Bad Girls

Shy, mild Mandy has been bullied at school for as long as she can remember That s why she is delighted when cheeky, daring, full of fun Tanya picks her as a friend.Mum isn t happy she thinks Tanya s a BAD GIRL and a bad influence on her daughter But Mandy loves spending time with her brilliant new friend, and is sure Tanya can only get her out of trouble, not into it.Shy, mild Mandy has been bullied at school for as long as she can remember That s why she is delighted when cheeky, daring, full of fun Tanya picks her as a friend.Mum isn t happy she thinks Tanya s a BAD GIRL and a bad influence on her daughter But Mandy loves spending time with her brilliant new friend, and is sure Tanya can only get her out of trouble, not into it or could she
Bad Girls Shy mild Mandy has been bullied at school for as long as she can remember That s why she is delighted when cheeky daring full of fun Tanya picks her as a friend Mum isn t happy she thinks Tanya s a

  • Title: Bad Girls
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson Nick Sharratt
  • ISBN: 9780440867623
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I have such a clear memory of reading this book the first time and using it to test my reading ability in primary school! So cool to read it now and still get something out of it about individuality, not letting other people's judgements stop you, and the effects of bullying.

    2. First of all, I would like to say that I just HAD to review this book as I needed virtually no excuses to read it again, it was one of my all time favourite books when I was in junior school and I have probably read it over 50 times in total! I cannot say a bad word about Jaqueline Wilson as an author in general but this was the first book of hers I read and therefore the one which made me fall in love with her as a little girl. "Bad Girls" tells the story of Mandy White, a normal 10 year old sc [...]

    3. Jacqueline Wilson is more famously known for the creation of the character; Tracy Beaker. I decided to have a look at some of her other books and found myself reading Bad Girls. The story is about a young girl in year 5-6, who feels isolated and is frequently bullied by some of her class mates. Her Mum treats her like a 3 year old and has failed to recognise that her daughter, Mandy, is rapidly becoming a young woman. Mandy desperately tries to make her mum see sense and eventually finds comfort [...]

    4. Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003.Whilst this book does deal with the harsh issue of bullying, it seems a bit counter productive. Are bullies really likely to read this? I get the feeling most bullies aren't likely to reach for a Jacqueline Wilson book about bullying.I suppose it's grand for showing that quite a lot of teenaged girls are bullied, though I'm not sure if that's helpful or makes anyone feel good about themselves: "hey, [...]

    5. This book is written by one of my favourite authors; jacqueline wilson, i found this book vey entertaining and it was also very sad at the start but a very amazing ending about two best friends of them was just a girl with no friends and got teased about what she was wearing an what she was like but until she made an grown up friend.everything started to changet only everything just got better butme things got worsee friend who became friends with her dragged her into her bad habits(shoplifting) [...]

    6. Another great Jacqueline Wilson book I probably wouldn't have found if it weren't for the BBC Top 100/200 list. My daughter is at the perfect age to enjoy these so we both read them and can compare notes. Wilson has an uncanny ability to capture many of the nuances of the middle school social dynamic which by the time we're adults we've usually forgotten. I've shared several of these titles with kids I work with in my professional role as a counselor, as Wilson writes about more difficult topics [...]

    7. this is a children book where mandy is a fragile 10 year old girl bullied at school. she is embarrassed about herself and her family, her parents being quite old and not very stylish. mandy meets tanya, an older girl who is very trendy and rather 'BAD'. she sees tanya earlier on in the book and admires the way she is with her high heels and makeup. mandy gets a boost in her confidence whilst staying with tanyae two have lots of fun together and mandy is a lot happier in tanyas company she is enc [...]

    8. When I was in Years Five and Six, I adored Jacqueline Wilson. I'd trawl the charity shops in search of her books, and shun anything that wasn't written by her. Some of my early writing attempts bear more than a passing resemblance to her books - but I don't think I plagiarised a book more than Bad Girls.Mandy, our protagonist, is a hopelessly shy ten-year-old who's babied dreadfully by her parents and bullied mercilessly by other girls at school. Then she meets Tanya, the cool, grown-up bad girl [...]

    9. Mandy White is a 10yr old girl who is bullied by one of the most popular girls in the school Kim, Sarah and also her old friend Melaine. Kim is the biggest bully who dictates the way the other girls act towards Mandy. Mandy is embarrassed about her parents as they are not very fashionable, old and overprotective. She tries to make up a lie to try and gain sympathy from her bullies but she gets caught out and ends up getting hit by a bus when trying to avoid her bullies. Whilst she is at home rec [...]

    10. Jacqueline Wilson is a brilliant children’s literature author with many young girls being familiar with her wide collection of books. ‘Bad Girls’ is about a 10 year old girl, Mandy, who gets bullied by a few of the girls in her class. She is very lonely and scared of going to school but eventually makes friends with Tanya, an older girl who comes from a troubled background. The book deals with issues that many school girls could probably relate to; from the way that Mandy adores the attent [...]

    11. This is a great fun read with a couple of serious sides. Mandy is ten, small for her age, and gets teased in school by some bigger girls including one girl she'd thought was her friend. We all had this happen to us, or know it happened to someone, right? Mandy can cope until the girls pick on her parents for being older than most parents. That's just not fair. Then a slightly older girl called Tanya moves in across the road. She's really cool and a bit tough with short spiky hair, and she doesn' [...]

    12. Juliette gave me this book to read thinking I'd like it. She was right. It was difficult for me to get through, however.I was bullied very similarly. I'm sure so many girls were in primary school. I too had a "Miranda Rainbow" I wanted to be. A girl with a backbone, flare, style, courage, everythign I wanted to be I didn't have the friend outside of school. Despite problems in the friendship, that would have helped me.I enjoyed the way this story went. It's a hard transition from primary school [...]

    13. My oldest daughter is in 3rd grade. This is NOT A BOOK for a 3rd grader! I repeat! The book deals with a lot of mature themes, a bit more mature than I would like for my 3rd grader to be reading. Storyline: Mean girls picking on a sheltered only child (10yo) at the bus stop - only child tells a lie that she was adopted due to embarrassment, runs into street, hit by bus, ashamed to tell her mom truth about bullying and her role in it, makes friends with a "fast" hi-heel wearing foster teen next d [...]

    14. The book is about a girl called Mandy who gets picked on at school for all different reasons. I read this book when I was younger, but in my first School placement in year 5 this book was used in literacy lesson. The book was used to address the issue of bullying. The book also offers a variety of different ways to access the curriculum, while the children are enjoying reading. The book was used to teach areas such as setting the scene, speech marks and dialogues and describing experiences and f [...]

    15. I am still fairly indecisive about this book, I thought it was interested and the storyline was good, but I never understood why Mandy's mother was so protective yet let her hang out with Tanya, and I also couldn't understand why Mandy didn't tell anyone that Tanya shoplifts.I found the character of Mandy to be quite childish and I could completely understand why she got bullied, as I had a similar experience. Yet she didn't change how she was, which I thought was odd. If she liked being the way [...]

    16. Ibu Mandy tidak suka anaknya bergaul dengan Tanya, anak perempuan bermasalah tetangga mereka Nakal, berbicara tidak sopan, melawan, dan berbuat hal aneh2, ibunya takut Mandy akan terpengaruh dan bersikap seperti Tanya pada akhirnyaTapi Mandy senang bergaul dengan Tanya, bagi Mandy, Tanya adalah pembawa titik baru dalam hidupnya yang menjemukan, berteman dg Tanya, Mandy tidak lagi dianggap cupu, culun, dan tidak bisa lagi ditindas oleh teman-teman sekelasnya Mandy sekarang beda Berteman dengan Ta [...]

    17. This book was amazing! It had once happened to me. Almost everyone has once been bullied! When i was reading the book, i was very excited to read the rest. I was like " OMG this has once happened to me! and it would be fun to see what will happen next to the girl!". At some point of the book,me and my friend, Anjali!! would Laugh out Loud, because of the illustration!! The illustration in the book, made me be more excited of reading the REST!!I would recommend this book, to any one who was ever [...]

    18. A fun read, typical of the nineties kids generation of readers. Wilson adopts perhaps a more grown up tone of writing in this story, confronting issues with bullying and influences of others. I read this perhaps two or three times as a child and young teenager and enjoyed it each time. Not the most memorable of Wilson books, but still a worth while addition to her collection.

    19. Name of Book: Bad GirlsAuthor: Jacqueline WilsonStar Rating: ***Plot Summary: This book is based around a young girl called Mandy, her current life in school and her family life. Mandy is been bullied by three girls in her school, one of whom she used to be friends with. She is verbally abused, threatened, and socially isolated etc. We see how this affects Mandy’s personal and family life as she is too afraid to speak up and how she struggles to deal with these situations she is faced with dai [...]

    20. Bad Girls tells the story of ten year old Mandy who is bullied at school by Melanie, Kim and Sarah. She is kept home one day after narrowly avoiding being hit by a bus in an attempt to escape her bullies. Mandy meets Tanya, a girl fostered by her neighbour. Mandy’s mother is concerned by their friendship, as she perceives Tanya to be a bad influence. One day Mandy is horrified to learn that Tanya often shop lifts, and towards the end of the story, they are caught stealing. Mandy’s mother is [...]

    21. I usually like Jacqueline Wilson's books a lot, but this is one of her weaker ones, in my opinion. Shy, "babyish" ten-year-old Mandy is picked on by girls in her school, and finds solace in a relationship with Tanya, an older "bad girl" who's in foster care. Jacqueline Wilson uses a lot of variations on "toxic friendship" storylines in her books, and this was one of them: Tanya, while a sympathetic character, gets Mandy into a lot of trouble, which made it hard for me to get behind their friends [...]

    22. They were going to get me. The bullies are in action again. It is always the same. It is always Kim who bullies Mandy. Everyday the same, tears in her eyes.She couldn`t hold it anymore and ran out of the city. In the new city she met a boye is actually in love with him. Mandy felt lonely in the new city. she wanted to go back to her parents but not to the bullies again. What is she going to do. She asked her boyfriend and he said she also gets bullied but he knows how to stop. The next day they [...]

    23. Mandy is a girl who gets bullied all the time for all sorts of reasons, her cloths are not cool enough, for having glasses and for still being treated like a baby around her mother. But when bad girl Tanya is nice to Mandy and they become friends, Tanya is not a good role model and gets Mandy influenced on th wrong things and instead of things going bad to good they ending up going bad to worse!I liked this book and i didn't like it. It wasn't as funny as i thought it would be and it didn't real [...]

    24. I thought this book was a good. It is realistic fiction because people bully other people too. Mandy White gets bullied by her friendd, Kim, Sarah, and Melanie. She has to wear glasses and two baby-looking braids to school. Her mom and dad are old and she gets teased about this. But then, things start looking up and Mandy meets a girl called Tanya. They become good friends but then tragedy has struck their friendship. How will Mandy overcome the fear of Kim, Sarah, and Melanie without Tanya?This [...]

    25. Another excellent book by Jacqueline Wilson. It is about a girl called Mandy. She is always getting bullied at school one day on her way home she gets hit by a bus. There are lots of different accounts of the incident and her mum wants to find out why her baby was really hurt. I would suggest it to 6 - 12 year olds because it is funny, witty and realistic. This is another must read by this brilliant author

    26. In the book "Bad Girls" by Jaqueline Wilson they tell the stories of several villans throughout history. In the book the main character in every story is a girl hence the title Bad girls. in every story it tells a short history of several female villans throughout history and tells their story. It is an amazing book. I could hardly put it down.

    27. I read 'Bad Girls' when I was 8 and I was the biggest bully in school. I used to beat up the girls in the changing rooms and wash their hair with the manky toilet water. I had a gang as well with my best friends Belinda and Brenda. We ruled the school. We were even picked to play on the rugby (!) A team because we were so violent.When I read this book, I couldn't stop thinking that Mandy was in fact the bully and that she reminded me so much of myself. I always wanted young, thin parents like Ma [...]

    28. Bad GirlsBy JacquelineIllustrated by nick SharrattMandy is an 11 year old girl and gets bullied at school by Kim and her gang. It’s so bad that she ends up with a sprained arm. Soon after that she meets Tanya. A different kind of girl completely. Mandy’s mum and dad don’t like Tanya that much because she is changing how there little girls acts. Mandy acts much older because Tanya is 13. Tanya is cool and does lot of bad things. Will this get Mandy into lots of trouble? I find this book as [...]

    29. Really loved this book. Loved the relationship between shy, timid Mandy and the older, more bold, confident Tanya. Their relationship was adorable, but I do kind of wish that the ending could have been happier.

    30. Cool bookI chose this rating because there is a really thoughtful and imaginative moral to the end of the book about treat people how you wantg to be treated and don't judge a book by itz cpver

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