1 thought on “Before Sunrise: A Film”

  1. People can live their whole life as a lie.You know how is my life?It’s like seeing yourself from third-person perspective. I always feel like i’m observing my life instead of living it

  2. It's rare when I feel involved and connected to characters and conversations. It might seem simple I mean the idea of two people just walking around and talking, but once you feel connected to the conversations finding yourself agreeing or disagreeing or thinking about what's being said, you can't help but getting attached. It's the first screenplay I ever read. Maybe because it's one of the rarest movies I actually enjoyed the talk in it. How rare it is to randomly meet someone while you're esc [...]

  3. This is an amazing screenplay that succeeded in making me feel a ton of things. The characters reminded me of myself and the person who I aspired to be, along with the thoughts that I constantly have but lack the courage to say.

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