A Dog Called Demolition

Danny is not sad and lonely any , because he has the voice the voice of an imaginary dog called Demolition The dog tells him what to do, like how to adjust the bar code reader in the shop so he can read what people are thinking Soon, Danny can bend others to his will, and fears no other man.
A Dog Called Demolition Danny is not sad and lonely any because he has the voice the voice of an imaginary dog called Demolition The dog tells him what to do like how to adjust the bar code reader in the shop so he can re

  • Title: A Dog Called Demolition
  • Author: Robert Rankin
  • ISBN: 9780552142137
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. One of my favourite authors. Nothing is how it seems in a Robert Rankin book, they are the best material to read when you want to escape from the norm. This is the first book I read from Robert Rankin - loved it!

    2. Having previously read Knees Up Mother Earth by the same author, I was quickly reminded of the style and immediately visited my review. I feel the same comments apply to A Dog Called Demolition, so I am going to imaginatively copy and paste a little. (to be denoted by "_") "Whilst I appreciated the craft of the author and the novelty of the concept, including footnoting which I've never seen in a work of fiction before", and poetry at the beginning of each chapter,"this book did not really do it [...]

    3. Disappointing. I usually love Robert Rankin, but this book never got off the ground for me. Too scattered, the whole concept of the "dog" never amounts to much, and the characters didn't spark.

    4. A little slow this one having read better Robert Rankin books but as the blurb says "The more you read him the funnier he becomes." How true.

    5. Neither the best of his books, nor his worst, it still has lots of interesting bits and material as well as some of the old Brentford crew doing their walk ons.

    6. A comic fantasy with enough genuinely amusing scenarios to overcome occasional slow passages in this colourful story ostensibly of a talking dog who advises Danny his rather dim owner (although there’s not really much of a plot). With a quotation and a poem at the start of each chapter, footnotes and a bit of magic it’s a rather idiosyncratic story that generally works. 3.5-4 stars.

    7. Bonkers! Barmy! but a lot of fun, and considerably more coherent than the last Rankin novel I read. (The Greatest Show Off Earth)All the trademark feature of Rankin's writing: daft puns, running jokes and liberal smashing of the fourth wall.The audio book version was available through (a free trial of) 's Kindle Unlimited, read by the author himself, and he does a good job of it.A fun diversion!

    8. Not for the uninitiated.I admit that I struggled with this as a 12 year old boy. Having only read the Cornelius Murphy books this one is a bit of a shocker. However, a re-read in my 20's led me to believe that this is one of Robert's finest works.How do I begin to explain this? There are a series of short stories involving people suddenly acting very strangely, and all mentioning a bandaged left foot. Then a longer bit of story about a man who discovers all people are controlled by invisible cre [...]

    9. Quite possibly the most bizarre of Rankin's work I have read so far. His stuff is usually slightly surreal but this doesn't so much tiptoe into the bizarre as go striding in and delight in its own peculiarity.As a result, this novel will come across to most people as confusing and messy with laughs that are few and far between. Despite its short length (a tad over 300 pages) it is a difficult read that makes it difficult to care about anybody or anything. It also seems to lack overall direction [...]

    10. I was given this book as an introduction to Robert Rankin. I read it. That's probably the best that can be said. It's a nice science fantasy idea but the execution of the no beginning, middle and end story just doesn't work. I didn't really get to care about any of the characters, except perhaps the one who died near the beginning (at the end of the beginning?)Some of the 'music hall' humour was out of place, some of the other humour has already dated. The ending was more Monty Python than a fan [...]

    11. Yet again, residents of the Brentford triangle save the world!I want to go to live in Brentford and drink at the Flying Swan - Such weird and wonderful things happen there! And who would have thought that allotments could be such exciting places?

    12. Fairly weak Rankin. There isn't anything particularly wrong with it, there just isn't anything that makes it jump out from the pack. It was nice to see cameos by Jim Pooley, Archroy and a few others. Worth a read if you're a Rankin fan, but not essential.

    13. Very interesting book Very interesting book I look forward to trying more of his books. He is not for everyone but I enjoy his style. Dear god I need 20 words

    14. This is not Rankin's best book but still enjoyable. This one isn't a good book for new Rankin readers. You have to know some things about him/his books to really enjoy it.

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