Additional Dialogue: Letters of Dalton Trumbo, 1942-1962

Additional Dialogue Letters of Dalton Trumbo None

  • Title: Additional Dialogue: Letters of Dalton Trumbo, 1942-1962
  • Author: Dalton Trumbo Helen Manfull
  • ISBN: 9780871310279
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I tracked this book down after seeing the play "Trumbo," which consisted mostly of an actor reading Trumbo's letters. It's become the book I go to when I want words as consolation. It serves as something of an autobiography for someone who would never have written one. Covering Trumbo's rise as a brilliant screenwriter, his blacklisting in the '50s, his time in prison for refusing to implicate himself or anyone else, his move with his family to Mexico to make a go of it there, his reentry into s [...]

    2. A must read for aspiring writers in the entertainment biz full of wit, wisdom and simple humanityTrumbo was a giant of his timehis indefatigability broke the blacklist.

    3. Dalton Trumbo had two publishers offer to pay for his autobiography. When he heard this project was in the works, he turned the two offers down.What you get here is (the sadly out of print) collection of many of Trumbo's letters from '42-'62. It includes opinions on HUAC, privacy, letters written from jail, and accounts from Mexico. If you are interested in the history of Hollywood, the black list, or '50's history in general, I would regard it as valuable reading.Not surprisingly, Trumbo inject [...]

    4. Dalton Trumbo was one of the writers fingered by Elia Kazan during the Red Scare led by McCarthy during the 50s. He continued to write screenplays and won Oscars under pseudonyms while being blacklisted. I read this many years ago and it is a tragic look at the toll the whole blacklist fiasco took on the artists of that time. With the film that is coming out I hope that this will be re-released so that it won't have to be purchased as an out of print book with a serious mark up.

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