Riding the Universe

Chloe Rodriguez values three things above all else her family her best friend, Rock and Lolita, her Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster With a black body, blue airbrushed flames, and perfect sloping ape hangers, Lolita is Chloe s last connection to her beloved uncle, Seth, who left her the bike when he died last summer So when a failing chemistry grade threatens to separateChloe Rodriguez values three things above all else her family her best friend, Rock and Lolita, her Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster With a black body, blue airbrushed flames, and perfect sloping ape hangers, Lolita is Chloe s last connection to her beloved uncle, Seth, who left her the bike when he died last summer So when a failing chemistry grade threatens to separate Chloe from her motorcycle, she vows not to let that happen no matter what Enter Gordon Ridiculously organized, ubersmart, and hot in a casual, doesn t know it kind of way, Chloe s peer tutor may have a thing or two to teach her besides chemistry But she has to stop falling for Gordon and get Rock to act mature whenever he s around and pass chemistry so she doesn t lose Lolita forever Just when Chloe thinks she s got it all figured out, a bump in the road comes out of nowhere and sends her skidding.
Riding the Universe Chloe Rodriguez values three things above all else her family her best friend Rock and Lolita her Harley Davidson Sportster With a black body blue airbrushed flames and perfect sloping ape ha

  • Title: Riding the Universe
  • Author: Gaby Triana
  • ISBN: 9780060885700
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Dios, estoy bueno, no puedo decir que estoy sin palabra porque es al contrario. Tengo tantas cosas que decir que no sé ni como plasmarlas para no herir la sensibilidad de nadie. Madre mía. Qué desperdicio de tiempo. Contando con que esta mañana he empezado como cuatro libros y ninguno me parecía bueno, se veía venir que el quinto, o sea, este, iba a acabar mal. Puedo empezar diciendo que estoy enfadada. Es decir, en la sinopsis nos dicen que Chloe tiene un mejor amigo y que luego conoce a [...]

    2. This story about a high school girl fighting to get her grades up so she doesn't lose her Harley is not just a story of teen angst and self discovery. Ok, it is, but the way Gaby Triana has written her characters and the relationships they weave and tangle between themselves is definitely a reason to pick up this book. There's a best friend who wants to be a boy friend but, while he waits, he'll just chase skirts like Bret Michaels. Then there's the tutor who wants to stay focused on his lifepla [...]

    3. Warning. Spoilers I really like this book and enjoyed reading it, but I thought it was B.S. when, after being totally in love and caught up in each other, Gordon pretty much, though Chloe disagreed, dumped her motorcycle-riding butt. And I also cannot believe she was resisting her sexy-as-hell, bad-boy best friend, Rock (anyone else think that's a sorta strange name, but matches him @ the same time?). But, I absolutely recommend reading this book.

    4. Sorry guys. It has been awhile since I reviewed a book. Part of that reason is because I'm a bit tired and I have other things to do. Another part is this: I haven't read a book, because I was so busy. I know! Gasp! I haven't read a book in awhile. So unlike me! Well, that is what summer does to me and everyone. Got to take a break someday, right? First of all, I will tell you that Riding the Universe is not my piece of cake. I don't really like it. It is kind of boring, with an aimless journey [...]

    5. To be completely honest, when I read the back of the ARC, after getting this in the mail, and saw that motorcycles would be part it, I was worried. I thought, "Oh no, that is so not going to be my cup of tea. Will it be boring?" Though, it was anything but that. Riding The Universe was a fantastic novel filled with suspense, humor, love, and loss. The plot was interesting and fast paced. Two things that make a young adult novel great. Though, the plot was basic, it involved Chloe figuring out wh [...]

    6. I quite enjoyed Riding the Universe. My first book by Gaby Triana and I'm liking her work so far.However, the only thing I have against Riding the Universe was the characters. I have so many mixed feelings of Chloe, Rock and Gordon. One minute, I'll love them. Even admire them. The next minute, I'm so confused by their actions. Chloe kept changing her focus and ultimately, it made me pretty confused. Same with Rock and Gordon. I thought I had them predicted but they kept surprising me as I kept [...]

    7. I started to read this book mainly 'cause description caught my attention, it was interesting — a teen girl riding a Harley. I have 'a thing' for bikes)) And I like books with 'not so ordinary' girls in them.I liked Chloe, she is interesting character, very determinated to keep 'Lolita' — bike, her beloved uncle Seth left her, when he died of leukemia. Also, there was Rock — Chloe's best friend. I have a very mixed feelings for this character. I didn't like his 'man-whore' behaviour. He's [...]

    8. Reviewed by Lauren Ashley for TeensReadTooRIDING THE UNIVERSE is definitely one of those great, summer reads. It's intense like a hot summer's day, but with enough breezy lightness so as not to overwhelm the reader.Chloe is a fun, relateable teen who is trying to figure out her own existence. She loves her parents but she is finding herself more and more curious about her biological parents (which definitely becomes a bombshell in her life when she does learn the truth).Beyond that, she has even [...]

    9. Riding the Universe was definitely a different kind of read for me. One: I've never read a teen book in which the main character rides a Harley. That's pretty kick ass right there. And Two: Starting a relationship with the geeky tutor was kinda refreshing from the endless books on the 'smart-girls' who've never kissed a kid in their life. I enjoyed this book to no end. Once I started it, I had a hard time stopping. I was interested in how Chloé would make her choices: Would she bring her grade [...]

    10. Riding the Universe was fast and fun read. There are some serious elements presented, so I wouldn’t describe it as fluff, but it was just an easy read. If that makes any sense at all. The plot was engaging, but at the same time it was pretty simplistic. This was my first experience with Triana’s writing and I’m a fan. Her characterization is fabulous. Chloe was definitely a well developed character, and I enjoyed watching her focus throughout the story change. It was refreshing to read abo [...]

    11. An unusual protagonist makes this more than a typical teen romance-- the main character drives a Harley and starts every day racing her best friend and his '68 Mustang to school. There may be stargazing, flirting, and a love triangle, but Chloe also does her share of putting people in their place. A fun read.

    12. This book was good, though sadly, I knew it was going to end the way it did, it was a bit predictable, but then again, some of the details I did not see coming which was really nice. I learned that things you might have once thought may not always be how they seem.

    13. one of the best books i have ever READ!!♥ there's so much this character goes though uhh i love it!!!!

    14. What a great book about finding love where you don't expect it-right in front of you! Chloe learns that being adopted can bring some of the greatest surprises and love to her life.

    15. Chloé Rodriguez is failing chemistry, and in order to prevent her parents from taking away her motorcycle, which was her recently-deceased uncle's gift to her, she goes to peer tutoring sessions and quickly finds herself falling for her tutor, slightly geeky Gordon. Gordon is super-focused on school, but Chloé seems to be able to get him to lighten up a little. However, her chemistry scores aren't getting any better and her best friend Rock, who she's always viewed as being a player, tells her [...]

    16. Chloe has had a rough year. Her uncle died and it is taking her a while to recover. Chemistry is not going well at all. And she is beginning to think that she should find out who her birth parents are, even though her adoptive parents are great.The only thing that helps is to ride Lolita at night and lie on the Murphy's dock and look at the night sky. Lolita is the Harley her uncle Seth left her and she's going to lose it if she can't do something about her Chemistry grade. Gordon, a peer tutor, [...]

    17. it took me a while to finish this as my circadian rhythms has been thoroughly unhealthy for the past week. Im a zombie with a wisdom tooth and insomnia problem, anyways back to the bookI liked it, I like the protagonist Chloe-she was easily relatable and I love her sarcasm and wit

    18. I was really drawn into this story. The story was intriguing and kept me reading. Not the fluff so typical of YA romance. You kinda know where this story is going but its so much fun to join Chloe along for the ride!

    19. This one struck me as being rather pointless. It is about a girl who discovers her uncle actually was her father, who gave her up to his brother so that she would have a stable life. It had kind of annoying characters and not a lot of plot.

    20. Chloe loves the Harley she inherited from her uncle when he died. She is struggling with boyfriend problems, school problems and whether she would Triana has written a story that will appeal to teen readers who may find themselves with the same "trials and tribulations."

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