Never Deceive a Duke

They call her the porcelain princessWith her fragile beauty and regal bearing, the Duchess of Warneham knows how to keep her admirers at a distance Twice wed and twice widowed, Antonia has vowed never again to marry never again to surrender her freedom But when her husband s death is deemed suspicious, and his long lost heir returns to seize control of the dukedom, sThey call her the porcelain princessWith her fragile beauty and regal bearing, the Duchess of Warneham knows how to keep her admirers at a distance Twice wed and twice widowed, Antonia has vowed never again to marry never again to surrender her freedom But when her husband s death is deemed suspicious, and his long lost heir returns to seize control of the dukedom, she finds that fate has placed her future in yet another man s hands but not just any man They call him a cold hearted bastardDeep in London s docklands, Gareth Lloyd runs Neville Shipping with an iron fist Unrecognizable as the starving orphan who was abandoned by his family and sent an ocean away from home, Gareth has put his troubled past behind him That is, until the Duke of Warneham is murdered, and Gareth turns out to be the dynasty s last living heir Wrenched from his solitude, Gareth neither wants nor needs the honors and obligations of nobility especially the Duke s all too tempting widowOr does he
Never Deceive a Duke They call her the porcelain princessWith her fragile beauty and regal bearing the Duchess of Warneham knows how to keep her admirers at a distance Twice wed and twice widowed Antonia has vowed never

  • Title: Never Deceive a Duke
  • Author: Liz Carlyle
  • ISBN: 9781416527152
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this book as much as everyone else did. This was my first from Carlyle, and I don't think I care for this author's style very much. She writes like a modern American writing a Regency novel, e.g. the hero Gareth keeps reiterating over and over the value of working and that life is meaningless without work, etc. This just would not have been present in England at that time. Likewise the heroine's many reflections on the situation of her fellow women, even as she expl [...]

    2. Finally finished.That was not a very likable book. Each chapter of the book started with about 1.5 or 2 pages of reminders of Gabriel/Gareth youth, extremely insistent for the first chapters on his Jewish heritage. Then the whole of the chapter never had anything to do directly with this reminder. Sometime in the book, the reminders turned to be about things that we already had learnt in the course of the story, so it irritated me even more.Now let's move to the romance. It was tepid at best, co [...]

    3. Antes que nada debo contarles que son la persona más babas del mundo e inicie este libro sin saber que era el número dos de una serie y de verdad eso me molesto mucho pues a lo largo del libro hay pequeñas anécdotas que hacen referencia al libro uno y las cuales solo logré entender a medias.¡Mendigas series que no vienen correctamente marcadas!Contempló la rosa que sostenía aún en la mano. El rojo sangre de los pétaloscontrastaban con su pálida piel. Rojo sangre. Una palidez mortal. C [...]

    4. En realidad serían 3.5 pero como no dejaA la parte romántica romántica le falta más desarrollo, o al menos, que los protagonistas compartan más escenas románticas. Entre ellos en seguida salta la pasión pero el amor, es como si fuera una consecuenca del encuentro de dos almas que se encuentran solas pero nada más.La historia de ambos es dura, muy dura. La autora empieza algunos capítulos detallando el pasado de él imposible no sentirse conmobido.En general me ha gustado, sobre todo la [...]

    5. There’s a LOT going on in this book, which is great if you’re easily bored, but not so much if you’re easily distracted or in need of plot lines you can follow to their resolution. There’s a murder mystery (or four), a trauma narrative (or 3), a love story, a fish out of water story, a forced proximity story I’ve probably missed a few, because there’s just too much going on. Also: If you are a person who has a hard time reading about sexual assault/trauma, child abuse, or spousal abu [...]

    6. “Perhaps, Antonia, to the right man, a few broken pieces of you would be better than a whole and perfect someone else?”

    7. They call her the porcelain princessWith her fragile beauty and regal bearing, the Duchess of Warneham knows how to keep her admirers at a distance. Twice wed and twice widowed, Antonia has vowed never again to marry; never again to surrender her freedom. But when her husband’s death is deemed suspicious, and his long-lost heir returns to seize control of the dukedom, she finds that fate has placed her future in yet another man’s hands—but not just any man.They call him a cold-hearted bast [...]

    8. Why do you suppose dukes are so popular in historical-romance? It must be the power and prestige of being the highest title. Better for publicity, probably. But it usually doesn’t make a difference story wise, like here. Nevertheless, I certainly enjoyedLiz Carlyle’sNever Deceive a Duke. Gareth Lloyd manages Neville Shipping in the London docks and suddenly inherits his dead uncle's title. All at once he acquires a dukedom and the recent widow, now his responsibility. Antonia, the beautiful [...]

    9. Wow, this one definitely lost its keeper status another favourite that bit the dust. What I usually love with Carlyle's books is her writing style, her hot PG-13 love scenes, her wonderful characterisations and unique plot ideas. Somehow nothing worked out for me this time which shows again how much my reading tastes have changed since 2009 (when I read this one). C- to D+, can't decide which one.

    10. I was really hoping to like this book. The plot summary appealed to me since I'm a sucker for tortured/damaged heroes and it was highly recommended on All About Romance review site.This is probably a case of "it's me, not you" when it comes to why I didn't enjoy this book. My main problems with it were as follows:1. Hero/heroine have sex very early in the book. It makes sense that this happens given how damaged both hero/heroine are but I prefer books where emotional intimacy happens before sexu [...]

    11. Antonia has had a horrid and hard life, surrounded by horrid men who won't permit her to do anything for herself let alone grieve for her lost children. Gabriel hasn't had a good life either and is a part Jewish relative of the late duke who never expected to inherit the title and all the responsibilities. Together they find acceptance for who they really are. Good read!!

    12. Running from the pirates who had abused him on the ship, Gareth Lloyd was saved by Luke Neville. From that meeting, his new life began and he became a valued partner in Neville Shipping. One day he was visited by a barrister who had been searching for him. He is now the new Duke of Warneham and the last of the Ventnor family. The old duke had sold him to the press gang and he wants nothing to do with the Warneham name but feels he must go and look over the property at least. At the estate, he me [...]

    13. Didn't care for the heroine at all. I liked Gareth in the first book, but less in this one. Nice touch with really messed up past, but he was still meh. As usual, the mystery part was major disappointment. Not only it was completely predictable and a 3 year old could figure it out in five minutes, it had no bearing on the plot. I would prefer if she skipped attempts at mystery completely and just do a simple romance novel, to this not even half ass job.

    14. Second in the Neville Family historical romance series. The couple focus is on Gareth Lloyd, er, I mean His Grace, the Duke of Warneham, and the widowed Duchess. My TakeCarylyle continues her unique take on the post-Regency period with her feisty women and rakish, but caring men. It was not a nice place with the old duke. I'd say the world is better off without him or his ideas. Now that he's dead, the duchess is determined to have a say in her life from here on no matter what her father demands [...]

    15. I give this book 3.5 starsThis was my first book by this author, and in truth, I think I might need to read more by her before I decide if her books get a green light from me.Overall, this book was entertaining. It is a romance to be sure, with a tortured hero and heroine. A mystery to be solved and an intriguing cast of characters.Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can squeeze out any more positivity from the novel. I was not really thrilled by the fact that the hero and heroine were intimate the da [...]

    16. Never Deceive a Duke, Liz Carlyle - Though this is a Carlyle fan favorite, it didn't work for me as well as some of her others because the romantic plot is too contrived. Gareth Lloyd suddenly inherits his dead uncle's dukedom and is forced to confront past demons as well as the unpleasant task of finding a home for the newly-widowed duchess. He's so certain he'll despise her, but upon first meeting Antonia, he instead feels instant attraction and tenderness. I have to say that I really hate tha [...]

    17. Ok so if you are picking up this book directly after the first in the series then you know, have met and formed an opinion of Zee's business partner, Garreth Lloyd. I can tell you right now that anything you thought about it will be blown away and smashed, as he truly is a secret keeper. One of his many secrets is that he is a distant cousin to an heirless Duke. Who is now dead, therefore the once poor, forgotten lonley child reared by the Neville's is now a Duke. Who knew?Change to Garreth at n [...]

    18. One thing I really hate from this book was how poor the translation was made. It was a really horrible translation. A lot of missed and misplaced punctuation, paragraph and so on. What worse was the translator censored, yes, CENSORED, the make-love parts! All of them! As if the reader was a child, which was almost impossible! It was annoying as hell, plus the bad quality of translation, I almost gave it up. But I continued reading till the end, and was not satisfied with the outcome, at all. It [...]

    19. A combination of mystery and romance with an unusual couple at its center.The story is mostly told from Garrett's point of view, so the male narrator of the audiobook who did a pretty good job, was a good choice. I did not particularly care about the mystery or its resolution, although it was smart and had clues that made sense once everything was revealed. I somehow didn't care either way.Unfortunately I didn't care all that much about the main couple, either. They were well developed and had p [...]

    20. All the parts were there; two wonderful main characters with LOTS of dark past. Kemble is quite fun and mysterious, Kierran is kind-hearted, etc. In terms of romanticism, it fell short for me. Perhaps the Clue - ish murder mystery took too much of my attention and the dark background took the rest. There did not seem to be enough time spent on character interaction or the love story was the least interesting part of the whole story.Perhaps if there was more interaction with outside characters in [...]

    21. So boy reluctantly inherits title, where he meets girl, who Hey, did you notice the author has the same name as me? Sorry; girl is maybe a little crazy, but they can't deny their attraction, and in the end their love saves each of them. Although the girl needs to be saved more, because, y'know, women are crazy. It was cute and forgettable; the steamy scenes were not too shabby.Not many men drove with such a callous disregard for their own safety--let alone that of hapless guinea fowl. As it happ [...]

    22. **slight spoilers ahead**My, Ms. Carlyle sure does enjoy her trysts on table-topsd I love her for it!This is one of the most fascinating romance novels I've ever had the pleasure of reading and I'm glad I stuck with the series after the disappointment of the first book, because book 2 was most excellent!The mystery subplot, was detailed, intriguing and well-executed. Her characters were fully fleshed-out, both in description and personality and there was a wonderfully surprising religious angle [...]

    23. This is a gut-wrenching portrait of two very damaged souls finding their way to each other, and it's Carlyle at her darkest here. Fans of this book would also enjoy "The Book of Scandal" by Julia London (also a regency tale of finding one's way back after grief) and "Demon After Dark" by Kresley Cole (paranormal, but features very dark, broken hero very similar to this one). Garreth is not just a typical tortured hero--orphaned, penniless, mistreated, but has suffered the sort of abuse not gener [...]

    24. Not my favorite book by Carlyle but a good read. I was intrigued by the character of Gareth Lloyd who appears in the 1st book of the trilogy and he gets his story told here in the 2nd book. I don't usually enjoy a romance where the author throws her characters together physically almost immediately. Here the characters of the fragile and twice widowed Antonia and Gareth are intimate almost as soon as they meet. The love story is just an afterthought to the sex. It's the secondary characters who [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book. It was my first by this author, and I'll definitely read more by her. I found this book through a list of romance books with Jewish characters. I loved the descriptions and stories of Gabriel's grandparents, and it was nice to see Yiddish interspersed in those stories. I did have a problem with the mention of a bat mitzvah, because at that time in England, amongst a traditional Jewish family, a bat mitzvah for a girl would have been unheard of. Although I hate anachronism in [...]

    26. I have NO idea what the title refers to, even after reading the book, but other than that and a somewhat rushed ending, I loved this book to bits. Hero is a shipping magnate, distantly related to the Duke of Wareham, whom he hasn't seen in years and whom he loathes. Until the old Duke turns up his toes without any closer heir than our hero. Heroine is the old Duke's widow, a young fourth wife, who is also possibly mad. There is a wonderful, dark, passionate romance, and a bit of mystery. This bo [...]

    27. #2 Neville Family Historical Romance TrilogyThis second book in the tril. was good, tho I enjoyed the first (Never Lie To A Lady) quite alot more. This is because the female heroine in #1 was very strong, capable, and independent, as opposed to the female lead in Duke.But then again, to be fair, women in the 1800's WERE quiet and didn't assert themselves, or take control of the circumstances of their lives. *sigh*Books 1 & 2 are not just historical romance - there is mystery, intrigue, murde [...]

    28. Review taken from my Blog in November 2010:Having so thoroughly enjoyed the first in the Never Trilogy 'Never Lie to a Lady' I started this next book in high expectation of yet another good read. I was definitely not disappointed.Well written characterisations, and fabulous mystery flowing throughout the story of Gabriel Ventnor (Gareth Lloyd) to the Dukedom of Warneham and the beautiful Dowager Duchess of Warneham.I just adore the lovely, humorous and multi-layered Mr George Kemble. Under estim [...]

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