Some devised methods of torture cruel beyond belief, some killed members of their own families, others ordered the murders of millions of innocents some were admired statesmen, some were maniacs others simply butchers Vlad Dracul, prince of Wallachia, impaled his enemies on a forest of bloody stakes the Byzantine empress Irene had her son s eyes gouged out the CrusadSome devised methods of torture cruel beyond belief, some killed members of their own families, others ordered the murders of millions of innocents some were admired statesmen, some were maniacs others simply butchers Vlad Dracul, prince of Wallachia, impaled his enemies on a forest of bloody stakes the Byzantine empress Irene had her son s eyes gouged out the Crusaders massacred 70,000 innocent Muslims and Jews when they took Jerusalem and, the Mongol warlord Tamerlane built pyramids of human skulls In the 20th century, Adolf Hitler slaughtered 6 million Jews, Josef Stalin liquidated 25 million Russians, while Mao Zedong was responsible for the deaths of 70 million Chinese In 101 World Heroes Simon Sebag Montefiore selected his ultimate heroes and heroines here he reveals history s dark side Monsters presents, in chronological order, compellingly readable portraits of 101 sinister individuals who shared a relish for the brutal exercise of pitiless, unbounded power, a delight in imposing pain and suffering, and a contempt for human life Many of them Nero and Al Capone, Genghis Khan and Henry VIII, Lucrezia Borgia and Jack the Ripper, Lenin and Himmler, Charles Manson and Pablo Escobar are notorious Others Byzantine emperor Justinian the Slit Nose, Pope John XII who turned the Vatican into a brothel , the 16th century Scots cannibal Sawney Beane, Baron Ungern Sternberg who conquered Mongolia in 1920 believing he was Genghis Khan reborn , vampiric Hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathory, Barbarossa the Ottoman pirate king are less familiar.Each biography is accompanied by an article revealing fascinating aspects of those monsters Sultan Selim the Grim divulges the secret Ottoman methods of royal murder Bloody Mary evokes the heretic s death at the stake we travel with Leopold II of Belgium into the Heart of Darkness that was the Belgian Congo Malawian dictator Dr Banda unveils the strange phenomenon of medical doctors who became murderous tyrants and, Papa Doc of Haiti reveals the nature of Voodoo Lavishly illustrated, interspersed with illuminating quotations, both accessible and informative, Monsters is a Who s Who of the cruel and murderous, the rapacious and depraved, and a gripping compendium of stories, characters and indispensable lessons from history that no one should forget and everyone should know.
Monsters Some devised methods of torture cruel beyond belief some killed members of their own families others ordered the murders of millions of innocents some were admired statesmen some were maniacs other

  • Title: Monsters
  • Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
  • ISBN: 9781847245014
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. With a title like that and a page or two dedicated to hand-picked "demons", there's really no chance of a fair trial here, now is there?Always superficial with frustrating inaccuracies and typos galore, and if the writers didn't simply get their facts wrong, they are being hopelessly one-sided and sensational (=demonizing). At times it's no better than guess work, really.But I guess the book works as a good showcase of enduring human stupidity. Because let's face it: there are monsters only beca [...]

    2. I find it difficult to write a review which lists the 101 most sadistic, megalomaniac and brutal people who walked the face of the earth. The book starts from ancient times and continues straight through modern time. So, I am just going to feature a few of the more interesting and add a bit of the very informative extra’s the author gives us.The most brilliant:Hassan-i-Sabbah. Hasson created a group called “hashishim’” to kill Sunni’s and enemies of Islam in the mountains of modern day [...]

    3. A generally interesting book, however some of those considered ‘monstrous’ are far from so and are mealy victims of unjustly accordance. Such as that of ‘jezebel’ who despite her reputation as a whore, was in fact a phoecian princess who married the Jewish king of the time and rather then adopt his religion maintained her own, continuing to worship it and promote it. Something far from monstrous of the time standards or even that of modern standards.

    4. This book was a waste of time. I expected more from a book titled "monsters". No serial killers were mentioned {except for a total of 2 pages with a list of serial killers and no details) and most of the people mentioned, don't seem like monsters to me. Going to war to fight for your kingdom, doesn't make you a monster. And being a strict ruler doesn't make you a monster either.

    5. Heroes and villains are the staple part of many a story and history is no different. Across two books, Montefiore has taken the liberty of exploring a selection of not just history’s greatest heroes and heroines but of its monsters as well. I opted to read about the monsters first, get those shudders out of the way, before moving onto the heroes. Quite simply we have here a selection of the worst examples of mankind in history,y renowned for mass murder, extreme cruelty and despotism. You woul [...]

    6. It was ok but after a while I started to feel some kind of sensation in the biographies. It also got a little bit boring after a long while because it starts to feel the same. Difficult to read in a few days (it took me more than a year) because it's so monotonous, not something to read 'just for fun'. It's difficult to explain but I couldn't read it for many pages at once.

    7. This work has absolutely no value as a historiographical book and very little value as a nonfictional prose. The only real purpose of this piece is to promote certain ideological viewpoints that are dominant today (and at the time of writing).

    8. This was a very interesting book. It's basically a 'whistle-stop' tour of some of history's most evil and strange characters. It is laid out chronologically and each individual gets no more than a few pages in the spotlight so to speak. That being said, the author manages to pack in a fair amount of information and gruesome detail considering the short amount of page time that each individual gets and he achieves this by keeping the information relevant and to the point. At no time, in my opinio [...]

    9. A generalist and easy read of some of the worst people history has to offer. The author does make the distinction that some of these people have been great statesmen and may have modernised the countries they ruled over but the cost in human life was horrific. While other assorted tyrants and maniacs have little, if any, redeeming features.The scope of this book is immense, starting off with the 9th century BC all the way to the late 2000's. There were figures that I knew or knew a bit about but [...]

    10. Informative book, but on a very superficial level. It seems like the author was trying to cover breadth instead of depth. There are a lot of people featured in this book, but not a lot of information about each. I think the worst part was the inaccuracies. I found typos and inaccurate facts throughout. This was good for an entertaining read, but not something I would rely on for information. I think I would trust more, sadly enough.

    11. Dip in and out of the lives of some of Histories Cruellest people. I keep this on my bedside table and if I ever feel I have been mean to folk during the day I read it and suddenly I don't feel so bad :o)

    12. As you'd expect with any non fiction this was extremely factual and very insightful. I like the layout of the book with the individual stories accompanied by other similar examples of thier evil through different eras on after. Good read

    13. Decent read that I learned a lot from. I love that it is very easy to find a stopping point. It did get tedious to read after awhile.

    14. Yowza! Lots of bad people out there, and they date waaay back. Sad to know the world has had nasties forever.

    15. This book was okay. Well written full of short excerpts. So for me it was a good before bed book. Read a couple pages and put it down.

    16. Definitely not groundbreaking historical work, but a fun romp throughout. Sometimes it is nice to swallow history in a more mindless and entertaining form.

    17. Excellent handbook for terror through the time.Cruelty is crucial for all these leaders and show their lack of other quantity.

    18. Fascinating and highly recommended. Kind of hard to review a book that lists dozens of "evil" people and their exploits. Definitely recommended as a reference book - very handy!!

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