The Charm School

Deemed a social outcast, timid, ungainly, and ordinary Isadora Peabody finds herself on board the Silver Swan bound for Rio de Janiero and captained by dashing Ryan Calhoun a man who transforms her into a passionate and spirited woman Original.
The Charm School Deemed a social outcast timid ungainly and ordinary Isadora Peabody finds herself on board the Silver Swan bound for Rio de Janiero and captained by dashing Ryan Calhoun a man who transforms her in

  • Title: The Charm School
  • Author: Susan Wiggs
  • ISBN: 9781551664910
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. The Charm School was a good book about an ugly duckling heroine who finds new life when she travels aboard a ship to Rio. The hero is a bit of a rakish daredevil who slowly falls for the heroine over the long ship journey. The story had a lot of great detail about life on a ship and really brought the setting and characters to life. The heroine's transformation from a plain, plump spinster who was too smart and horrible at social situations to a confident woman who believed in herself was the ma [...]

    2. I adored this book. I liked the whole Ugly Duckling premise. He wasn't too much of a rogue and the scenes that put him in that light were bearable. If anyone has any other Ugly Duckling suggestions please let me know!!I got this one from the library but I think I will make it a keeper soon!

    3. This is a reissue of a 1999 release.What a wonderful story about love and transformation Susan Wiggs has penned in “The Charm School”. It combines the lure of “Pygmalion” with the fairy tale of “The Ugly Duckling” and even throws in a dash of anti-slavery activism. And it all comes together beautifully in a story that validates hopes and dreams of love and freedom.Isadora is the ugly duckling. In her family of slim, pale blondes, she’s a full-figured, tall brunette; and in 1850s Bo [...]

    4. Eu achei esse livro impecável. Isadora não se encaixa na família linda e perfeita que possui. Inteligente e versátil, logo que surge a oportunidade de se afastar e tentar ser ela mesma sem se preocupar em agradar a todos o tempo todo, ela agarra-a. Ela parte como membro do navio Cisne Prateado, que possui como capitão Ryan, um homem que possui ideias abolicionistas e também carrega uma bagagem familiar complicada . Entre o caminho de Boston até o Rio de Janeiro Isadora descobrirá que ser [...]

    5. 2.5 starsWas the quintessential romance with the usual formulas put to good use1. Ugly duckling turning into a beautiful Swan2. This change brought about by a man3. This man being the proverbial Rake4. Not only a rake, but also a handsome, blacksheep of the family who have women swooning over sort of rake5. Initial antipathy between the two opposites6. The principles of opposites attack being put to good use7. The realization at the end8. A catastrophe which prompted that realization.Not so comm [...]

    6. During the early 1850's, a motley crew of men managed a ship captained by Virginian Ryan Calhoun. They have returned to Boston in record time for their employer, Able Easterbrook, to earn a sizable amount of money. Before heading to Brazil on another mission, Ryan met the withdrawn and frumpy Isadora Dudley Peabody. Aware of her prestigious family, he sensed there was more to Miss Peabody than meets the eye. He was kind to her.Preparing for the voyage, he found out that Isadora had been hired on [...]

    7. The classic ugly duckling story - of course she has to lose weight to be beautiful! Of course she has to lose her glasses to be beautiful! Of course she has to smoke weed by a waterfall to be wait. What?

    8. What a corker of a tale! Set in Boston 1850's, the open sea and Brazil.Isadora Peabody, an intelligent, uptight, recessive spinster ugly duckling in a gilded Beacon Hill Boston family escapes the constraints of her life and blossoms at sea on a voyage she finagles with the shipper, another eminent Bostonian.The ship's captain is a southerner with secret plans involving his childhood companion and freed slave, Journey. He's talked his way into captaining a ship to Brazil with a cargo of ice and a [...]

    9. I'm this book 2.5-3 stars, which is really bifurcated between 3.5-4 for the writing, atmosphere, setting, and plot and 2 for the romance.3.5-4 = The author does a nice job of weaving magical descriptions of exotic Rio and earthy shipboard life. I learned a lot of nautical terminology after searching Google while reading. The characters were pretty well drawn, even though I didn't necessarily like them (if that makes sense?). Isadora's life in Boston was miserable, and her [...]

    10. I love this era in history. It's hard to find stories that specialize in American life (considering there is an excess of westerns from this time period). Considering that most of the book too place on a ship, there was ample interaction between the H/h and allowed the heroine to grow. Isadora has a cool name, but she was a pretty pitiable creature during the beginning of this story. Smart, but socially awkward and a bit of a coward. Ryan (also love this name) is really a great guy, despite the [...]

    11. This was a a great book. What I liked most about it was that we got to see Ryan fall in love with Isadora. Usually in romance books, we get more of the female perspective and get to see her fall in love. Don't get me wrong, we saw Isadora go from an ugly duckling who didn't quite fit in anywhere to a confident woman who learned to not be scared of being noticed and who could speak her mind (and all it took was six months at sea with a ship full of misfit sailors to help her do it ;0) ) as she fe [...]

    12. 4.5 stars. Seriously, this book needs an epilogue. I want to know what happens to Ryan and Isadora. Do they go sailing the seas? Do they live in Boston? WHAT HAPPENS!!! I loved that this story was a kind of Ugly Duckling retelling. Though a highborn lady, Isadora was too ungraceful, intelligent, and not pretty enough to fit in with Boston high society. Therefore, she manipulated her way onto the ship the hero, Ryan, was captaining. She knew some foreign languages, and as they were going to Brazi [...]

    13. Wonderful, charming, delightful. A coming-of-age for a Boston ugly duckling who has adventure in her heart but can't match the beauty and glamour and confidence of her Boston Brahmin family. She's smart, with a hidden beauty that only needs the right partner to let her blossom.That's our cranky, flashy-dressing, handsome sea captain of a hero who reluctantly sails his commercial ship to Brazil with his mother and our heroine in tow. I have no answer as to why I hadn't read this book until 2017. [...]

    14. Loved it! Vibrantly written, with a charming scoundrel hero, a repressed, uptight heroine, and a vivid cast of well-drawn supporting characters. The author brings the world of the story -- from stuffy Boston society, to a ship sailing the high seas, to sultry Rio de Janeiro -- to life, and does a good job showing the hero and heroine growing to care about each other as their sparring turns to friendship and love. Funny, sexy, romantic - a great read from beginning to end.

    15. By Susan Wiggs. Grade: BI read the back blurb and was immediately excited because it showed a lot of promise. Historicals almost always have the same recurring theme – you guessed it, reformed rakes – and I thought this change was refreshing.Isadora Peabody is an awkward misfit in her beautiful and accomplished family. Shunned by those she yearns to befriend, she gives her heart to a man who doesn’t even know she exists. With nothing to lose, she seizes the chance to journey to a wondrous [...]

    16. Isadora Peabody is a complete misfit in her rich Boston family, tall and curvy where they are willowy, unruly brown hair where they have sleek blonde locks, intelligent and clever when they are all social butterflies. Bound into a life she hates and doesn't fit in to she grabs the chance to get away on a ship to Rio when it presents it self, despite the insufferable arrogant and rakeish Captain Ryan Calhoun.I pretty much devoured this book, I devoured it in one sitting, I love a plain Jane stori [...]

    17. Historic Romance NopeSad to say, but this one has not held up to the test of time, I found very little to like. The hero and heroine are at odds with each other the entire book, up until the last chapter or so. The heroine is unlikable, another of those who has never had a friend. That would make her unfriendly, and, side note to all authors, prickly, unfriendly people are not appealing!The hero doesn't fare much better, the intimate scene made me cringe. And that, on a whole, is the best way to [...]

    18. 0_0 this book was brilliantly writtenok it's not what i would typically read because i don't really like that time era but oh gosh i thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!! The characters were amazing and it was just.evable! i love how Ryan and Isadora are so honest hehehehe and they both grow together in the bookAll the characters i loved and i was actually dreading when i knew this book would finishBut such a beautiful story that i really really lovedi have read a lot of plain jane books and this one seems [...]

    19. After reading, and loving Ms. Wiggs Tudor Rose Trilogy, this was a disappointment. I guess the biggest reason was the ending. I hate it when I've invested the time and emotion in a storyline only to have it suddenly wrapped up, tied up and finished in the last few paragraphs. Forgive me but after 408 pages, it could have spared a few to help me understand what happened. Instead it was "I'm backGreat, because I love you The end".

    20. :) apesar de já nao ser a minha primeira leitura da autora, a historia é muito simples e ao mesmo tempo intensa.aborda o tema de escravatura e todos os dramas inerentes a essa condição se bem que tratado de uma forma bem ligeira e sem grande apelo.o romance propriamente dito, foi "simpatico", sem arroubos ou impetos de paixao.uma historia no fundo agradável e da fácil leitura sem grandes pretensões.

    21. Taking a break from my usual PNR and UF reads I picked up Charm School by Susan Wiggs on the reccomendation of several book blogs.I was interested in the idea of an awkward, none to pretty heroine and how the romance between her and the hero would progress.Charm School is a wonderful read. If you like history, you'll enjoy a look into the shipping industry, abolitionist movement and politics of the American South in the 1860's (approx.), if you like romance you'll enjoy the dynamic between our h [...]

    22. An engaging tale of a proper Boston young miss who becomes transformed while on a sea journey to find herself. I found this approach to the historical romance genre refreshing. However, I would caution against letting impressionable young ladies reading this. While the sensuality falls short of page after page of explicit details, there is enough to give one pause. First is the fact that our heroine becomes 'one of the guys' aboard ship after she is hired as translator. One would need to be pret [...]

    23. I picked this up at the library. I have seen it listed as a favorite several times so I thought I'd give it a try. My first to read by this author. An interesting take on the Ugly Duckling fairy tale. Isadora Peabody was the ugly duckling, living with a family of beautiful ducks. Ryan Calhoun is the captain of a ship called The Sliver Swan and they are heading for Rio. Isadora manages to get on board as a translator, despite the objections of the captain. I found the story to be rather delightfu [...]

    24. I love Susan Wiggs, although I've not read many of her books (yet).I am most impressed with her ability to handle heavy issues without a heavy hand. I usually can't stand to read about heavy issues. I'm not looking for a lot of depressing melodrama in a book. Wiggs is never melodramatic, but she doesn't flinch from real life.I think this book (and series) is an earlier effort, and I didn't feel her light-touch and uncanny sense of humanity and character here. The story and emotional impact was j [...]

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a historical romance set in Virginia and Rio - two unique places to me while reading HR, usually they are set in the London drawing rooms.I usually don't like books set on ships (they get very predictable, one bad guy always seems to try to rape the heroine) but this book didn't fill those patterns. It was a book about growth, joy, acceptance, it was humorous (they get high! Definitely haven't read that in a HR before!), but also very touching (abolishing o [...]

    26. Ye Powers! I wasn't sure what to give this book as a rating. There were parts I found interesting and parts that bored me. I appreciated the sense of adventure in Isadora, but sometimes found her a little grating. And, to be honest, I wasn't completely sure that her relationship with Ryan was all that believable. It just seemed to be sewn up at the end to complete the story. I did however, find it funny when they got high. Good times. I will probably read the next book which is about Ryan's brot [...]

    27. This book is based on the fairy tale the Ugly Duckling. The lead character Isadora does not feel like she fits in at home or in her community. This leads her to take a risk and sign up to work on a cargo ship. As she finds friendship she learns to love herself and of course the handsome captain. This book was wonderful brain candy and an easy read. I especially love the well described scenes from Rio with their people, markets and natural wonders.

    28. OMG!!WOW!! great novel!!;)I cried like crazybut ending seemed a bit rushedHowever, I could clearly see why they both fell in love with each otherexcellent character developmentbut there could have been more time spent on after the "separation" in the bookis part seems to take too late in the plotline near the end of the bookoverall, 5 stars for the light humour and excellent character development;)

    29. 3.5 starsThis was an easy, quick read. Not bad but not amazing either. I liked the concept of transformation from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. I was expecting to enjoy this more than I did. It was still very enjoyable just didn't live up to my expectations. I loved some parts and was bored during others. Also the ending was very abrupt and left a lot of unanswered questions and I was disappointed in it. It ballanced out in an ok read.

    30. this book is getting 2 stars only because of the whole ugly duckling thing, i am a sucker for transformations. i didnt really made a connection with hero therefore i didnt put myself in the heroine shoes. the whole red hair and then the colorful clothes just didnt do it for me. even thou the heroine thought he looked great.

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