The Remarkable Millard Fillmore: The Unbelievable Life of a Forgotten President

Millard Fill has been mocked, maligned, or, most cruelly of all, ignored by generations of historians but no This unbelievable new biography finally rescues the unlucky thirteenth U.S president from the dustbin of history and shows why a man known as a blundering, arrogant, shallow, miserable failure was really our greatest leader.In the first fully researchedMillard Fill has been mocked, maligned, or, most cruelly of all, ignored by generations of historians but no This unbelievable new biography finally rescues the unlucky thirteenth U.S president from the dustbin of history and shows why a man known as a blundering, arrogant, shallow, miserable failure was really our greatest leader.In the first fully researched portrait of Fill ever written, the reader can finally come face to face with a misunderstood genius By meticulously extrapolating outrageous conclusions from the most banal and inconclusive of facts, The Remarkable Millard Fill reveals the adventures of an unjustly forgotten president He fought at the Battle of the Alamo He shepherded slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad He discovered gold in California He wrestled with the emperor of Japan It is a list of achievements that puts those of Washington and Lincoln completely in the shade.Refusing to be held back by established history or recorded fact, here George Pendle paints an extraordinary portrait of an ordinary man and restores the sparkle to an unfairly tarnished reputation.
The Remarkable Millard Fillmore The Unbelievable Life of a Forgotten President Millard Fill has been mocked maligned or most cruelly of all ignored by generations of historians but no This unbelievable new biography finally rescues the unlucky thirteenth U S president from t

  • Title: The Remarkable Millard Fillmore: The Unbelievable Life of a Forgotten President
  • Author: George Pendle
  • ISBN: 9780307339621
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Remarkable Millard Fillmore: The Unbelievable Life of a Forgotten President”

    1. So, full disclosure people: This book has a unicorn on the cover. Apparently scholarship has judged Millard Fillmore as so completely worthless as to abandon his legacy to parody and fiction. I read this piece because I could find no other adult book dedicated to Millard Fillmore. Since this project is meant to teach me respect for the country's history, I have to acknowledge the absence of scholarly work for what it is, and embrace the current understanding of Millard Fillmore's legacy: that Th [...]

    2. Millard Fillmore was a fabulous elfin man who was a champion bare-knuckle boxer and Mason-hunter. He also rode unicorns and was best friends with Zachary Taylor's horse. He might have killed some injuns too. He did a lot of important things.

    3. I admit that when I purchased this book, I may not have read all the reviews. Millard Fillmore sitting on top of a unicorn made me suspicious, but not enough to push me away. I thought of it as an attention grabber to get more readers interested. Leave it to a British author to try and write about American History and this is what you get !In the first few pages Pendle seems to say some wonderful things about Fillmore and I felt that someone else finally felt the way that I do about the 13th Pre [...]

    4. Insanely clever, but I enjoyed Pendle's Death (the book, not that he died) much more, even though I have a degree in history. I greatly enjoyed Fillmore's growth on the idea of slavery, the birth of the Telltale Heart and his harrowing escape from the Alamo. Who knew? Remarkable, certainly. Yet I could not force myself to finish the book - even though I'm sure the ending was epic. I admit that part of my fear, as a weekend historian, would be to share one of Pendle's stories with someone who cou [...]

    5. This is the second book I have read by this author. The first was Death: A Life. I highly recommend both. This book is an amazing way to learn a little about American can history, but more importantly have a very enjoyable time reading. At the endnotes portion, he actually tells you the roots of truth from which this fantastic voyage set sail. Well done!

    6. Millard Fillmore (1800–74), 13th president of the United States, a lawyer, and a Whig, lost a race for New York governor in 1844, ran as Zachary Taylor's vice president in 1848, and became president in 1850 after Taylor died. Ridiculed as a bumbling figure and denied re-nomination in 1852, he ran for president on the Know-Nothing Party ticket in 1856, carrying only the state of Maryland.When George Pendle announced at the Biographer's Club in Washington, D.C that he had decided to write about [...]

    7. As a fan of both presidential trivia and political satire, I was looking forward to reading The Remarkable Millard Fillmore. Unfortunately, Pendle's book isn't very "remarkable" on either count.This is a fictional biography of America's 13th president, augmented by the supposedly undiscovered private papers of Millard Fillmore (which have been scrawled in ballpoint pen in handwriting that is clearly not Fillmore's) and hidden away in the jungles of Uganda since 1873.The humor is often forced and [...]

    8. I originally found this book in my local independent bookstore and thought it looked hilarious. I was expecting something like the movie, "The Adventures of Picasso" Where the tructh is mixed in with the fantastic, but that it blends together. The remarkable Millard Fillmore as a concept is great, I just felt that the humor was a bit trite and goofy. Some other reviewers commented that they had really wanted to learn about Millard Fillmore, had this book been everything it could have been, those [...]

    9. I'm fairly positive that nothing in this book is even remotely factual, except maybe his birthday and the fact that he became president. But nobody really expects it to be a real biography, the cover alone says that.Also, I suggest you read straight through without reading the notes, then go back and read the notes on their own. As the notes themselves comprise as much as a whole paragraph sometimes, and there are often 2-3 per page, you'll never make it through if you stop to read each one.

    10. The humor here is not subtle--this assessment of Fillmore's majesty would fit just fine in MAD. But there are enough laugh-out-loud lines to highly recommend it. I gave an extra star for the cut lines on the illustrations.

    11. I couldn't finish this book. I'm wanting to read a biography on each President of the United States. Although there were some humorous points in this book, I wanted to REALLY learn about President Fillmore. I felt this book was a waste of my time.

    12. I bought this book on the strength of a catalogue promise that it would actually be about the life of Millard Fillmore. It promised to tell me things about him I'd never heard before. Instead it turns out to be a not-very-funny spoof of his life.

    13. At first I thought it was funny that Fillmore "met" all those people or "was involved" in those events, but now I think it was a waste of time to have read this. Don't bother.

    14. I probably would have liked it more if I went into it knowing that it wouldn't be real, but I read through the whole thing anyway in spite of it all.

    15. The cover has an actual photo of Millard Fillmore! Riding a unicorn!The shockingly "true" new biography of America's most ignored President!

    16. This is more a phantasy based loosely on the life of President Millard Fillmore and when I say loosely I mean LOOSELY. Very enjoyable, not for historians without a sense of humor.

    17. a satirical bend on the little written about prez. funny as hell, but also can be boring in parts. worth the laughs!

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