The Snow Day

The best snow day book since Ezra Jack Keats s THE SNOWY DAYA young rabbit wakes up to wonderful news A snow day School is canceled, and the day that follows is rich with the magic and delight of the falling snow And yet there is longing too, as the young rabbit and his mother wait for news of his father, grounded on a plane in a faraway city The news that his faThe best snow day book since Ezra Jack Keats s THE SNOWY DAYA young rabbit wakes up to wonderful news A snow day School is canceled, and the day that follows is rich with the magic and delight of the falling snow And yet there is longing too, as the young rabbit and his mother wait for news of his father, grounded on a plane in a faraway city The news that his father will be home tomorrow gives the book a peaceful, comforting, and perfect ending.
The Snow Day The best snow day book since Ezra Jack Keats s THE SNOWY DAYA young rabbit wakes up to wonderful news A snow day School is canceled and the day that follows is rich with the magic and delight of the

  • Title: The Snow Day
  • Author: Komako Sakai
  • ISBN: 9780545013215
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “The Snow Day”

    1. This is so sweet. A gentle, cozy read. The illustrations and the overall tone of the book made me long for a heavy snowfall and experience the quiet stillness that often follows. I read it to my two year old and she begged me to reread it three times, until I said, "No, it's time for bed. We can read it again tomorrow."

    2. Dumb. Viruses cause colds. Playing outside in all sorts of weather builds one's health. Now, if it there were another reason to stay inside all day, then go outside after the snow stopped falling and the sun had set, I might have given it one more star. But I'm not particularly fond of the art, either. Why? Because fresh snow is brilliantly reflective, and the home would be all lit up, not gloomy as portrayed.I think it's really a story about a mom who is vulnerable to depression but fighting it [...]

    3. You know when a picture book is successful? When it can conjure up a feeling or a memory you didn't even know you had. I remember playing in the snow at night as a small child. The contrast of bright white snow lit by the streetlights, and the jet-black sky above. In my experience, picture books that deal with simple subjects generally have a hard road to hoe. They either are accused of glutting the market with more of the same, or they are so unique that they're told that they won't find their [...]

    4. The feelings of a small child are here. But,it is not geared towards children in practice rather than in theory. Perhaps using a small child instead of a blobby bunny might have given this the universal feel the author is aiming for with the bunny. But instead the juxtaposition of an animal on a very real world somehow clashes.Sorry, no one has ever done it better than Ezra Jack Keats did it in The Snowy Day. You can read that to a bunch of 2009 high tech, overstimulated preschoolers and they wi [...]

    5. I probably should have read this when we had our snow day yesterday--today it is ICE day and I still can't go out! In any case, I read it a few days ago and while I enjoyed it and can certainly see why the artwork has won such accolades (this was recently named one of the NY Times Ten Best Children's Books of 2009) I was not quite as wowed by it as I thought/hoped I would be. Some of the illustrations (such as the cover art) really touched me, and others were just so-so. Still, I think it's wond [...]

    6. Read in digital format.What is it about rabbits in children's books that makes a person go aaawww? The cover reminded me on one of my favorite children's books about another rabbit, so I decided to read this book and see if it was just as good; it was! The main character is never called by his name in the text, yet the story is based around a snow storm that prevents the main character from being able to go outside or to school . As I flipped through the pages and looked at the simple but lively [...]

    7. Quiet and appropriate to the weather as well as to the Japanese sensibility. I especially liked the fact that the rabbit family lives in an apartment - first the child goes out on the balcony and is only allowed to go downstairs after the snow has finished. The animals' body language is very expressive, especially the ears.I like the way many of the illustrations are framed - as if looking in a window. I was struck by the movement - constantly forward - (as in the double page spread as he goes o [...]

    8. I really enjoyed the pictures in this story. They had this certain sense of haze, but were delightfully abstract while still capturing a strong sense of character and place. There were elements of harshness and soft, but they still blended together well and I never thought the illustrations were messy. The little bunny was quite cute as well. It was sweet to gimplse the world from his eyes. The story was fairly simplistic, but still fun. *Taken from My Sentiments Exactly!: reviewsatmse/2013

    9. A quiet story about a bunny and his/her mother enjoying a snow day. I think this might work better in PJ story time than my preschool story time. As a quieter story it seems more like a bed time or lap story to me.

    10. So the kid had a snow day and was home all day but his mother wouldn't let him go out and play in the snow because it was still snowing and too cold. What kind of a snow day is that?! A sad one if you ask me. I really liked the art work but the story didn't do it for me.

    11. "Mommy, we're all alone in the world."I really like this author's books. They are simple and sparse yet have a strange melancholy to them.

    12. This book is about a little rabbit who wakes up one morning to a snow day! School is canceled, snow is falling, and theres not a rabbit in sight when he looks out of the window. But whats a fun snow day if the whole family isn't there to celebrate? The rabbit and his mother spend a majority of the day waiting to hear back from his father about when his flight will land and when he'll finally be home. I really enjoy the simplicity of this book. A low fantasy book with elements of real life events [...]

    13. This is a great winter snow book with a cute little bunny who doesn't have to go to school because of the snow. But the bunny can't go outside until the snow stops, and the bunny's father is stuck in an airport somewhere because of the snow.When the snow finally stops, Bunny enjoys the magic. Kids really enjoyed this book. I liked how it pointed out downsides that can happen when it snows too much (such as plane cancellations.)

    14. At first I didn't like the illustrations, but as I read on I started to love the illustrations. They fit beautifully with the story. It was a sweet story about the how it kept snowing and the little bunny just wanted to go outside and play in the snow. The bunny's mom is so adorable and sweet as well. If you love bunnies, you'll enjoy this book.

    15. A touching story of a heavy snowfall that interrupts a little bunny’s regular activities and transforms his world into a winter wonderland.

    16. rubbish idea that you'll get sick if you play outside while it's snowing, don't even put that out in the world

    17. A young bunny and its mother are snowed in at home with snow cancelled and a father who is stuck at an airport far away. What will they do?

    18. A young rabbit does not have to go to school that day because it is snowing and the bus is stuck. The rabbit wants to go out to play right away, but the mother rabbit says that they must wait until it stops snowing. Well, the snow just never seems to stop coming down. Finally, though, that night, the snow tapers off and playtime joyfully begins. Ms. Sakai paints ever so beautifully a cooped up child/rabbit who hungers for the time to get out in the snow and play. She likes to use acrylic paints, [...]

    19. I've been looking back at a ton of books, getting ready to write my year-end Jewy-books roundup for Tablet, and I am BITTER that this book is utterly unJewy and thus not eligible. It's one of my favorite books of the year. So simple, so beautiful. Maxine (age 5) loves it too — she asks for it over and over and over. The art is just gorgeous — muted colors, adorable but not cutesy bunny, sophisticated and subdued but not kid-offputting look. Looks like a mix of paint and charcoal. The plot’ [...]

    20. On a very snowy day, a little rabbit awakens to discover that the snow has cancelled school. His mother doesn’t want him to go out in the storm, but he sneaks onto the balcony to make a snow dumpling. His mother can’t go to the grocery store, so they play cards together. His father can’t return from his trip because of the storm. All around them it is only snow, no traffic, just them and the snow. When the little rabbit is getting ready for bed, he realizes the snow has stopped and he can [...]

    21. This heartwarming book begins with a rabbit waking up to find out that school(kindergarten) has been cancelled because of the snow. He also finds out that because of the snow his father's flight home has been cancelled. This family lives in a high rise thus the snow must be viewed from above. The little rabbit is in awe of the snow. He loves the quiet, beauty and stillness of things. He comments to his mother "Mommy, we are all alone in the world." It is mind boggling how children can interpret [...]

    22. This was a new arrival in our store today, and since it's not often I see translated, Japanese children's books, I had a closer look.As first percieved, the illustrations were exquisite, yet slightly grim in color. I am therefore torn between thinking it believably urban or just plain dull. Don't get me wrong, the illustrations are beautiful, but the palette is gray tones and pale browns and greens.Because of the wonderful bunny rabbit on the cover, very nicely painted, I was perhaps over-expect [...]

    23. I’ve read many picture books in this past week, and this rates near the top. It was published in 2005, but someone recommended it and I finally bought it! Every student and teacher knows about the specialness of snow days, but this little kindergarten bunny has his very first one in this story. Both the soft and snowy illustrations and the story are wonderful. He gets to sleep in, but jumps right up when his mother tells him it’s been snowing all night. Sadly, she says also he can’t go out [...]

    24. A young bunny wakes up to wonderful news: a snow day! School is canceled, and the morning and afternoon that follow are full of the games and excitement of snow. But the weather brings bad news as well, as his father is stranded in a faraway city. When will he be able to come home? Whatever the weather, whatever the season, you can open this book to experience the fun and the wonder of a snow day.Note: I was not fond of the fact that young bunny, "snuck outside while Mommy washed dishes." Notes: [...]

    25. The Snow Day is a sweet story about a young bunny who wakes up one morning to discover that he has a snow day from kindergarten. Between making snowballs, playing cards with his mom, and listening to the sound of silently falling snow, he’s waiting for the snow to stop so he can go play outside. The author studied art in Japan and the artistry is apparent in the illustrations, which include muted colors brightened by touches of yellow and red and focuses on the setting of each scene, whether i [...]

    26. What better than a snow day?! Every child can relate to when school has been canceled and they are left with a wonderful white natural playground. This book is great for parents to read with their children on a snow day or a day off of school. It provides a few ideas of things to do on days like this.L.E: The children can make snow using 2 cups corn flour (corn starch in US), 1/3 to 1/2 of a cup vegetable oil, and 3-4 tablespoons silver glitter. this formula acts like play dough and is easy for [...]

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