Nia, a young mermyd of the Bluefin clan, has had one wish all her life to be Avatar in her beloved home of Atlantis To be one of the ten Avatars that rule the undersea city is an honour and a great responsibility Now at 16, Nia has a chance to see her dream come true Ages 13.
Ascension Nia a young mermyd of the Bluefin clan has had one wish all her life to be Avatar in her beloved home of Atlantis To be one of the ten Avatars that rule the undersea city is an honour and a great re

  • Title: Ascension
  • Author: Kara Dalkey
  • ISBN: 9780064408080
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. It took me two tries to read this book. The first time, it was just so cute and bubbly I nearly puked (I picked it up because I liked the author). The second time I picked it up, I realized what age group it was targeting, and then it didn't bother me as much. This story has a strange mixture of being incredibly cute and innoscent, then diving into mass murder (no joke). It seemed like its target audience was pretty young, and things felt dumbed down, but then it threw in some darker elements--b [...]

    2. This isn't really a review but I read this book YEARS ago and I have been looking for it ever since. Believe it or not, Google failed me everytime, even when my search tags included 'mermaid' 'she's already got legs', 'some sort of competition thing?' 'squids as rulers' 'baby squid has telepathy', (view spoiler)['eeeeeeeveryone dies' (hide spoiler)] Anyway, I just stumbled across it now! Think I'll see if the library can get it in, and if these specifics are as specific as I remember.

    3. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. The underwater setting was interesting and described vividly. I liked how the background and structure of the mermaid society were included in the story. The author inserted some sea vocabulary without trying too hard to be funny/authentic.The voice of the main character, Nia, seemed young for a 16-year-old, but not in a annoying way. I liked her a lot.The book was very short (only 235 pages with a big font), so in the end, I felt like some parts – especially t [...]

    4. This is the single best series of books I have ever read in my entire life. That I can promise you. It is about a mermyd named Nia. She lives in Atlantis. Atlantis has rulers called Avatars. Her dream is to become one.She is in love with Cephan, a young boy mermyd from a lower clan. Her parents don't understand her and she is pretty much a typical 16 year old. (besides the whole mermyd thing).Anyway, back to being an Avatar. When one becomes an Avatar, you are joined to a Farworlder King, which [...]

    5. This book brought a very creative idea about Atlantis. I've heard everything from merpeople to advanced technology to an alien race, but this is book first introduced me to the idea of all three combined into one where that mythical city was concerned.The ideas in it were very inventive, but the writing left a little to be desired. The point came across just fine, but it's obvious that this book was geared toward a younger audience. I first read this book when I was eleven or twelve, and even th [...]

    6. Genre: fantasy, Summary: Nia is a young mermyd from the city of Atlantis. She wants to be chosen as the next Avatar (the mermyd companion to the Farworlder prince). Farworlders are a squid-like alien with magical powers who unite with a mermyd and together with ten other companions they help rule Atlantean society. Nia is upset when her clan chooses another representative to participate in the Trials that will determine the next Avatar. As Nia does some digging, she finds that Atlantis is not th [...]

    7. Sixteen-year-old Nia loves her home, the beautiful and peaceful underwater city of Atlantis. And her greatest wish is to be one of the ten Avatars that rule the city alongside the ancient alien race known as the Farworlders. Now that one of the Avatars and his Farworlder companion are retiring from the Council, Nia finally has the chance for her dream to come true. When another from her clan, the Bluefins, is selected to compete for the honor instead, Nia is devastated. How could her untalented [...]

    8. I was weary when I noticed this book had big print, a large amount of space between lines, and 200 pages. However, from the first pages this book draws you in. There are plenty of secrets that everyone is keeping from our main character that aren't easy to figure out. So you keep reading and reading and reading, feeling for the main character's plight and wanting to know what's going on. When all is revealed it's a bit of a shock, which is great. This book had more surprises and turns than some [...]

    9. The age group target for this book is probably middle-schoolers, if not a tad bit younger. I got this book as a gift and finished it in one day. It shows an interesting set of characters. The inclusion of the Far Worlders as aliens in a mermaid setting is rather interesting. The plot flows pretty well, though the ending and a character's true feelings are abrupt. As the first book of a trilogy, it's an okay book.

    10. I have spent YEARS searching for this book. Finally I stumbled across it on accident. I remember reading this ages ago and being utterly devastated at the end. So much so that I refused to read the rest of the series. Don't waste your time with this. It starts out cute and innocent and then justn't match up at the end

    11. "The City of Atlantis seemed to sparkle more than ever this day. The high-towered palaces of the noble clans, carved from coral stone, marble, and malachite, some faced with shimmering mother-of-pearl, glimmered all around them. The blue-green bioluminescent light from the enormous globe lamps that hung over the city seemed to glow brighter. The lamps provided the primary light to this dim world in the depths of the sea. To the mermyds, sunlight was a thing mentioned only in fairy tales and hist [...]

    12. From what I remember, this was an AMAZING read, and I’ve been trying to find it again for five years, atleast. I’ve searched for it everywhere, and finally I just found a list of mermaid books published before 2014, and i scrolled through until i saw the cover. This series has been haunting me since i was in the FOURTH GRADE! I’ve wanted to find it forever. I’ll read it tomorrow and review it again then :)

    13. Mermaids in Atlantis! A young mermaid finds out about her past and the mystery surrounding her family. This book kind of reminded me of Harry Potter. It was imaginative and interesting. The author creates a whole new world and it was a good read. I look forward to book #2!

    14. This held up far better than I thought it would! Sometimes it borders on dumbing things down for kids but, for the most part, it kept me engaged and intrigued. The dialogue may be somewhat stilted but I love the world-building (view spoiler)[(and the surprisingly death-filled ending!) (hide spoiler)].

    15. I assumed this was a series I would start and then not care for but I got sucked right into the story and its characters. It is such a unique tale and I had a hard time putting it down!!

    16. Good settings and enough suspense to keep me interested in reading, but not so much that I felt overwhelmed. I immediately wanted to read the rest of the series.

    17. I first read this in high school and loved it! If you're into legends or fantasy, this is a great read!

    18. This was just what the doctor ordered to provide a lighter diversion alongside Wolf Hall. I am not regretting spending actual money on the ebook. The intended audience is probably preteen - I would say ages 10-13. But I'm an adult and enjoyed it. The author has created a (mostly) believable underwater world (Atlantis, after it sank). The mermyds are very humanlike - some, like Nia, even have legs instead of tails - and they can breathe out of water. Nia is a spunky, likeable heroine. Some review [...]

    19. (Warning: spoilers) I first read this when I was 11, and it was unforgettable, so I'm really happy to be able to reread it again today. It was short, and I plan to continue the series, but I'd like to throw some comments here: the book is short, so it cuts to the chase, and most of the middle is spent describing the proceedings of "the trials" which are obviously inspired by Greek Olympics. I didn't really find them interesting, except the fact that I grew to like Garun. I suspected Cephan was u [...]

    20. To be honest, I almost didn't read this book. The first couple chapters were very poorly written and sounded like a bad teen high school drama with mermaids thrown in. However, due to excellent reviews for this book on GoodReads, I decided to keep going, and I'm very glad I did.The few issues I have with this book:1.) A couple of the plot twists were not very surprising at all.2.) The author seemed a bit unclear about what sort of audience for which this book is meant. I think that's what caused [...]

    21. This was a pretty fun book. It's pure set up though.The main character is a young woman who is not very girly. I suppose this would be a good book for young women, since it has to do with mermaids? But even still, the mystery is apparent and the protagonist is both lively intelligent and has a strong sense of being left out. I suppose this could be the experience of many women who have to stand by and watch men get all the attention and chances of accomplishment. Perhaps this is the "horrible" t [...]

    22. PictureWater Book One Ascension By Kara DalkeyHer destiny will soon be revealed. . .The sea is the birthplace of legends.Nia, a young Mermyd of the Bluefin clan, has had one wish all her life, to be an Avatar in her beloved home of Atlantis. The ten Avatars Rule the beautiful and peaceful undersea city alongside the ancient Farworlders, whose magic keeps their world alive. To be an Avatar is an honor and a great responsibility, and Nia dreams of taking her place among the noble ten. Now, at sixt [...]

    23. Nia is a young mermyd, supremely qualified to become an Avatar of the city of Atlantis, and awaiting the day when she is chosen to compete in the trials to become an Avatar. When her less qualified cousin is chosen to represent the Bluefin clan in the trials, she begins to unravel the dark secrets kept by her family and the Avatars of Atlantis.Though I haven't read much in the way of mermaid fantasy, I did enjoy the unique twists on their civilization that seem like they would make the mermyds o [...]

    24. Water: Ascension is the first in Kara Dalkey's trilogy concerning sixteen-year old Nia, a mermyd of a prominent clan in the undersea realm of Atlantis. The City is ruled by squid-like Farworlders, and their Avatars — mermyds that undergo a special bonding ritual that allows them to communicate with the Farworlders and govern Atlantis wisely. To be an Avatar is the highest honour a mermyd can achieve, and it is Nia's dream. She believes she has a good chance at winning the position against othe [...]

    25. I've had this on my shelf forever (like since middle or high school), and finally decided to read it since it was clearly a quick read. I was surprised that I quite enjoyed it. It wasn't the greatest book ever or anything, but I expected to read a chapter and put it down. I'm glad it was a bit more enjoyable than I expected. It was about Nia, a young "mermyd" living in Atlantis. She is the favorite to be the next avatar and protector of Atlantis but is surprised and disappointed when she isn't e [...]

    26. Something has always felt off to Nia. She lives in a sunken city called Atlantis, ruled by a council of wise and benevolent leaders, who are assisted by Farworlders, a magical octopus sort of species. Shortly into the tale, it's revealed that the council has an opening and they must fill their ranks with a new member. A member, it just so happens, that is around Nia's age. She has trained her entire life for such an opportunity and she's thrilled. Personally, I felt as if this book was just fant [...]

    27. Ascension was a great introduction to the Water Trilogy. Kara Dalkey's undersea world of mermaids, aliens, and Atlanteans was fully developed, lacking nothing. I loved the writing, and Dalkey perfectly captures Nia's uneasy feeling that her treasured underwater world is but an illusion. The final scenes of the book are filled with twists, turns, and very unexpected surprises. If you love mermaids, definitely check out this unique spin. This would also be a great introduction into high fantasy. I [...]

    28. I found Ascension at a library sale room, and its cover attracted me. Very nice. As pretty as the cover is, the imagination in this work matches it. The author puts her own twist on mermaids, adding in a touch of science fiction, as in aliens. Great idea. That was the strongest part of the novel, but it created the work's greatest weakness. Because there is so much to explain, about a third of the novel is pure infodump. However, the originality of the world-building is what makes me overlook th [...]

    29. The library classified this as YA, but I almost think that without the romance subplot it would be better suited to middle grades. (Largely by how quickly I breezed through it). This is a part of a trilogy, but this particular book ended about the time the story just started to get interesting. The world building was excellent, which is largely what kept me reading, along with characterization. I'm hoping there will be more plot with the sequels, but honestly, I think this would've better served [...]

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