finish this book. My thoughts about this story are not organized yet, but so far the inconsistency has gotten to me.We are told the h loves Gareth, but the way she treats him is more in line with a healthy dose of dislike and sometimes disrespect. Gareth in turn behaves very odd for someone who's supposed to love her and maybe even harbour hope to convince her to marry him one day.Nash is supposed to be this dark and mysterious character who does not want a true relationship w [...]

    12. Xanthia Neville and her brothers Luke and Kieran founded Neville Shipping in Barbados. With another partner, Gareth Lloyd, they moved their company to London. As an independent businesswoman, Xanthia never really fits in with society but this doesn’t bother her as she does what she likes without a care for society’s disapproval. At a ball, she is intrigued by a dark stranger and allows him to take liberties with her. She is stunned when Lord Nash calls on her the next morning when no names w [...]

    13. I absolutely loved Xanthia and Nash, both of them, and the little bits and pieces about shipping in London at the time. All good until we got to the whole plot with Nash being investigated, and the story of Nash's brother and sister-in-law. It just did not connect to the rest of the book and made the whole thing ramble. Also the side characters were all ridiculous. It is a bummer that such good lead characters, so well developed, landed in a story that was not worthy of them.

    14. I usually enjoy Carlyle's books and after reading the short story in the School for Heiresses anthology I thought this might be an interesting series.The notorious Marquis of Nash is a creature of the night; his wealth and his title provide but a tenuous entrée into polite society. With his Eastern European manners and dark elegance, Nash tempts women even as he tempts the scandalmongers. Rumors abound of the men he has bankrupted and the hearts he has broken. But when Nash leaves his lair for [...]

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    16. This is the first novel I read from Ms. Carlyle. I read the pre requisite of this series. I got intrigued about the characters. Especially to the character of the heroine of this book form the novella. I love Xanthia. The name is not common name mostly the HR books thay i read. I like her character, because until in the end of the book she did not change. She is still devoted on her business and the author managed to keep it in a modern world rule. For the hero, he is I think fine. It just I rea [...]

    17. I liked this book. I liked Xanthia and Nash together. I liked that they couldn't help falling for each other. I thought her flimsy excuse of investigating him was pretty lame. She was already ready to have a lover so she should have just owned up to wanting him. It didn't matter much in the end though. I kind of wanted him to give her a hard time about it since she did steal the papers after they became lovers. It was just overtly stupid to be intimate and deceptive and expect that it won't blow [...]

    18. Review taken from my Blog in November 2010:Don't let this particular cover deceive you. It looks like a 1970's "Dynasty" type affair, but in actual fact proved to be a truly masterful and mysterious piece of work by a new author to me, Liz Carlyle.Where can just one stolen and illicit kiss in the moonlight lead?Sybarite Stefan Nottingham, Lord Nash meets a beautiful lady (Xanthia Neville) on the terrace at the ball of Lord & Lady Sharpe. That stolen kiss leads on to not only a story of smugg [...]

    19. Xanthia Neville has moved with her brother from Barbados to London in order to expand their shipping business. Her brother is a dissolute lush so Xanthia and their business manager pretty much run the business (even though she's a woman!). The English government approaches them to see if they can help unravel a mystery that seems to point at the the Earl of Nashville being a spy. Oops, this is the same man with whom Xanthia had recently shared a heated embrace, the man who is deemed to be a rake [...]

    20. This is a bit different from the typical Regency romance in that the main female character is the owner of a shipping line and goes to work every day, despite the fact that she now lives in London and is officially a member of the ton. She was raised in Barbados, and her brother (a baron) allows her to continue with her employment. The main male character is a part-Russian nobleman who has inherited his title through his father, so he is a bit different too, although he is the usual rakish gambl [...]

    21. Generally, I rate romances based more on the characters and their chemistry than plotting. I love the main couple in this story; they are fresh and free of many of the cliches of regency romance. And the chemistry sizzlesEVER, in this case, I had to knock it down a star because the final plot turn hinged "a terrible misunderstanding" which really, just annoys the crap out of me. The secondary characters are also remarkably flat, despite the obvious set-up for follow-ons.A satisfying read, but no [...]

    22. I'm a fan of Liz Carlyle's style - I always quite like her heroines, and her heroes are invariably sexy and funny and real. This one was no exception. I particularly liked the sensible, smart heroine Miss Neville. Lord Nash was also as sexy as Carlyle's other heroes, with his manners and his rakishness and, beneath it all, his own good sense, made him really work for me as a match for Mis Neville.On the other hand, it isn't my favourite of Carlyle's books. It's good, and interesting, and a quick [...]

    23. A wonderful historical romance involving a modern woman who's not afraid to work compared to all the other pampered ladies. Not only does she work but is a partner in a shipping company. She then meets the notorious Lord Nash and through suspense and intrigue they start up an "affaire" to remember. Let me tell you, the scene at Brierwood is sizzles so hot it may make you blush.A wonderful eye-opener ending. Didn't see some of it coming which makes the book all the more enticing to read as it is [...]

    24. Apparently II had read this before, but enjoyed it just as much the second time!! Great Heroine, a 29 year old shipping owner, independent, rich, thinks she will never marry. Then she meets Nash and lust happens! Then she is recruited by the government to find out if he is a traitor.There are mysterious French diplomats, rumblings about war between Greece and Turkey, and other interesting historical things. Of course there is also a wonderful love story, and quite a bit of sex. There are many go [...]

    25. I was looking for new authors to read and stumbled across Liz Carlyle. I had seen her books before, but never felt a strong desire to pick one up. Well since none of my top authors have put out a book lately, I needed something to read. I went to the store picked up this book, and now I have added a new author to my fav list!!! I absolutely love the characters: their strengths, weaknesses and their interaction with each other. I couldn't have asked for a better read. I honestly couldn't put it d [...]

    26. i was simply in awe while reading this book. some scenes were too hot to handle and a lot of mystery within xanthia and nash's past. it was worth reading and very entertaining as well. it was refreshing to read that the xanthia's character is not the type who is like a damsel-in-distress kind. she is independent, smart yet sensual in every aspect of the word. liked how the story went especially when nash realized zee's importance in his life and that he simply loves her despite a misunderstandin [...]

    27. I'm usually a fan of Carlyle's books and there was nothing necessarily awful or unreadable about this book, it's just that after the first few chapters, it all felt just a little too practical. She was practical, he was practical, even the intrigue subplot in the end was summarized all very pragmatically. It lacked zip for a romance novel. It certainly lacked Carlyle's usual humour! And while the love scenes definitely had heat, all the practicality that led up to them took away the real spice.U [...]

    28. This was a fun and sexually based read that I quite enjoyed.Not much to say really, because I really love Zee and Nash together but their 'getting' to know each other (apart from sex) wasn't as deep as I'd hope. I mean the way it was portrayed was like asking myself 'if he fell for her so easily - what made her so different than the other women he bed? - but then again I assume it was her attitude and stubbornness - let's not forget her wittiness and defiance of the norm - i like a woman with ba [...]

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