Pip & Squeak

Pip Squeak are going to a party.Far from home, Squeak sees that Pip has left their gift behind Oh, no Squeak is mad Pip is in a pickle They are late already, and deep snow is everywhere How will Pip and Squeak ever find the perfect present for their friend Gus
Pip Squeak Pip Squeak are going to a party Far from home Squeak sees that Pip has left their gift behind Oh no Squeak is mad Pip is in a pickle They are late already and deep snow is everywhere How will Pip a

  • Title: Pip & Squeak
  • Author: Ian Schoenherr
  • ISBN: 9780060872533
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Oh how cute is this one! I loved the illustrations. That's what most of the book is. Few words which are fairly simple and good for beginning readers as well as reading to young audiences. Seeing typical human objects in a different way would also keep their attention. And how can you not like two cute little mice with cute names like Pip and Squeak? Plus, their emotions and reactions--portrayed quite well in the pictures--are very human-like and most ages can relate to them and understand them. [...]

    2. Two mice run to a party through the snow. They forget to bring a present and take the carrot noise off a snow man. They think Gus won't like it because it's not cheese but Gus (since he's a rabbit) really likes his present.

    3. The illustrations in this picture book are vibrant, featuring bright primary colors and large, realistic characterizations. But the story itself is slow and young children may become bored by it and the antics of Pip and Squeak, mice who are on the hunt for a gift for the unseen(until the end) Gus. This book sits on the memorable animal shelf but, sadly, it may be all too soon forgotten. CIP Summary"Two Mice rush through the snow to get to their friend's birthday party, only to realize that they [...]

    4. How does this book fit into a story time on the theme of flamingos?As I held the book up for the forty children attending library story time I said, "I spy with my little eye something that's white and round and cold". "A snowman!!!" the children cried. So we all stood up and acted out the little song "Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman; Once there was a snowman tall, t a l l, TALL! In the sun he melted, melted melted; In the sun he melted small, small, small." (sorry, I could not find a [...]

    5. Reading Level: 1.8Lexile: 300Fountas & Pinnell: JPip & Squeak are two mice going to a birthday party for their friend. Pip is in trouble early in the book because he forgot to bring the gift of cheese for the birthday boy. He tries to find a good substitute while Squeak is less that encouraging with Pip's choices. Just before they get to the party Pip finds another option that turns out to be better than the original gift.Classroom Use:Collaboration: Squeak starts out being rather mean w [...]

    6. I read this book a few months back and didn't like it, but just re-read it to write this review, and its a whole different book from what I remember! Wow.Anyway, Pip and Squeak are off to their friend Gus' birthday party, but they forgot the present. So along they way come across different possible presents. They find one and its awesome.I'm trying to think of how to describe Schoenherr's style. Sparse? His text and his characters say what they have to say in as little words as possible. But tha [...]

    7. Pip and Squeak are in such a hurry to get to their friend Gus's birthday party that they forget his gift! They rush through the winter landscape, and end up finding just the right present. The acrylic and ink illustrations are nice, but nothing incredibly special. Some of the perspectives used are interesting, but occasionally to the point of being difficult to understand.Nothing wrong with this book, but nothing too outstanding either. Short text might make this a candidate for read-aloud to yo [...]

    8. Follow the adventures of Pip and Squeak, who are late and in need of a gift for their friend Gus.Originally they were going to give Gus cheese, but now they're searching for something even better.It's short, it's brief, it's well-illustrated, and above all, it's cute. Is there a point to the story of Pip and Squeak? Nope. But it's to kindle a love for reading in children and not all children's books need a moral at the end. Perfect for a winter read!

    9. This book is large with colorful illustrations so it would be great for a storytime. There is also a simple story of two mice who are taking a gift to rabbit but forget it at home. The story is their adventure on the way to the party and how they come across another gift for rabbit. There is a party at the end but it doesn't look like Christmas so it could be used as a general holiday book or just one with a winter theme.

    10. This was read at story time today at the library. I particularly liked the way that our librarian read this book. The author wrote the text relying on the illustrations to fill in some of the story. Our librarian always paused to point out these things, especially at the end pointing out that Gus is not a mouse. Overall, a cute story with a little winter adventure. It is also a fun look at perspective - a mouse point of view of the world.

    11. I loved this book. Pip and Squeak are sooo cute and really enjoyed the story. I found that the kids were more interactive when I asked them what kind of things mice like to eat and pointed out what the big thing in the distance was if it really was cheese or something else. Also, at the end asking what kind of food rabbits like to eat. With that conversation, there was a good response. I would use this again.

    12. Use this book for a lesson that shows that each of us is an individual and that we may not like all the same things. Can also be shown as selfish, because the mice wanted to bring a rabbit cheese (what they like). They forget the cheese at home and eventually find a carrot, which he obviuosly loves.Self to text? Have students write about a gift they received that they didn't love. Did they ever change their mind and started to like/use it? What would they rather have had?

    13. Pip and Squeak are two mice that know how to live! They scurry around for a gift for their rabbit friend and find a carrot on a snowman, thinking it's something else.d this story truly is something else! It's cute and cuddly as mice themselves, and worth its weight in gold24 CARROTS!!!

    14. Pip and Squeak are mice going to a birthday party. The gift gets left behind. They need to find a gift on their way to the party.The mice are beautifully drawn. The story is cute. It opens a discussion on getting an appropriate gift for others.

    15. This book was read for Wesley’s summer reading club. Wesley is my (soon to be five year old) son. This review is what we used for his reading club. ***Wesley liked this story. He thought the mice were funny!

    16. This book contains mainly pictures, but due to the fewer amount of words, it would be great for beginning readers. The pictures are very descriptive and would allow the children to use them for clues if they don't know the words. Also, this book would teach them about friendship.

    17. Story about two mice who forget their friend's birthday present. They must find something else to get him. This is a fun book to read with children because they know things that the characters do not.

    18. This is a sweet little story, perfect for a Christmas storytime or even for a winter- or friendship-themed one. Pip and Squeak forget their friend's present at home, so they have to find a replacement gift on the way to see him.

    19. What a sweet little book. Bought this for my 5-month old daughter yesterday and she seemed to enjoy the LARGE pictures and simple drawings. It isn't too long and it's perfect for the Christmas season. :-)

    20. This is an adorable story about two mice who are going to a party and one leaves the gift behind. They have no time to go back and get it and what they end up finding and using for a gift is better than what they had. Great story to read!

    21. Mouse friends Pip & Squeak must hurry to their friend Gus' birthday party but forget their special gift. They hope to find a better gift as they travel across a winter wonderland. Eventually they come across something big and orange (but not cheese) that Gus might like.

    22. Pip and Squeak were determined to bring the right gift to Gus and run into adventurous dilemmas. The story was told very will accompanied by very good illustrations. The ending was the most favorite part of the story with the kids during storytime.

    23. Charming mice, interesting perspectives (which will help children to look closer and make guesses about what is happening, and a sweet story of friendship. short text so good for young preschoolers.

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