Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson

Few American lives are stranger, action packed, or wilder than that of Hunter S Thompson Born a rebel in Louisville, Kentucky, Thompson spent a lifetime channeling his energy and insight into such landmark works as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and his singular and provocative style challenged and revolutionized writing.Now, for the first time ever, Jann Wenner aFew American lives are stranger, action packed, or wilder than that of Hunter S Thompson Born a rebel in Louisville, Kentucky, Thompson spent a lifetime channeling his energy and insight into such landmark works as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and his singular and provocative style challenged and revolutionized writing.Now, for the first time ever, Jann Wenner and Corey Seymour have interviewed the Good Doctor s friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues and woven their memories into a brilliant oral biography From Hell s Angels leader Sonny Barger to Ralph Steadman to Jack Nicholson to Jimmy Buffett to Pat Buchanan to Marilyn Manson and Thompson s two wives, son, and longtime personal assistant, than 100 members of Thompson s inner circle bring into vivid focus the life of a man who was even complicated, tormented, and talented than any previous portrait has shown It s all here in its uncensored glory the creative frenzies, the love affairs, the drugs and booze and guns and explosives and, ultimately, the tragic suicide As Thompson was fond of saying, Buy the ticket, take the ride.
Gonzo The Life of Hunter S Thompson Few American lives are stranger action packed or wilder than that of Hunter S Thompson Born a rebel in Louisville Kentucky Thompson spent a lifetime channeling his energy and insight into such lan

  • Title: Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson
  • Author: Jann S. Wenner Corey Seymour
  • ISBN: 9780316005272
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gonzo The Life of Hunter S Thompson Corey Seymour, Jann Jann S Wenner is the founder, owner and editor of Rolling Stone magazine He is also the head of Wenner Media, which includes such magazines as US Weekly and Men s Journal. Gonzo The Life and Work of Dr Hunter S Thompson Gonzo The Life and Work of Dr Hunter S Thompson is a documentary film directed by Alex Gibney.It details Hunter S Thompson s landmark writings on music and politics Friends and family including Tom Wolfe and Ralph Steadman provide interviews to help describe the mythos of Hunter and his life. The film premiered on January in the Documentary Competition at the Sundance Gonzo The Life and Work of Dr Hunter S Oscar winning director Alex Gibney presents a probing look into the uncanny life of Dr Hunter S Thompson inventor of gonzo journalism and author of the landmark Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Oscar Zeta Acosta Life and career Acosta was born in El Paso, Texas to Manuel and Juanita ne Fierro Acosta, from Mexico and El Paso, respectively Oscar was the third child born but second to survive childhood He had an older brother, Roberto, born in After the family WSJ Life, Style Arts Weekend News and Reads News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services Gonzo Lobster Videos De Sexe Gratuit Yes Porn Sex Tuba Nuba GONZO Animation Studio Japan gonzo gonzo IR Gonzo Porn Tube Free Sex Movies and Porn Tube Vids Adventure through our free porn tube would bring you a lot of pleasure because here you would be able to find some of most exciting free xxx porn movies in all legal categories You would find everything you like on Gonzo Porn Tube. Uncensored Gonzo XXX Movies FREE Uncensored movies at Gonzo XXX Movies.We ve got loads of xxx porn movies categories Enjoy Spanish Gonzo XXX Movies FREE Spanish movies at Gonzo XXX Movies.We ve got loads of xxx porn movies categories Enjoy

    1 thought on “Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson”

    1. I almost, but not quite, wish I hadn't read this book. You can see from my other reviews that I'm a huge fan of HST's writings, and by the very nature of his gonzo style one gets the sense that one knows him from his work alone. Not so. Or not completely so, of course. This book (which as an oral biography is basically just a collection of quotes from the people who knew HST the best talking about him) reveals HST as a horribly abusive narcissist who lacked the self-discipline to become a truly [...]

    2. In life, Hunter S. Thompson was a Tasmanian Devil -- always in motion, always dangerous, and always hungry, for booze, for drugs, for women, for attention. He was hell to live with; a bully, a prankster, an abuser. Also, a walking contradiction who could kill you with kindness. He was sociable, and sociopathic. He lived large, and lived his way, and you either accepted that way or you were anathema. He was not a role model, but a rat bastard bad-boy child-man that every man secretly imagines wan [...]

    3. This book was a pain in my neck. I was hoping we were done with the privileged white guy, and his drunken ways. But Hunter T. makes your standard inadequate male look like a hero.What a crazy asshole. I don’t care how brilliant he was. I do intend to read his books, it is the least I can do for such a shameful, wasteful life.When Amy Winehouse died, Tony Bennet said she sinned against her talent. That is true of H.T if you want to concede he was that much of a genius--it might work for you.Jan [...]

    4. I give everything I like 5 stars. And 1 if it sucks. It would be zero but then you might just think I forgot to rate how bad it sucks. And anything by and about Hunter S. Thompson is usually something I'm going to dig. I based my review, not on the writing like usual, because this is a chronological book based on interviews from people in his life, (minus his 2nd wife, Anita Thompson, who refused to have her words published, which makes me wonder why because she was in the latest, and best that [...]

    5. I'm fond of the "oral biography" format, and I'm a fan of some of Thompson's work (and full disclosure: I used to be ga-ga over his stuff in my youth). I was a little worried that Wenner would make the book sort of self-serving and maybe it is a little, but I thought overall this was very well done.Not surprisingly, Thompson spends a lot of time being appalling to people. And I didn't realize how little productive time there was in his life. The drugs and alcohol really did limit him very quickl [...]

    6. This book has stolen, or borrowed several memories from another book dealing on HST.Also it should be noted that the introduction by Johnny Depp was not written for this book, but rather was used in an article several years ago for Rolling Stone, he had no say in its publication for the text at hand. Keep in mind that Jann Wenner was on terrible terms with HST during his final days. Anita Thompson (HST's widow) also refused to have any of her words used in the publication of this text leading to [...]

    7. Gonzo was published in 2007, but I guess I was busy. Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner and Corey Seymour (mainly Seymour), gathered insight and anecdotes from those closest to him to compile this biography. It's a great read that goes all the way back to his boyhood in Kentucky. It's a must read for anyone who considers themself a fan and fascinating for aspiring writers (who should be forced to sign a contract pinky-swearing to stop trying to be the next Hunter Thompson). However, one should be posit [...]

    8. There's a scene in Desert Solitaire (I think) where Edward Abbey describes two vultures circling the sky above him and he talks about the privilege of having your bones picked clean by them. By the time I finished reading Gonzo, I felt something like that except the privilege of publicly picking the corpse clean did not result in leaving it with any dignity. I didn't need to know anything about the particulars of Thompson's bodily functions or the point of entry/exit of the bullet.The best parts [...]

    9. A comprehensive look at the career of Gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson. The oral narration has everything Hunter's Kentucky Derby and Rhode Island yacht racing essays to Fear and Loating in Las Vegas to his eventual demise due to drug and alchohol addiction.As a long-time journalist, I became enamored with Thompson in the early 1980s, reading Shark Hunt and the Fear and Loathing books. I drifted away from him as I got older; the drug usage he bragged of was no longer cool and instead wasteful.A [...]

    10. #NonFictionNovember 2016: FASCINATING.My interested for Hunter S. Thompson was born when I was watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. At that point, I was only a fan of Depp and even if I fully understood only half of the things that happened in the movie I was captivated by his character. I had this super glamorized version of him in my head. After reading this book it turned out he was definitely more of a piece of shit that I was expecting him to be. But that's fine.I think I knew that but [...]

    11. This is a pretty terrible book. Let's put away the "problematic" subject (HST, himself) for the moment. An "oral biography" is very lazy way to write a biography. It's almost as if Wenner went to the trouble of transcribing all kinds of recorded interviews with HST's pals, but then instead of writing a real biography just decided to copy and paste them together into a narrative. It's not a multi-dimensional portrait: The stories are overwhelmingly laudatory ("Wow, wasn't that a crazy, kooky stor [...]

    12. Short of hiring a spiritual medium, for insights into the raging ball of contradictions that was Hunter S. Thompson, this is as good as it will get. Unless you're already a fan of the Gonzo journalist, though, the painfully-detailed portrait that emerges here might just turn you off of Thompson forever. As the man himself once said, "Buy the ticket, take the ride."GONZO: the LIFE OF HUNTER S. THOMPSON is an oral biography. That is, it consists of the recollections of Thompson relatives, lovers, [...]

    13. This book made me think of people with that extra spark. People that believe in themselves so fully that others are magically drawn into their sphere. I can think of only a handful of people I have known that have this power. I admire it - though I see the downside of it, where it can be hard for people like this to empathize with others because they are so centered in their own world. But people in HST's life so wanted to be a part of his world that he could treat them horribly and they'd be ri [...]

    14. I had read a couple of books by Hunter S Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Songs of the Doomed) but knew only a few details of his life. This account is a cleverly edited collection of first-person anecdotes from people who knew Thompson at various stages in his life. Definitely one of the more extreme cases of a troubled genius. There's plenty of stories that don't reflect too well on him but also huge admiration for his creativity and bizarre humor. Highly recommended, and I'm inspired [...]

    15. I have liked oral biographies ever since I read the George Plimpton/Jean Stein volume "Edie," and for dealing with the outsized legacy of Hunter S. Thompson, I think it was a great choice. In the end this book made me no less intrigued by Thompson the writer, even as I came to understand how blowing it on big stories really did seem to be something essential to his writerly DNA. But what really stayed with me is all the unsavory details of just how beastly HST was to the women in his life. It's [...]

    16. I really like oral histories. Legs McNeils Please Kill Me - The Oral History of Punk is a masterpiece. The thing with oral histories is that you get what you read. This applies to HST particularly well as George McGovern once said that the great thing with HST is that you get what you see.This book has particular credibility as it is compiled by Rolling Stone founder and HST employer Jann Wenner. The variety of characters interviewed is very good. Testimonies by all sorts of people from along HS [...]

    17. For serious Hunter fans, this book is hard to get through. Written in choppy paragraphs from those who knew him best, the hodge podge makeup paints a picture of HST that most of us already know - and really only serves as a way for Jann and other people in the book to grab onto his celebrity and take a piece of it for themselves.

    18. A collection of anecdotes about one of the most unique americans to have ever stomped on the Terra.

    19. A must-read for hunter fans. Probably 3 stars for the uninitiated. The stories rounded out his myth for me.

    20. Since my emotional rollercoaster cart went all the way from I HATE IT! I FCKING HATE IT!! to AHAHAHA THAT IS OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY! I feel it's only fair to give Gonzo heaps of stars on the rating scale. Any book that does that deserves it. However, I did not find this book well put together, the recollections sometimes either overlapping or just not flowing nicely from one to another and 400 pages of not flowing text, well, it just doesn't work. I have to point out alot of other things as well, an [...]

    21. Probably the best "oral history" I've read of Hunter Thompson even though it's not easy to acknowledge that one of your idols in the journalism field was a narcissistic prick most of the time. This book is a collection of mini-interviews, often only one or two lines, from dozens of people who knew him personally and that set it apart from the rest. Not better than an actual biography, not worse--just apart.Not meaning the following to be a spoiler, it may be: What I discovered in this book that [...]

    22. I read some of Hunter S. Thompson's work. I have mixed feelings about his work. I like his underlying social commentary and he's got this Hunteresque sense of aesthetics in this writing. His writing is seductive. I am a bit turned off by the amount of drugs though, too much, way, way, too much. After reading his biography, I appreciate the man's work on a deeper level. I like how this biography is a compilation of people who knew him and recalled stories about him. From Thompson's childhood frie [...]

    23. This was my first time reading an oral biography and I loved every second of it. If it was done as an omniscient point of view I would not have believed all the incredulous events in Hunter's life. There are moments of pure adventure and humanity, over all I found this to be the best celebration of one's life you could have.

    24. Crazy story. Well told.Take out the drugs and Hunter is who you want to be. And don't tell me he wouldn't have been anything without them. Hunter denied us half his work because of his drugs.Quotes:"Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed.""Hunter was brave as a lion. He waded right in. There was no fucking around.""That should have been a wake-up call for me, but the only wake-up part of it was "Be careful. [...]

    25. La figura de Hunter es gigante. Este libro, a traves de la recolección quienes lo conocieron mejor, lo describe de una manera humana, efectiva y entretenida. Probablemente busque su obra a partir de leer su vida, y eso es todo lo que un escritor puede pedir.

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