The Devil You Know

Frederica d Avillez is sure she will never marry She s had a disastrous London season, and now her longtime beau has thrown her over for a eligible miss But if Freddie can t have a husband, she s hell bent on experiencing at least one night of unforgettable passion Where better than in the arms of the dashing rogue Bentley Hell Bent Rutledge So what if he s a raFrederica d Avillez is sure she will never marry She s had a disastrous London season, and now her longtime beau has thrown her over for a eligible miss But if Freddie can t have a husband, she s hell bent on experiencing at least one night of unforgettable passion Where better than in the arms of the dashing rogue Bentley Hell Bent Rutledge So what if he s a rake, scoundrel, and all round devil Scandal trails in Bentley s wake and fair maidens usually steer well clear of him and vice versa But when the opportunity presents itself, Bentley can t resist Freddie s exotic beauty When their wild, reckless passion has dire consequences, Bentley is forced to choose between honor and freedom And Freddie soon realizes that Bentley s devil may care fa ade is just that for she has unwittingly unleashed his dark secretsd secret desires.
The Devil You Know Frederica d Avillez is sure she will never marry She s had a disastrous London season and now her longtime beau has thrown her over for a eligible miss But if Freddie can t have a husband she s hell

  • Title: The Devil You Know
  • Author: Liz Carlyle
  • ISBN: 9780743437875
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Reviewed for thcreviewsThe Devil You Know is quite possibly the most truly romantic book I have ever read. It is a poignant story of love in the face of seemingly impossible odds, redemption, and facing the pain of the past so that recovery can begin. There is so much to love about this book, I hardly know where to start. The beautiful romance of the hero and heroine began as a beautiful friendship, yet it was a somewhat different friendship than what has been present in some of Liz Carlyle's ot [...]

    2. My hopes for The Devil You Know were set too high because of the great reviews I had read here and in . However, I had only read one book by Carlyle so far, My False Heart, and I wasn't impressed with her style. It turns out I was right to be wary after all; the book had so much potential but finally it did not deliver, not for me at least. The premises were interesting: The hero, Bentley, and the heroine, Frederika=Freddie, spent a night of passion which results in her pregnancy. When Bentley f [...]

    3. The Devil You Know is not something that you read for pleasure, because I felt so many things while reading the novel--pain, agony, shock, frustration--and pleasure was definitely not one of them. I'm putting this out in the open right now: this is not a happy story (at least not my idea of happy). The angst here is so intense that it seemed over-the-top already. It is devastatingly dark, and so overwhelmingly realistic, that it will make you cry. God knows I cried enough while reading it. Both [...]

    4. This entire series was very good and Bentley's book was no exception. He and Freddie made a fantastic couple. You knew throughout the book that there was something a bit off with Bentley, but he hid it so well. Then we started figuring it out that he had a secret that was going to possibly tear the family apart. Meanwhile, he keeps a cool distance from his new wife, but he can't keep his distance or his hands to himself in the bedroom. Those scenes were very hot! This was a great ending to the t [...]

    5. I couldn’t really get into this story. Once I got to where she went to the stables, it was better to read. The thing I noticed is that this author puts too many words on the page, and sometimes its just boring to read. I just wanted to skim&scan it half the time.The wench thing where he hired a wench for some guy, but the guy didn’t want her, so he just decided to take her himself was repulsive &I should have stopped reading there.And also at the comment where he could give the pox t [...]

    6. This is one of the best historical romance I've read in years. It's also the first book I've read in months that I simply couldn't put down; I read it straight through late into the night. The writing, dialogue and setting are all nearly flawless, and I loved the Hero and Heroine, though secondary characters could have been better developed. Much, if not most, of the book reads from Bentley's perspective, which I greatly enjoyed and made for some exceedingly hot sex scenes. At this point I'm a b [...]

    7. Liz Carlyle is one of my favorite new authors - I enjoyed this one as much as the previous one I read by her - . She has a great writing style - everything flows very well, the story development and characters. Only problem with this one - tons and tons of names. Didn't realize it was the third in a series and you really need to know the history between everyone. So I was somewhat lost. The main couple - Freddie and Bentley - are great together - friends to lovers. They knew each other forever a [...]

    8. "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't." With these words, Freddie is reconciled to marry Bentley "Hell-Bent" Rutledge after she becomes pregnant following a passionate night together. Normally I am not that big on romances where the heroine becomes pregnant early on or the couple weds now and falls in love later, but this story just did it for me. Of course, Carlyle is a superb writer, and the story just flows from the page like so much magic. Purely lovely.

    9. I've always believed that men are different from the ladies. Men don't plan elaborate weddings nor imagine clouds in the sky romantic moments nor stress out if their beloved is thinking about them right at that second. So when marriage does get on their brains, it happens quickly and they are almost immediately ready, so if you are that lucky girl that passes by when the moment is right much like a Taxi that has its available light suddenly light up on top a man 'BING' is ready to become a husba [...]

    10. Frederica d'Avillez is young, high-tempered and upset that her long-time beau ditched her. Still, there were perhaps wiser courses of actions open to her than an impulsive one-night stand with Bentley Rutledge, a family friend, a gorgeous charmer, and a totally unpredictable, carefree rake. To his credit, Bentley writes her a proper proposal of marriage before he leaves, but it's misplaced and Frederica never gets it, assuming the one-night stand was the beginning and the end. Only she finds her [...]

    11. I have been waiting for Bentley's story since he was introduced! What an interesting, complex, fascinating character. I loved his contradictions - the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold. His past trauma made sense of his later actions, as did his confusion and reluctance to understand what happened. Pairing up Bentley with Freddie, who we met in Carlyle's first novel My False Heart was a stroke of linking genius. I loved seeing Freddie all grown up and standing up for herself. Her compassion [...]

    12. Hero was not believable for me. The author kept telling me he was this bad boy rake but all I got was lovesick/tortured soul. The heroine I know was supposed to be good intentioned and weary of marriage to Bentley but I felt she came across as sanctimonious. She kept telling him how she needed him be and things he needed to do to be good enough to be w/her. I have to say I did enjoy the first few chapters but then it went steadily downhill. Basically skimmed the last 1/2 of the book.

    13. I loved Bentley He was such a tortured hero His secret is awful and heartbreaking, and although he's never wanted a woman for himself before, he refuses to give Freddie up. I loved Freddie who didn't take any sh** from Bentley, and who pushes him until she figures out his secret 5*

    14. There really needs to be a grade between Liked it and Really Liked it :) but I did, I really did, liked it!

    15. If you've read one historical romance featuring Dark Secrets and Tragic Pasts you've read them all, and such was the case with this one. There was nothing outright wrong with it, the writing was decent and the characters were fairly pleasant if not very deep (since they spent a great deal of time acting like numpties to fill the dictates of the story), but the plot was so very meh. I liked the first chapter or two where the innocent girl pretty much seduces the devilish rake and then forthrightl [...]

    16. Frederica d'Avillez is positive she's never going to get married. She's illegitimate and didn't "take" in her first season. Now, her safety option, Johnny, has informed her that he's marrying his cousin. Bentley Rutledge is positive he's never going to get married. He's mad and bad and a womanizer. Besides, he doesn't want to.But when Freddie, a girl he's only noticed is a woman, comes home upset when he's just come in drunk, he can't stop her advances. He tries several times (despite saying he' [...]

    17. #1 Devil trilogyOh, the pure reading bliss and deep contentment of a Liz Carlyle book!From the quirky chapter headings "In Which We Commence Our Tale of Woe", to dissolving into her expertly crafted historicals, to the amusing author bio on the inside back covers " Liz Carlyle always packs her pearls, her dancing slippers, and her whalebone corset, confident in the belief that eventually she will receive an invitation to a ball or to a rout."Liz opens her "Devil" trilogy with Miss Frederica d'A [...]

    18. I might have to try it again some time, as I'm not sure I gave a full chance to this book.The beginning seemed fairly complicated, with rather too many characters especially in Frederica's motley family. I thought some came from previous books in the series, but it did not seem so, as the previous 2 were about the hero's brother and sister. There were a few moments with too much hints of what had happened in previous books for me to be able to say that this specific book can really be read on it [...]

    19. 3-3.5 stars. First Liz Carlyle I've read. I really enjoyed the first 200 pages. It was a solid 4 stars up until then. After the two got married I lost interest in the story. It was still ok but I wasn't as invested as I was with the first half. One thing that bugged me was that there was a good amount of characters and information from previous books that wasn't explained in this one. There were relationships between people and why they react to them the way they do that wasn't explained in a ea [...]

    20. I loved this book and had a really hard time putting it down I stayed up till 3 am reading it from start to finish. Wow ! Loved it! I want a copy of this book if anyone is willing to sell theirs it's just one of those that i randomly chose from the library and was really hesitant to return it.

    21. You won't find more well-developed characters anywhere. Liz's lush style captivated me from the beginning, and I adore her characters, especially the intelligent and strong-willed women.

    22. I liked this story. The hero is emotionally tortured. You won't find out exactly why until the end. It's a story you'll remember. I recommend this book.

    23. I generally enjoy books from Liz Carlyle, however there were some that I liked more than this one.Abandoned by her beloved for another woman, Freddie spends a passionate night with a long-time friend of the family - Bentely, a well-known lecher and a rake. When it turns out that she is pregnant, she is in trouble. Driven by complicated feelings, Bentley marries her and they go to his family estate together. Soon, it turns out that the rake may be a better husband than she expected and that he is [...]

    24. Hard book to review It's engrossing, well written, and hero and heroine are likable and you understand their motivations even if you don't agree with their actions. The heroine is young but grew up very quickly and showed good instincts. The hero has a real reason to be traumatized, and it's a heartbreaking one. I also have a soft spot for (view spoiler)[ secret-baby(hide spoiler)] and marriage-on-the-rocks stories. So chalk me up as a fan, as my rating indicates, and a fan of Liz Carlyle in gen [...]

    25. Romance:3.5Steaminess:3.5Action/suspense:3.5Overall:3.5I'm a little on the fence with this one but leaning on the positive.So, I found Freddie's character to be alright. She was irritating at times but not too bad. Bentley was a little confusing for me. He started off jovial and ended a little more darker than expected. Than I believe. The romance was much little Bentley's character development. It started off light then got heavy and emotional. Which wasn't necessity a bad thing. But that trans [...]

    26. I liked this book better than all others that I read so far. It was easy guess what Bentley's secret was and how all would end. Hell-Bent was one of my favorite characters in previous books so I'm happy to read his book and I was especially happy the author didn't stick to her usual formula (much). Didn't care much for Freddie. And I'm seriously starting to dislike Kemble. With each new book, he becomes more of a stereotype.

    27. An interesting read. Bentley Rutledge is a tortured hero - a promiscuous reprobate who clearly views himself as worthless and lives up to his own assessment of himself. However we learn that he was a victim of childhood abuse. His relationship with the very understanding Frederica helps him to find peace with himself and his family.

    28. i have never read a book where i felt the pain of hero jump out of the pages of a book before, the hero hides behind meaningless sex to hide his pain from the world, it was a roller coaster of a book and one of my favorite hero's of all time. loved it!!

    29. It would be unfair to give it only one point (esp. since my new friend might read this), but the heroine cries a lot and is simply pretty, like every single other one, and the hero, and their relationship, supposedly so right, so real, TOLD to be see my other Carlyle reviews, and see below amazon review of "Romancer" about Carlyle's duke for confirmation of the horrid practice of FORSAKING her characters in their own books. Bentley, one of the four (4) men who overshadowed David in his book, i [...]

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