Changes That Heal: How to Understand the Past to Ensure a Healthier Future

This book focuses on four developmental tasks bonding to others, separating from others, integrating good and bad in our lives, and taking charge of our lives that all of us must accomplish to heal our inner pain and enable us to function and grow emotionally and spiritually.
Changes That Heal How to Understand the Past to Ensure a Healthier Future This book focuses on four developmental tasks bonding to others separating from others integrating good and bad in our lives and taking charge of our lives that all of us must accomplish to heal ou

  • Title: Changes That Heal: How to Understand the Past to Ensure a Healthier Future
  • Author: Henry Cloud
  • ISBN: 0025986214630
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1 thought on “Changes That Heal: How to Understand the Past to Ensure a Healthier Future”

    1. This book was amazing. Amazing it how it revealed patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. Showing me clearly areas of my life I need to work and apply myself on as well as showing me how I can change and heal. There were so many helpful examples throughout the book that in one way or another applied to me. I especially got a lot out of the chapter entitled "What is Adulthood?"I grew up never being allowed to disagree, it wasn't "safe" to do so. I realize now that I have struggled with the inordinat [...]

    2. This is no easy read. That isn't to say it's hard to understand, but that this is a book that should be read slowly and carefully in order for you to think through what it is saying. As someone who struggles with taking full responsibility for myself and not blaming others for things I can do something about, this is a book I can already tell I will want to read again. It talks about the four tasks of becoming mature men and women of God. As per the book description: "In this ground-breaking bo [...]

    3. Wow, Changes That Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud. How we needed your book sooner. I learned from Dr. Cloud"s book more than anything else that my parenting style was truth but often lacked the grace. I think that is what I learned from home. I needed grace but had no idea of what it looked like. Thank you, Mick Silva, editor for Waterbrook Press for telling me how much that particular book was used by God to make a difference in your family. I am continuing to read more of Dr. Cloud's books. It is time [...]

    4. A difficult read, (definitely not light-hearted) but helpful for identifying past patterns and acquiring the tools of how to break these patterns. It's a great springboard for beginning to unpack your own baggage: figuring out what needs to change, how to forgive people from your past, and how to become/continue being a true adult. I *strongly* recommend not reading this in one sitting (for you power readers out there). I also recommend letting a trusted friend/spouse or counselor know that you [...]

    5. Life-changing, life-giving, breakthrough-inspiring, maturity-inducing. No matter what issues you're facing, no matter what place you're at in life, this book can help you process your past, grow up and heal in your present, and revolutionize your future.There is so much I could say, and I will eventually. For now, let me say that there have been few nonfiction books that have held my attention like this one. It's surprisingly easy to read, in spite of the fact that he's dealing with difficult is [...]

    6. This book helped me untangle some deep spiritual and emotional snarls deep in my heart. It's also the first comprehensive look at what it means to become an adult -- something I can't help but feel this generation is sorely lacking (especially after reading "Generation Me").

    7. Excellent book on emotional/relational health. Best to have group to discuss with and watch accompanying DVD for optimal benefit.

    8. Dr Henry Cloud, a clinical psychologist and Christian, has identified 4 areas of our lives that can really stunt us emotionally if they are out of balance. These 4 areas are bonding; boundaries; perception of good and bad; and emotional maturity. The book brings insight into these areas, which in turn brings healing.I started reading this book about a decade ago and it changed my life back then. Now at a different stage of my life with different concerns, it has once again made a massive impact [...]

    9. As a psychologist, the author is respectable. As a theologian, though, he seems a little lacking. The four "shifts" he discusses in this book are truly very useful in helping people live socially healthier lives. But I feel like what he had to say could have been said with 2/3 less text. Ultimately our issues in properly relating to other human beings is a sin problem. We can band-aid the issue by changing our behavior, but without a heart change from God that's moralism, which ultimately ends i [...]

    10. An Outstanding BookDr. Henry Cloud in his introduction, explains that he did not set out to write this book. Rather it was an extension of his ministry and the encouragement of many who benefited from the ministry and wished that he would expand its scope.Most revealing in the introduction into this material is the observation that within Christianity is a broad section which seems to espouse the idea that Christians who suffer from issues such as depression, relationship deficiencies, sexual dy [...]

    11. The easiest way for me to discuss my thoughts on this book would be to break it into two categories of pros and cons.Pros:I absolutely loved the first 1/4 of this book and thought it was extraordinarily insightful. I found myself highlighting and underlying so many great passages. I also enjoyed that Henry spoke so openly and honestly about the human nature within all of us and how it relates to our ability to live out the Christian expectations of us. So many Christian books try to deny the sin [...]

    12. The author states at the beginning that this is not a book about psychology, but it is just that. I have been there and know some of "Christian" psychology. The only way out of a ruined life for a soul is the word of God. "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6Towards the latter part of the book I began to get anxious to find something to redeem my time, and the authors effort, but I cannot."Dr." Cloud makes the case that [...]

    13. Hmmm this book was okay but very repetitive. It seemed to deal more with identifying the problems rather than giving biblical solutions. The one thing that stood out to me was the balance between grace and truth I liked this and had been thinking about this before I read the book. Jesus was full of grace and truth. One without the other in human hands is dangerous according to Dr Cloud I'm inclined to agree that both should be present in the life of the Christian. However I wasn't all that impre [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book. I feel like there is a lot of truth in the things that Dr. Henry Cloud writes about. I picked up this one because it was mentioned in the book "Boundaries" that he and Dr. John Townsend wrote-- a wonderful book that everyone should read!Dr. Cloud does a good job in this book of describing and backing with Christian principles 4 important truths of life: 1. Bonding 2. Boundaries 3. Reconciling Good and Bad 4. Becoming an adultI feel everyone could benefit from the less [...]

    15. This book is one of those "snowball effect" books where you read it, and before you know it, you're buying/recommending it for all of your friends and family because it's just that good! No matter who you are, this book has something profound and insightful to teach you that will help you understand yourself and function better than you knew was possible! Read it.

    16. This was my 3rd time through this book. I think it is an excellent book combining good theology with insights from psychology to help a person recognize thought patterns that need to change in order for a person to be a full adult.

    17. Especially helpful for those of us who need to learn how to draw boundaries. Really, really good read, quite applicable to my life.

    18. This book was foundational for a lot of the healing I have experienced over the last 10 years. I ahve gone back to it repeatedly.

    19. De basis principes van dit boek waren heel goed. Het duale van genade en waarheid werd heel sterk neergezet. Ook was heel duidelijk wat de vier onderdelen van identiteitsvorming waren en wat het belang was in het gehele proces. De eerste helft van het boek zou ik hoger waarderen.Waar het voor mij wat misging was de koppeling tussen de vier stappen en klachten/oplossingen. Ik vond het heel erg kort door de bocht om maar allemaal emotionele problemen en stoornissen op te noemen die eventueel gebon [...]

    20. This book combines my three lovesychology, Christianity and self help. This is one I plan to purchase for my personal library and future reference because the information is so valuable to me. He discusses four aspects of the personality of God that we need to cultivate: 1) bonding to others, 2) separating from others (boundaries), 3) sorting out issues of good and bad, and 4) Take charge as an adult. Because we need to perform these functions, this book shows how we can develop these four tasks [...]

    21. This book had a lot of great material. I should have actually read the whole thing when my bible study did it senior year of college because I would love to discuss what I was reading. I only gave it 3 stars because it was hard to read as in boring. I had to force myself to read it, especially the second half. I really wanted to stop. But it does have a lot of good information and I would love to do a workbook on it to make myself really think through some of the "shifts" Henry Cloud recommends [...]

    22. An excellent work by Dr. Cloud. I feel that this is a must read for everyone. I was introduced to it when I was going through a divorce recovery program and for me, it was instrumental in my healing process. Having facilitated for several years in the same program, I would caution anyone who is considering reading it to be aware that it is not always easy. It does make you take a very honest look at yourself and some people really struggle with that. Absolutely one of the best books I've ever re [...]

    23. My note in this book: "Never give this book away-- keep to review again and again." How I wish I had read this years ago. This is about boundary issues (Cloud's specialty) particularly understanding "where I stop and where you begin"Not everyone may be helped by this book (at times it felt like lists of data) But I took my time, went back into it hungry and found it foundational instructive

    24. My wife had bought it for herself and it took me many years to decide to read it. At first I didn't like it very much, as I had doubts concerning these self-help psychological books but later I started to use the things in the book, for example building some deeper relationships. It definitely works and opening up such things that you cannot imagine. A very good book of its kind.

    25. Great ReadReally informative and well put together. Learned a lot about myself. Definitely would recommend to friends and family and anyone looking to make changes that definitely DO heal!

    26. If you’ve been banging your head against a wall trying to figure out what isn’t connecting, give this a read.

    27. If you are having a hard time understanding what is wrong with your psychological life, this book will explain a lot of things and open up your eyes. What I especially like about this is how the authors don't buy into pop psychological explanations and fictitious cures; they make you dig into the nooks and crannies of your life and explain how certain things that you think, feel, and do became a bad habit that is now a roadblock to your well-being.But that is also what I didn't like about this b [...]

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