One Hit Wonderland

It s 1988 and radios across the land blast out the Top Ten hit Stutter Rap by Morris Minor and the Majors The man behind the fake moustache is Tony Hawks Fast forward to the 21st century and those heady days of pop stardom are a distant memory That is, until it is suggested that Tony is just another One Hit Wonder Really We ll have to see about that For two years TIt s 1988 and radios across the land blast out the Top Ten hit Stutter Rap by Morris Minor and the Majors The man behind the fake moustache is Tony Hawks Fast forward to the 21st century and those heady days of pop stardom are a distant memory That is, until it is suggested that Tony is just another One Hit Wonder Really We ll have to see about that For two years Tony struggles to have a hit somewhere anywhere in the world, changing acts and styles with a bewildering lack of integrity From Nashville to Amsterdam, from Eastern Europe to Africa, he travels the globe in search of that elusive hit But it s only after a chance encounter with actor Norman Wisdom that things get really strange Is it really possible that together they could storm the Albanian charts In One Hit Wonderland anything can happen.
One Hit Wonderland It s and radios across the land blast out the Top Ten hit Stutter Rap by Morris Minor and the Majors The man behind the fake moustache is Tony Hawks Fast forward to the st century and those hea

  • Title: One Hit Wonderland
  • Author: Tony Hawks
  • ISBN: 9780091882082
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. In the life and career of Tony Hawks, a couple of periods stand out as being highlights. In recent times, after a career as a comedian, he accepted a couple of stupid bets, firstly to hitchhike around Ireland with a fridge and later to play the entire Moldovan football team at tennis. It is not so much these events that were to be the highlights, but that he was able to write a book based on each of them. And very funny and well written books they were, too.However, well before this, there was M [...]

    2. Great fun! An amusing & entertaining readwhat more can I say? The only disappointment is that I can't seem to get on onehitwonderland to hear the songs

    3. I started off loving it but then it all became a bit too much of the same and a bit too much. Great if you just read the first few chapters.

    4. If you're a fan of Dave Gorman's books then this is the sort of thing that you will enjoy. I'm sure that someone will point out that Tony Hawks was doing the 'zany bet/travel writing' genre first but I know that Dave Gorman has been popular in the last few years and the comparison stands.Basically, Tony Hawks had a comedy hit record in 1985 with 'Stutter Rap' and appeared on Top of the Pops performing it. In 2002, he meets an attractive woman at a dinner party and they have a drunken bet that he [...]

    5. This is, of course, Tony Hawks the British writer/comedian, not the skating icon. If you've ever read "Round Ireland With A Fridge," you know what wonders he's capable of rendering — and like that book and its follow-up "Playing Tennis with the Moldovans," this one features Hawks making a stupidly ambitious bet and then setting out with absolutely no self-consciousness to succeed. In this case, Hawks bets that he can record a Top Ten single. Top Ten anywhere. Which leads him to Nashville, then [...]

    6. My first of several Tony Hawks books and on the account of this one, cannot wait!! Follow his journey to Nashville, the Sudan, Holland, Romania and finally Albania to complete another ridiculous bet. This time, following on from his 80s one hit wonder, he was wagered that it couldn't be repeated and that he couldn't have a song in the charts again.After jamming with local musicians in Texas, recording children's voices in the Sudan and a chance encounter with knights of the realm, this bet was c [...]

    7. Witty and funny, you never know where this book will go next. I just love the way Tony Hawk's mind seems to work, taking the impossible and making it possible in the most unbelievable way. Sometimes its hard to believe that any of this is real. Its not all down-hill sailing but, even during the uphill passages, this book never ceases to provide good reading. The most entertaining part is saved right to the end, but you won't regret reading the rest to get there.This isn't the best Tony Hawks boo [...]

    8. I'm not sure how I missed this 2002 book by Tony Hawks - I read all his other stuff pretty much as soon as it came out. Another journey trying to win a madcap bet, this one surrounding writing a hit song. Hawks' excellent humor, combined with his penchant for surreal situations make for a really fun read.

    9. I enjoyed it and owe to it a good number of the authors I currently enjoy. It is a facinating book in which Tony has to get a hit song somewhere in the world within a certain period of time. I like Hawks' humor and the way he also takes time to highlight the good and interesting things in the world.

    10. I very much enjoyed A Piano in the Pyrenees but all the other books by Hawks I have read have been a disappointment. One Hit Wonderland was alright but I just didn't find it very funny. I actually ended up skimming through the book

    11. I quite like Tony Hawks (I've read 2 now) and his writing style. But I'm not sure that I would go out of my way to get any more of his books than are already in my possession right now.But I can't put my finger on what's missing.

    12. Yet another bet, this one I only read because it was bought for me. This time our Tony has to have a number one hit single somewhere in the world.To be honest I didn't care too much if he succeeded or not. Sorry Tony.

    13. The book is so deliciously Tony. He's that weird friend you have who does crazy things, but taken up a few levels. As usual, this concerns a bet - that he couldn't have a top 20 song in any country in two years. The story of his struggles were funny. I love tony Hawks.

    14. I was bought this as a present and am sure I would never have read it otherwise. It has some hilarious moments I love the country hits titles. a recommended holiday read.

    15. Such a funny book, and the presence of Norman "Mr Grimsdale" Wisdom made this a pleasure from start to finish. Fans of Hawks previous books will be pleased to know that this is even better!

    16. Why did I bother reading 100 pages of this? Barely amusing, a stupid premise, poorly written (and badly proof-read too), a waste of time. And no mention whatsoever of skateboarding. Whatever.

    17. Hawks describes how he tries to get a hit in a country somewhere in the world. Funny book, mostly because of Hawks' self-deprecating sense of humour.

    18. I warmed to the bet as I read on, and giggled at many parts. Tony is truly off his trolley. I loved the Norman Wisdom part of the book - a grand finale! Tim Rice playing a plastic saxophone?!

    19. Quite entertaining, but the premise was a bit contrived. Still, Tony Hawks is an entertaining enough chap.

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