After evil King Vortigern s men steal the seashell Corwin found, he meets Nia, a mermyd from the lost city of Atlantis, who is also seeking to reclaim the shell, for it holds the key to the survival of them both.
Reunion After evil King Vortigern s men steal the seashell Corwin found he meets Nia a mermyd from the lost city of Atlantis who is also seeking to reclaim the shell for it holds the key to the survival o

  • Title: Reunion
  • Author: Kara Dalkey
  • ISBN: 9780064408097
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Genre: fantasySummary: This story continues the journey of Nia who is trying to save her hometown of Atlantis from a power-hungry, mad mermyd and his companion Farworlder. This sequel, however, is told from the viewpoint of Corwin, an urchin who lives on land. He was collecting by the seashore when he came across the shell that held Nia's Farworlder. The shell is stolen by the evil King Vortigern so Nia and Corwin must work together to save the shell and try to defeat Ma'el, the destroyer of Atl [...]

    2. This book was in the children's section of my library, not YA, children's. Sure it's small and short with big print and plenty of space between the lines, but it packs a big punch. This book isn't all dialogue and happy fru fru fantasy, there is danger, death, thievery, and magic. If you read this to your child and they understand all the words then you have a pretty smart child. The writing style is great, the vocabulary is impressive, and the story is heartfelt. This book does not assume that [...]

    3. I didn't like this book nearly as much as the first one in the series.I suppose I really, REALLY liked Ascension, and it would've been hard to beat. But I was still hoping!As much as I like Corwin, I would've preferred that the book was from Nia's perspective, at least for part of the book.I don't really have anything else to add? I will definitely be reading the third book, 'Transformation' to see how the series ends, but, after the first one was so fantastic, 'Reunion' disappointed me.

    4. This is a pretty typical fantasy story even if it appears not to be because of the strange way that humans and Atlantians are organized. Still, it begins to make more sense as the story goes on so that the boy and girl are brought together to be one (although its uncertain how this will play out, romantically or otherwise). The first story seemed to be a strong indication that females can be validated and otherwise not validating capable females would lead to disaster. This book appears to say t [...]

    5. The first part of the book was hard to get into but once Corwin met up with Nia things got much more interesting. Overall, I liked how this book finished up and am excited to read the final installment! Especially since I remember how it all wraps up.

    6. This book was better than the first one in the series. It introduced a new main character while also keeping the old main character, which I liked.

    7. The adventure continues. I love how she writes and keeps me in the story despite the strange and different lands. I can't wait to read to last book in the trilogy!

    8. I'll admit, I was a bit hesitant to read this one. The beginning was very slow, as I'm not a big historical fantasy fan, and the entire first quarter of the book was the typical medieval story. But once Nia showed back up, the story got rolling and I was hooked once more. I stayed up late, knowing I had school in the morning, just to keep reading, and the next day I was still reading it every spare chance I got. While I loved the first book, Ascension, more, I loved Reunion for many different re [...]

    9. Life in Wales in the year 425 is hard, but for the sixteen years of his life, Corwin has managed to survive through hard work. He never knew his father, and barely remembers his mother. He was raised by Fenwyck, a traveling entertainer who on occasion turned to thievery. But now Fenwyck is dead, killed by the evil King Vortigern, and Corwin himself is a wanted man. Hiding in a cave by the shore, Corwin discovers a beautiful and unique shell. He hopes he can make a fortune selling it, but it is s [...]

    10. In the previous book, the sixteen year old mermyd Niniane (called "Nia" for short), discovered betrayal and conspiracy in her underwater home of Atlantis. With the escape of an evil mermyd named Ma'el and the Farworlder (powerful, intelligent squid-like creatures) that he is telepathically connected to, Atlantis was overthrown and Nia the last living Farworlder were thrown ashore.Reunion picks up again from the point of view of Corwin, a young man whose master has recently been executed by the t [...]

    11. This book moves from Atlantis to the world of the land-dwellers in medieval Britannica. We are introduced to the story of Corwin, a boy who has unreliable visions, and his thieving mentor. Several bad disputes with a king leaves the mentor killed and Corwin on the run for his life when he finds a shell. This shell, of course, is going to change his life forever. In this part of the trilogy, Corwin, the shell and Nia are all joined together in ways that are moderately interesting to read. This ta [...]

    12. I like this sequel; more action from the protagonist, and more of the little prince. I like the change of MC, too, and I think that would make the series overall appealing to both genders. It's also interesting to see Nia through someone else's eyes - that new POV is refreshing, and this world is fantastic! [spoiler] As for Corwin's bloodline, I kind of expecting him to be the child of a wizard, but I think a mermyd fits better hahaha. Oh and I was expecting the narrative to switch to Nia's POV [...]

    13. Definitely a far cry from the last book. SOOOO much building building and building. While enjoyable for the most part, this is sad. The minor triumphs they have are played up too much and their failures are passed over. What annoyed me now that they are joined to Gobaith is the constant internal dialogue- really reminiscent of Dune. While I understand why it's there, it's just not done well. I'm one book away from finishing the series, and she was able to get me excited for it, but this is defin [...]

    14. Right so I read the first book in this series some years ago and even though it's probably something I would have ADORED as an 11 year old, I still kinda enjoyed the writing as an adult??? It was just a really fun and quick read that was written in such a lush way. Unfortunately this second installment wasn't as lush as the first and it was even more trope-y and obviously directed at pre-teens It was still fun though! I'm curious to see what will happen in the third and final book since that is [...]

    15. This is a book about a mermyd, a faraworlder, and a lad-dweller all meeting each other. But they are not just meeting each other- Tthey become JOINED. One cannot survive without the other. It is hard enough to keep themselveds alive, but carrying the lives of THREE? Thus book is sure to take an exciting turn- for better or worse. Read this book, but not yet. Read the first one of thins series. THEN, read this one. :D

    16. This wasn't as engaging as the first book in the trilogy. (This is part of the reason it took so long to finish. The other part being distracted by Avengers fanfic) Partly because it takes place on land, so until the plot gets going (and there's a lot of set-up), there's not much to distract you from the lack of plot. (Whereas there was so much world building in the first you hardly noticed.) The third book takes place in the water again, and therefore promises to be more interesting.

    17. This book was just okay. The writing left a lot to be desired, especially because this book was based on land and not in the mythical city of Atlantis. The location meant that the author didn't really have anything special or new to show the reader, so the focus on the simplistic writing was more acute. Her grammar was fine, but it was very juvenile, even for a young adult book.I hope the next one is better.

    18. THESE TRILOGY books are SOO GOOD. kinda cheezy yes, but hey what is wrong with that. its kina a mermaid thing but it plays into a bit of camalot and that whole story. Mostly a scifi with a touch of romance. weird but SOOOO GOOD. ive read them at least three times. but whatever you do, do not read the back of the books because they sound so stupid.

    19. Well, I'm still liking the characters and the plot. I still think this books as some more than pg13 moments - *coughcough* that overly long kissing scene - and I really like that the Penndragons were mention as I love the Arthurian tales, but I have a feeling I won't hear any more of them. Can't wait to get to book three.

    20. The second book in the series delicately layers the story of our mermaid into the legend of King Arthur . . .

    21. An easy read. Though it was semi-disappointing that the story is being told from a different perspective. Takes the series into an unexpected place.

    22. i didn't say in the review of the first book that this would be age appropiate as juvenile/yound adult read. I enjoyed this book too.

    23. Lots of interesting twists in this short sequel. The characters are well done even if the story line is a bit flat.

    24. The second volume is completely different from the first part. From a highly developed underwater world we went on to a medieval story above the waterline.

    25. A great sequel to "Ascension". Corwin was an interesting character, and I liked his interaction with Nia and the princeling, but some of his inner thoughts I found oddly out of character.

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