Hunter's Moon

Harry Griffin is a loner who s witnessed some of war s rawest moments A survivor, he is guided in all things by his unfailing loyalty and honesty But a tragic altercation in Minnesota s North Woods that leaves a young man dead and suspicions of murder hanging in the air tests Harry s courage as never before Nothing could have prepared him for the eerie silence that hasHarry Griffin is a loner who s witnessed some of war s rawest moments A survivor, he is guided in all things by his unfailing loyalty and honesty But a tragic altercation in Minnesota s North Woods that leaves a young man dead and suspicions of murder hanging in the air tests Harry s courage as never before Nothing could have prepared him for the eerie silence that has fallen over the incident, the challenge to his nerve, and the raw carnality of his best friend s wife.Digging for answers in a town ready to lash out in fear of the dark secrets he is moving ever closer to, Harry ignores the signs of danger at his own peril Until it all ignites in a fire of unexpected betrayal and a bloody settling of accounts.
Hunter s Moon Harry Griffin is a loner who s witnessed some of war s rawest moments A survivor he is guided in all things by his unfailing loyalty and honesty But a tragic altercation in Minnesota s North Woods th

  • Title: Hunter's Moon
  • Author: Chuck Logan
  • ISBN: 9780061093845
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. It's never good to find yourself asking, "When is this thing gonna end?" After enjoying a sweet buildup in the first quarter of the novel, I strolled into the Valley of Plot Doom, where my frustration at seeing no clear path out was augmented by the author's weak attempts to build characterization in minor players. By the time the story got back on track, I was tuckered out. There were definitely a few pleasant moments along the journey -- scenes in which two major characters have the requisite [...]

    2. What a wild ride! Harry Griffin is a 10 year sober Vietnam veteran. He tends to solve problems with swift violence—this has led to him saving people's lives and forming fierce and fast friendships with the people he's saved. He hasn't spoken to fellow alcoholic and former best friend Bud Maston in a year, but when Bud calls and says he just got married and is having a ceremony that he wants Harry to attend, oh, and they're all going deer hunting first—Harry, and Bud, and Bud's wife's son, Ch [...]

    3. The author is suffering from too vivid an imagination. Certain sections, especially the ending were so convoluted it made it difficult to read. I finished the book because I wanted to see what happened but I can't say I was sad to see it go.

    4. We have lots of good writers in Minnesota and reading books with a local setting is always a kick. That was some of my motivation for continuing to plow through this book, along with a perverse pleasure in some of the excruciating verbosity. Logan can turn a colorful phrase, but so OFTEN he shouldn't have. Take this phrase--sounds like prose poetry until you take it apart and say, "What???" "His hazel eyes had mellowed--had left tough and were hitchhiking toward wise--but they could still sting [...]

    5. I read this several years ago and don't remember details. At the time I noted "Hard to evaluate. A good yarn but a shade too violent, and hard to follow at times. The main character goes off the wagon after ten years, to get the edge he needs to handle all the crap that's going on. His old best friend calls him for help. Harry winds up killing a teen-aged boy to save his friend's life. But who is pulling the strings? Some lines from the book that I liked:"He sounded to me like an experiment wher [...]

    6. what appears to be a “simple murder” turns out to be a more than convoluted mess of characters, entangled over the years—though no one knows it at the time. A bit hard to follow all the 20+ characters, but really this was an engrossing book. Surprising twists (multiple) at the end; 1996 hardback recommendation of Debbie, a Staffer @ Madison County Public Library, Berea; 4 out of 5 stars; maybe should be 3 out of 5 because all the characters were hard to follow; 392 pgs.; read 11 Aug 2014/# [...]

    7. This is a story that drowns under the weight of wasted words. The beginning was well constructed and the ending was action packed. In addition, the characters were interesting and deep, but the middle of the story rambled endlessly, and really didn't have a strong connection to the story. I hoped that the story would come together, as some parts were fun to read, but it just didn't happen.

    8. It was a good story and moved pretty quickly for the most part. One thing that really bothered me was the protagonist's dental hygiene habits. He abuses his gingiva and probably the underlying tooth structure with over aggressive brushing, often times brushing until his gingiva(gums) bleed. Remember your toothbrush bristles should not splay out or be tipped in red!

    9. Reading this was kinda rocky road. The starting is slow and dull, but it starts to build up fast and gets good and then takes a nose dive again. The plot has a lot of suspense and it leaves you guessing when you do get engaged. There were moments I'd yawn and moments where I wouldn't put it down. The ending is good. So all in all, its an okay thriller, worth reading if you can borrow.

    10. Thriller - Harry Griffin, recovering alcoholic, gets a 3AM call from his drunken AA sponser, Bud. Millionaire Bud wants Harry to join him and his new stepson on a hunting trip in Stanley, MN, the source of Bud's family fortune. Bud's new wife makes a play for Harry, her son tries to kill Bud and is shot by Harry, her daughter attacks Harry. Wheels in wheels - fast and exciting.

    11. Very uneven first book by Logan. Parts of the book are powerfully written and parts make little sense at all. The plot set-ups are often clumsily written and some of the characters logic are completely illogical. There is some ability here but it needs to mature.

    12. This was Logan's first book and while it was a fairly good read, it was not up to his other books IMHO. Have South of Shiloh set up to read nextd I will have read all of Logan's books, most of which I have rated very highly.

    13. Hunter's Moon was not nearly as well-written as other books by this author, but it was still an interesting read.

    14. A decent bit of crime-based entertainment, with just enough twists to keep it interesting. Though there were some aspects that stretched by suspension of disbelief to the breaking point.

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