Nia and Corwin have each fought their own battles Now they are Joined together to face their most dangerous enemy yet Ma el, the evil Avatar In order to defeat Ma el, they must retrieve a magical sword from Atlantis But after a treacherous journey through the sea, they are shocked to discover that the sword is nowhere to be found.As Nia and Corwin search for the sword,Nia and Corwin have each fought their own battles Now they are Joined together to face their most dangerous enemy yet Ma el, the evil Avatar In order to defeat Ma el, they must retrieve a magical sword from Atlantis But after a treacherous journey through the sea, they are shocked to discover that the sword is nowhere to be found.As Nia and Corwin search for the sword, they realize that the good people of Atlantis are now enslaved by Ma el Worse still, Ma el plans the same for Corwin s native land of Wales Nia and Corwin must find the sword and stop Ma el before it s too late.
Transformation Nia and Corwin have each fought their own battles Now they are Joined together to face their most dangerous enemy yet Ma el the evil Avatar In order to defeat Ma el they must retrieve a magical swor

  • Title: Transformation
  • Author: Kara Dalkey
  • ISBN: 9780064408103
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. When I read this trilogy, I had just entered that weird moment of ish-adolescence where you're holding your breath and waiting for that final/horrific shove into puberty (Dear 13-year-old Rosh, I wish I could go back in time and snatch that tube of Nair from your hands before you gave yourself a chemical burn mustache). When I read this trilogy, I still wanted to grow up and become a mermaid (this was before I realized that most oceans are cold and so no thank you). The movie Atlantis had come o [...]

    2. Nia and Corwin are joined together as Avatars, linked together with Gobaith, the young Farworlder. Now they face their greatest challenge yet as they travel to Atlantis to stop the evil Avatar Ma'el and his Farworlder, Joab. Nia and Corwin hope to find a magical, powerful sword that they hope can help them defeat Ma'el for once and for all. But they arrive in Atlantis to find the sword missing. They must search for the sword in the once-grand city, now a ghostly near-ruin. But even if they find [...]

    3. Amazingly done! And a story that links to tales close to my heart. I had no idea!! She utterly surprised me and I LOVED IT! This is a series that will stay in my collection forever.

    4. Genre: FantasySummary: The last part of the Water trilogy by Kara Dalkey. As the subtitle says, "the quest is fulfilled AT LAST" Amen. At last, the book series is over and done with. Like I predicted in my review of the second book, this ended sadly, I think. I am still puzzling over how it ended. Anyways, in this book, Nia and Corwin leave land to head back to Atlantis to defeat Ma'el for the last time. When they reach Atlantis (after avoiding different traps) they find the remaining inhabitant [...]

    5. First, I would like to say that I loved this trilogy. There is plenty of action through each book to keep anyone entertained. Unfortunately, this was my least favorite in the series. The book starts out where the last one left off. Nia and friends head into the water to find the peace making sword in Atlantis. Along the way they run into traps laid by Ma'el, but our heroes work together to get through them. When the gang arrives in Atlantis they find it changed completely. During their quest to [...]

    6. This book was okay. The first book introduced several ideas that meshed really well together. The second book introduced another idea, but the second book wasn't very good.This third book was better than the second book but not as good as the first book. The relationship between Corwin and Nia still felt a little forced, but not nearly as horrifically forced as their blooming feelings in the second book.The defeat of Ma'el seemed almost too easy, but it worked.I really liked at the end ((even th [...]

    7. Well, I've finished this trip down nostalgia lane and, while it started out promising, the quality definitely deteriorated over the span of three books. The dialogue was even stiffer than the second installment, awkward foreshadowing is clunky in the middle of otherwise interesting plot points, the romance was lackluster and forced, and far less time was given to the "surprise reveal" in the epilogue than I remembered from my initial reading. But the world building was fascinating and I did appr [...]

    8. This last installment is consistent with the previous two - fun and fantastical!! I'm a sucker for this kind of late 90s/early 2000s fantasy nonsense, since it was what I was into as a kid. I'm predictable whatever. Anyway, this was a good ending to the series and tied up a lot of loose ends. SPOILERS: I liked how Dalkey tied the series into Arthurian legends, the cover is a dead giveaway if you think of King Arthur. I'M NOT GONNA DO THE MATH FOR YOU, IT'S VERY SIMPLE FRIENDS. When I read it I h [...]

    9. A good book with an interesting twist. Not quite as good as the second book, but better than the first. I wish that there were more books in the series.

    10. Best book out of the trilogy in my opinion ; lots of character development and I got what I wanted (more Callimar and Prince Farworlder). Amazing things happened, Ma'el is thwarted, most loose ends are tied (old man gains his sight, the "last" old the old-world teleportation ruins are destroyed). And the true ending ties in with King Arthur: the prophecy of a king bringing peace holds true (one who is young, blah blah). It was kind of a happy ending, though I thought Niniane's awakening was too [...]

    11. Transformation is the final book in Kara Dalkey's Water trilogy, beginning with Ascension and continuing with Reunion, both of which are essential reads if you want to understand this final book. Previously, young mermyd called Nia from the underwater city of Atlantis came ashore in order to find Gobiath, a squid-like Farworlder that rules Atlantis. He is one of the last of his kind after Atlantis was betrayed by the evil mermyd Ma'el and his Farworlder Joab, and now Nia is an Avatar (someone wi [...]

    12. In this less than thrilling conclusion to the Water trilogy (one third of which was actually on land), we dredge through a hundred pages to finally get to the point that the author wishes to make. Corwin and Nia face surmountable obstacles to eventually get home to Atlantis. Once there, they search for the sword, their one hope of defeating Ma'el. The tale finishes in quite the unexpected twist, but the ending is worth getting to. I started out really loving this trilogy, but it just kept going [...]

    13. WOW! This one was epic! I read it in just two sittings - in one day, too. Everything just builds to a huge climax, and there was action around every corner. I still love Nia. The scene in the Farworlder nursery made me cheer her on, because you can tell Nia's ready to kick some Avatar butt. I love Dalkey's writing as well; there were several lines that made me chuckle as I read. We also return to Atlantis in this one, which we didn't get to see in the second novel. I tore through this book, and [...]

    14. For the most part, the trilogy as a whole would make for one decent movie, though it would need some rewriting towards the end. The reasoning behind how she ends up floating in the lake is rather thin. I think the story would have been better if Dalkey'd given up on the Arthur tie-in and just ran with the characters/Atlantis world she had developed. If you weren't already familiar with Arthurian Legend, you would be very confused. If you are familiar with Arthurian Legend, you might be put off b [...]

    15. Wow. Just wow. Sure the end didn't go they way I thought it would. Sure they're romance still burns even if they're not physcially together. But what really did it for me was the way it tied everything back to my Arthurian tales. I love Arthur and all of that, it honestly made me so happy to see the connection. It really did. So even though they didn't get the romance I wanted it was still okay. Amazing read even if that underwater sharknado thing got a little too graphic. Seriously. This series [...]

    16. Well, as everyone has been saying, the ending is sad and kind of sucks. For me, the ending is bad for another reason- it feels very incomplete. You've spent a whole series setting up the fate of Atlantis only to not tell us what ends up happening! The book on the whole is better paced than the other two, but the characterization becomes sloppy- if the author didn't mention whose thoughts we were now following, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference most times. Overall, though, it was a [...]

    17. I don't know what it is about me that makes me keep reading and loving books that break my heart with their endings, but it's happened again. That isn't to say that this wasn't an excellent book, because it was, but I really wanted to see a happy, happy ending to Nia and Corwin's story not just a bittersweet, happy enough ending. A strong close to an amazing series, I am looking forward to rereading these books and, hopefully, sharing them with my future children.

    18. THESE TRILOGY books are SOO GOOD. kinda cheezy yes, but hey what is wrong with that. its kina a mermaid thing but it plays into a bit of camalot and that whole story. Mostly a scifi with a touch of romance. weird but SOOOO GOOD. ive read them at least three times. but whatever you do, do not read the back of the books because they sound so stupid.

    19. I loved the first two of the series a lot, and I kind of liked the first half of this book. but it was the ending that I was just so confused. I was just so mad because I expected more o Kara :| oh well

    20. I suspected what would happen in the epilogue based on the cover, but it was still a pleasant read. The ending does leave me wondering what eventually happened to Corwin and Nia; it would have been nice to know if he did actually return to Atlantis as the new ruler.

    21. This was a pretty good finale to the series. The romance seems a little forced to me and wasn't really developed very strongly. The plot was pretty good, though it was a little rushed at the end. Overall, a good, clean, fun series.

    22. Another book from my childhood that I loved. In fact, so much that I wrote a short story in my college fiction class inspired by this. Loved the idea of a kingdom under the sea. I also enjoyed Corwin's transformation to breathing with gills in the beginning of the book. Such a good read.

    23. I loved this trilogy when I read it. It was hard to get a hold of--my library system only had like one copy of each volume, but it was good!

    24. Still a very fast read and interesting but the story was too "neat". Oh look, so and so wasn't really dead. I love you and I have to sacrifice myself. A bit too much and not enough at the same time.

    25. Good wrap up to a series. I'm glad I forgot how it ended from when I read it as a tween. I enjoy the story very much.

    26. The Mermyds are back- and this war must end now. Will they come out victorious? Or, will the forever be slaves of an evil dictator? Read this book to conclude the Water series.

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