Tending Roses

The best times of my life, the times that have passed by me the most quickly, were the times when the roses grew wild The lessons that most enrich our lives often come unexpectedly That s what Kate Bowman learns when she moves temporarily with her husband and baby son to her grandmother s Missouri farm The family has given Kate the job of convincing Grandma Rose, who The best times of my life, the times that have passed by me the most quickly, were the times when the roses grew wild The lessons that most enrich our lives often come unexpectedly That s what Kate Bowman learns when she moves temporarily with her husband and baby son to her grandmother s Missouri farm The family has given Kate the job of convincing Grandma Rose, who s become increasingly stubborn and forgetful, to move off her beloved land and into a nursing home But Kate knows such a change would break her grandmother s heart Just when Kate despairs of finding answers, she discovers her grandma s journal A beautiful handmade notebook, it is full of stories that celebrate the importance of family, friendship, and faith Stories that make Kate see her life and her grandmother in a completely new way.
Tending Roses The best times of my life the times that have passed by me the most quickly were the times when the roses grew wild The lessons that most enrich our lives often come unexpectedly That s what Kate Bo

  • Title: Tending Roses
  • Author: Lisa Wingate
  • ISBN: 9780451205797
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I realize that I do not really write reviews, I only write the impressions and the feelings that I get from a book. I read a lot of really awe-inspiring books this year but this book "Tending Roses" will stay with me.Lisa Wingate has written perfectly (at least for me) a book about family relationships, the wonderful and also the not so great. She created a grandmother that was wise but also contrary and sometimes down right mean. A real personI read this with the eyes of a grandmother, but a gr [...]

    2. SUMMARY: The lessons that most enrich our lives often come unexpectedly. That’s what Kate Bowman learns when she moves temporarily—with her husband and baby son—to her grandmother’s Missouri farm. The family has given Kate the job of convincing Grandma Rose, who’s become increasingly stubborn and forgetful, to move off her beloved land and into a nursing home. But Kate knows such a change would break her grandmother’s heart.Just when Kate despairs of finding answers, she discovers he [...]

    3. I needed to hear the message of this book. As a homemaker and a full-time mom it really inspired me to slow down and really savor the fleeting precious moments of motherhood. I am normally very passionate about learning new things and can easily get caught up in my own interests. This book helped me to remember that I'll have my whole life to devote full-time attention to them. While I do take time for myself, I take great satisfaction in nurturing the passion for life and learning in my childre [...]

    4. I love this book! This is the first book in a series of 3 (At least I think it's the first). They are connected in an interesting way. The characters waltz in and out of each story, but each book has a different main character. The other books are Language of the Sycamore and Drenched in Light. I read them in the order listed. Lisa Wingate also wrote Good Hope Road which has some of the same characters, but I don't know if it was meant to be part of the series.

    5. Wow!Seldom do I start a review with wow when it’s not a 5-star review. This is most definitely worth 5 stars, and more if I could give it more. Also, I seldom re-read books, but I have no doubt I will go back to this book several times… and perhaps someday, God willing, sit down with my granddaughter when she’s old enough and read it to her. Such a beautiful work this book is. I really love all of Ms. Wingate’s novels, but I think this is my favorite. As I was reading I kept wondering if [...]

    6. this book is about a young couple with a child that goes a spends some time with her grandmother. They want to put the grandmother in a nursery home and this mother is on maternity leave and so she goes and stays with her grandmother until the family can decide what to do. The family hasn't been really close since their mother died 6 years ago. The grandmother leaves a journal in places that her granddaughter can see. At first she thinks that she is snooping and reading the journal but then she [...]

    7. This is a book I like to read every few years. So far I have read it three times and I still am not tired of it! I especially enjoy Grandma Rose's character. She is real; down-to-earth, not merely a 'fluffy do-gooder Grandma' type, but also able to offer stability and advice to her granddaughter, Kate. The author does not gloss over Grandma Rose's faults but because they are so realistic (for example, the piles of clutter in her home that she defensively pretends to be 'normal' and does not want [...]

    8. Some people may say that this book is on the boring side. I personally loved it. It is about a young lady who goes to stay with her aging grandmother. They don't have the best relationship. Not your typical grandmother/granddaughter relationship. I don't want to give away the ending, but I will say that I loved it because I read it shortly after my grandmother passed away and I didn't have the greatest relationship with her either. The book didn't make me have any regrets but it did create alot [...]

    9. Bleh. Sappy, heavy-handed and obvious. A woman stressed out by her job, her role as a new parent, and her desires for more house, more money, more everything goes to take care of her grandmother with Alzheimers and learns lots of important lessons about what is important. I hate this sort of "message" book where the outcome is obvious from page one and cliches masquerade as challenges.

    10. As a stay-at-home mom, I LOVED this book! It helps you put things in perspective, remember what's most important, and more fully enjoy every minute of everyday.cially with your children. I will caution you on a bit of swearing in the first few chapters, although it doesn't continue through the book.

    11. A lesson in gratitude and what is really important in life when we truly take time to connect with our purpose. Beautifully written book ! This author shared many important lessons that everyone can take something away from and use in their own life.

    12. I REALLY enjoyed this book!!! It was a nice read to start during Christmas, since the book takes place during that time as well. I wasn't too sure about this book at first, but any doubts I had flew out the window shortly after I started reading it.Tending Roses is about a couple, Kate & Ben, who go to stay with Kate's Grandma during the holiday season with their four month old boy, Joshua. Kate's presence at her grandmother's home is more of, make sure she doesn't burn the house down. The r [...]

    13. Okay, I am going to say outright that I did not read this whole book. I skimmed it. I know the general gist of it I did open random pages throughout the book and read a couple of pages at a time. But I just could not bring myself to waste my time with the whole book. It was silly. I did not care for it at all. I get it we, as a generation care too much about things. We should be staying home with our kids instead of working so we can have luxuries. I already believe this. Lesson was not needed. [...]

    14. I enjoyed the messages of this book - getting your priorities straight, the importance of family, the value of stay-at-home mothers, wanting less - and in return getting more, the importance of God in your life, the strength that friends and neighbors and community bring to your life, and the important role of parents and grandparents in our lives. Kate learned valuable lessons from her elderly grandmother. The book was a bit predictable,some details were lacking, and some things were rather unr [...]

    15. Love, love, LOVE Lisa Wingate's books but this one isn't drawing me in like her books usually do. It's definitely me but I just find the idea of this grandma with dementia to be a little too sad. It's making me miss mine!

    16. A lovely and poignant tale of a granddaughter returning to take care of her grandmother who has had a stroke. In the "sandwich generation", she is also taking care of her four month old son with some help from her husband. I really appreciated the way Ms. Wingate portrayed Ben, her husband. Although life was not working out the way they had expected while living in Chicago, he manages to roll with the punches, usually with a grin, although he is not perfect. Thank goodness! Ben and her grandmoth [...]

    17. Since I loved "Before We Were Yours", I tried another book by Lisa Wingate. "Tending Roses" was good, but not special, so I quit reading. It was about taking care of your family, doing right by the members of your family, cooperating with your spouse, and other quality values. Reading about them wasn't bad, and the story was fairly good, it just wasn't outstanding and I decided I'd try to find another book that I like more.

    18. I found this to be a tender story of finding your place in family and motherhood. I think it does a really admirable job of showing that this is a dilemma that women have always faced and that it is not just a problem of the current generation. I love the struggles of building relationships that are in this book. It was a lovely story and a reminder that we all have roses to tend.

    19. I had heard so much about this novel that I went to Chapters and purchased it. What did I think?? I was NOT disappointed. Such an emotional, spiritual, real-life novel of faith and inspiration. I'll definitely be looking for Lisa Wingate's other novels.From back cover:"The lessons that most enrich our lives often come at unexpected moments and from unlikely places. That's what Kate Bowman learns when she moves temporarily-with her husband, Ben, and baby son-to her grandmother's Missouri farm. Sh [...]

    20. Kate and Ben Bowman volunteer to spend several weeks looking after Grandma Rose before the rest of the family comes for Christmas. The family has not been together at the farm since the death of Kate’s mom. They begrudgingly come together at Grandma Rose’s request and to tell her they are putting her in a nursing home. Kate and Ben are struggling financially and it is driving a wedge between them. Grandma Rose sees Kate’s stress over the finances, the health of 4 month old Joshua, and the [...]

    21. I loved this book from the first page. We should all read this to remember what life is truely about. I am still reading it slowly to absorb every little morsel.I am done reading this book and loved it so much I bought it so I could read it again someday. It made me remember what is important in life and that people matter more than things. It made me have memories come to my mind of my childhood and visiting my grandmas farmhouse out in Park Valley. I wish I could ask my grandma some of her tho [...]

    22. Wasn't sure if I was going to like this book and it has become one of my all-time favorites. Many life lessons taught in a beautiful and non-preachy way. I loved the story and found connections to my own life all over the story. I think that is one of the marks of a good booke ability to connect to readers' lives. Loved the grandmae reminded me of my own grandma. Loved the service the grandma rendered to so many in quiet ways. Especially loved the stories that grandma left for her granddaughter [...]

    23. "What we cannot change, we must endure without bitterness.""Sometimes we must try to view the actions of those around us with forgiveness. We must realize that they are going on the only road they can see. Sometimes we cannot raise our chins and see eye to eye, so we must bow our heads and have faith in one another.""The secret to a happy life is not getting what you want. It is in learning to want what you get. Don't waste your time crying over what you're not given. When you have tears in your [...]

    24. There are some times when I feel like a book is trying to play on my emotions--like Sunshine for the Latter-day Saint Soul for example--and I felt that to some degree in the beginning of this book, but maybe only because I had already figured out what the characters were just discovering, so I got a little frustrated with them. As the story progressed, I found myself wanting to reach out more in my relationships and really seeking to understand where people are coming from, rather than just how [...]

    25. This book was recommended to me at a yard sale. There are many lessons taught in it and Kate Bowman the granddaughter learns much as she & her husband & baby come to the grandmothers farm in Missouri. The family want her to prepare grandmother to go in a nursing home. Kate knows this will break her grandmothers heart. Kate herself is dealing with a new baby with heart problems and a job she had temporarily left. She finds many answers thru' the journal she discovers her grandmother is ke [...]

    26. Six starsI haven't read anything in years that touched me as deeply as this book. I rarely cry in a book but this book brought me to tears of joy and reverence every few pages. I will read it again and I can't wait to share it with friends and family. Lisa's style is beautifully poetic and deeply meaningful and written as well as any novel I have read (i read 235 books last year alone). This is the first book I have read by this author but I am certain I will read everything she has written if t [...]

    27. We read this book for book club this month and I really enjoyed it. It is a light, clean read about a family learning to get along again. It was a great pick me up for a stay at home mom and a fan of a simpler lifestyle and living within your means.I found the main character a tad bit too dramatic and whiny and at first found her marriage very unlikable but they both grew on me and I totally enjoyed myself. I just realized that this is the first of five books not sure what would be coming next. [...]

    28. I truly enjoyed this book. It made me think more than I expected. I think if I read it ten years ago or ten years from now it would not have meant as much as it did to me right now in this stage in life, with young kids and aging grandparents of my own. It wasn't a page-turner, but I liked reading it chapter by chapter, with a little bit more to think about each day. And then I called my grandma to tell her I love her. :)

    29. Several people said there were alternative motives in this book. The motives I saw weren't what some said. The motives had to do with family values and how EVERYONE is God's child. I found many great quotes in this book and couldn't but help think of my grandmother while reading. I also couldn't put this book down.It may have seemed sappy to some, but to me it was heart-warming. Thinking what I could do for someone else is the better way to be.

    30. I love this author's perspective. She is like a female Nicholas Sparks. I like the familiar thread of finding writings left behind by the ancient and wise ones and the young finding this wisdom to apply in their modern day life. Soul searching for the meaning of life and motherhood? Catch glimpses of faith and insight.

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