Darkest England

This work offers coverage of England in an anthropological sense and from the Sufi perspective.
Darkest England This work offers coverage of England in an anthropological sense and from the Sufi perspective

  • Title: Darkest England
  • Author: Idries Shah
  • ISBN: 9780863040757
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. An absorbing book that certainly comes through on its promise to consider England in the way it suggests the English mind works: "To understand the problem, let alone any of the answers, you have to let your mind run free, range over the whole of the horizon, seek and find hints and glimpses here, there, and everywhere", then sift the grains of evidence you collect before testing them out.It was also interesting to see how much has changed since the book was first published in 1987 - I can't ima [...]

    2. The first of Shah's anthropological trilogy regarding the English. In it he addresses our strengths and our faults, as individuals and as a culture, but in such a humorous way that it's easy to forget that it underlines a number of salient and significant points that are worth noting. For me it was unusual to hear a 'foreigner' explain that while the English can appear to be 'humorously harsh' toward outsiders, it's actually a meme that we mercilessly practice on each other.

    3. Baffled at first, then a farthing or two dropped. More to Darkest England than explaining the English to themselves or explaining how we might become English; an art we seem to have forgotten.Chapter 30 for exampleHeisenberg Wasn't so OriginalHere are two quotes from that chapter.'This supposed madness is never more in evidence than when the English are imparting information by the method-without-a-system-which to outsiders- is positively oriental, even metaphysical, in texture.''.Perhaps to des [...]

    4. Shah gives England the Occidental analysis its disciplines of sociology, cultural anthropology, and psychology hang on the east, the Orientals. Hence the name, Darkest England to describe the strange practices of the Angles and what's left of the Brits.

    5. Loved it! An excellent and erudite essay about the origins of the English. Very surprising conclusions.

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