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  1. My fondness for William Bronk's poetry and for this type of contemplative verse has deepened over the past few years. Now I see poets of this stripe writing something like meditations and have realized Bronk is in the company of Jack Gilbert, Charles Wright, and John Ashbery. One thing that explains my enthusiasm for him is a strong identification with what he writes. Sometimes reading him is like reading about myself, as if he writes inside my thought. In this way he reaches where I am or have [...]

  2. Reading Bronk's work can be meditative and introspective but there remains a constant sense of detachment. He has modernist influence, but the poems refuse to be within those parameters. Bronk is a writer who is name dropped in a lot of circles as being within the same lineage as a Robert Frost or a Wallace Stevens, but his style (which is oblique and abstract) doesn't seem to fit anywhere in a traditional American canon. His poems are also intuitively incongruous, they don't follow, begin or en [...]

  3. A great survey of Bronk's work. His poems are metaphysical in the best possible way- intelligent and curious about the biggest themes. There's not much of the 'I went to the store today and had an epiphany' style of thing here; Bronk is more interested in collective experiences, thoughts and worries. If you read the poems in chronological order, you can follow his changing attitude to our ability to know, our connection with a transcendent order, our joys and sufferings. He obviously thought at [...]

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