Mars, Volume 03

Although Kira and Rei are opposites in every way, their bond just keeps getting stronger and stronger Rei finally trusts Kira enough to take her to the racetrack to watch him ride his beloved motorcycle Just when Kira and Rei s romance is getting hot and heavy, Rei is called away to ride in the race of his life, the Suzuka 8 endurance Kira would give anything to be therAlthough Kira and Rei are opposites in every way, their bond just keeps getting stronger and stronger Rei finally trusts Kira enough to take her to the racetrack to watch him ride his beloved motorcycle Just when Kira and Rei s romance is getting hot and heavy, Rei is called away to ride in the race of his life, the Suzuka 8 endurance Kira would give anything to be there to support him, but her mom forbids her to go along As Kira roots for him across the miles, Rei fights his way to the finish line in this mile a minute manga.
Mars Volume Although Kira and Rei are opposites in every way their bond just keeps getting stronger and stronger Rei finally trusts Kira enough to take her to the racetrack to watch him ride his beloved motorcyc

  • Title: Mars, Volume 03
  • Author: Fuyumi Soryo
  • ISBN: 9781591820543
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I still like Rei and Kira's relationship, but since they were mostly apart this issue was not so compelling. Mostly it was Rei racing motorcycles, which I am not interested in, although Soryo seemed to do a decent job depicting the sport (based on my non-existent knowledge of it, heh). Also the comments on gender and psychology seemed very simplistic and reductive. I did not enjoy those pages.

    2. Rei is the type of guy that Kira couldn't stand; flirty, reckless, and a biker. When a chance encounter leads to Rei saving Kira from a teacher with bad intentions, neither of them know the extent to which the other will impact them. On the outside, MARS is a typical coming-of-age story centered on the relationship between good girl and a bad boy. But underneath the romance lie stories of suicide, rape and murder; the idea that everyone has a secret to hide, even those who seem most innocent. Wh [...]

    3. ahora entiendo cuando decían que el protagonista tenia un lado salvaje no era figurativo sino literalmente--!

    4. The only reason I did not rate this volume higher was because there was not enough Kira and Rei interaction. The Suzuka 8-endurance race was very interesting, but it was not enough to compensate for the lack of interaction between the two protagonists. However, there was a lot of character development that occurred between them even though they were not together in the flesh. Kira and Rei are connected spiritually, and the reader can see how Kira's painting and charm gave Rei strength to finish [...]

    5. I found the first two volumes of this manga in a thrift store when I was in middle school. I was in the beginning of my now-embarrassing "anime phase," and I loved them so much. I read them easily five times each, and the spines of the books became worse for wear. It was easily a miracle to find the books at all in a town in the deep south that doesn't even have a bookstore. I looked for the third volume whenever we went back to that thrift store; who would buy (and then subsequently donate) onl [...]

    6. Como não gosto muito de motas e este volume baseou-se muito nisso, não acho que tenha estado ao mesmo nível dos anteriores mas continuo a adorar ver os dois juntos ^_^

    7. The art is improving, and the characters are getting more depth. The racing arc was drawn really well as well, and I really liked all the developments in the story and characters.

    8. Today's post is on MARS volume 3 by Fuyumi Soryo. It is the third in a fifteen volume series and was published by Tokyopop. The cover has Rei on it being shy. The intended reader is young adults but with all the drama adults can have fun with this series too. There is some mild language, no sex, and no violence in this volume. The story is told from Kira's perspective with some thoughts of some of the other character's for plot and character development. There Be Spoilers Ahead.From the back of [...]

    9. OK, this is for the overall sereis which I finished on January 8, 2011.Masao is just a phsyco! He is crazy man, I say crazy. WIth all those stuff and the stuff he says and with his mind tricks and anger problems. He's a m******. Though he says that he isn't. He is though. Remember at the end?! He fully is and I don't care what people think. He fully is oneG! It is so horrible what happened to her! D:The first thing I wanna point out is that Kira cries a lot. She cries when she is happy. She crie [...]

    10. This has got to be one of my favorite manga series ever. Not only do I love the drawing and characters, but the whole time I've read this series, I felt a constant wave of anticipation. Like I excepted something to happen. In this volume, Rei Kashino is going in an 8 hour race. His partner just broke her finger and isn't able to continue after her first two hours. Rei is left to continue the next six hours alone. I loved this volume because I wasn't sure of anything. I didn't know if he would cr [...]

    11. Date read is approximate. This is an excellent shojo manga about a boy with a bad past that's got "bad boy" and "tragic life" mixed in about equal doses. He falls for an innocent girl, who sees something in him that no one else does. What will become of Rei and Kira?This does have the usual angst of a shojo, but the writing and the complexity of the characters takes it a notch above the rest. I'd recommend this series to anyone, especially those who aren't big on Manga, as an example of the genr [...]

    12. After volume 2, I was hesitant to keep re-reading this series. Fortunately volume 3 drops most of the melodrama and focuses on some more background for Rei, and the big endurance race he participates in.I really liked the back and forth between his race, Kira's painting at home, and the little snippets of conversation they'd had prior to those events. This is easily the best volume of the manga so far.

    13. Quite interesting I might say about it. But now I regret that I have seen the serial before reading. The relationship between Kira and Rei gets stronger now and I really like it but I'm sad that Rei was disqulified from the race ( in the serial he was in the 10th place even if he was the first one to finish the race ). And Kira made Rei's portrait so well that that girl could recognize him so easy . . .

    14. Volume 3 in the continuing saga. Rei races in the super 8 endurance whilst Kira paints his portrait as Mars God of War. The connection between our two lovers deepen and Rei finds he needs Kira's voice to spur him on to race.The relationship seems to have moved a little bit fast considering the last volume, but even so an engaging read with plenty of melodrama as we learn more of Rei's twin and his suicide. Same level of artwork, very cute with impressive detail on the bikes and race scenes.

    15. Kira thinks its cool to have a hot boyfriend like Rei he's more than just hot, he's sizzlin'! It almost seems like a dream come true for the shy little artist, and for some of the jealous girls at school, it is - Rei's just so hot the ladies fight over him! Not Kira's fault of course, but the mean girls take it out on her anyway.

    16. This book is a lot faster paced than the first two with much of it focused on Rei's motorcycle race. I still love the interaction of the characters and am eager to see more of the series. There is a bit of language, but no violence in this one. The most sexual the book gets is kisses between Rei and Kira.

    17. This is a great series - the perfect combination of a rich story AND great art (and, of course, a love story thrown into the mix). This volume finds the relationship between Kira and Rei developing, with Kira getting to know more about Rei's lifestyle and racing ambitions, and Rei getting to understand more about Kira's motivations as an artist

    18. I really enjoyed this series when I read it as a teen. The rebellious stage was what many of my siblings went through and there is plenty of it in this book. The troubles the two characters the two main characters go threw are so realistic and the art is a wonderful style. I really enjoyed this!

    19. An extremely emotional volume and it's only the third volume in. I loved it. It seems almost impossible that there could be any more drama to this series. I hope it will keep on getting better with each volume.

    20. "A bad boy can change a good girl forever."I felt it was more like the other way around. She did gain courage as her relationship grew with Rei and she got more comfortable with interacting with people. But, I felt that Rei was the one in this series that grew and changed more

    21. The race was pretty exciting although I admit I don't understand the mentality and personality of those people who love the rush so much and will risk their lives for it. There are also severaly really funny moments even though this isn't a comedy.

    22. I did not know what to make of the characters when I first started reading the series. Overtime I grew to love them and went through their ups and downs and all the drama they faced. I ended up loving the series!

    23. That was really intense! I think this was probably the best Vol. I've read because it had my heart racing and it was so great. I can't think of anything I didn't like in this one. It justWow I love this series.

    24. I'm actually surprised at how better it keeps getting with each volume. I started it just at random to pass the time, but now I'm actually hooked.

    25. I really think that the classic love story between innocence and bad boy is always something people easily get attracted too. Well, this one definetly got me!

    26. It Was Super Addicting And Nothing Like I Would've Spectated I'm Hooked For Sure. One Of The Best Manga I've Ever Read Keep Up The Great Work

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