Darwin for Beginners

The Beginner Books Their cartoon format and irreverent wit make difficult ideas accessible and entertaining Newsdayaking us through the upheavals in biological thought which made The Origins of Species possible, Jonathan Miller introduces us to that odd revolutionary, Charles Darwin a remarkably timid man who spent most of his life in seclusion a semi invalid rThe Beginner Books Their cartoon format and irreverent wit make difficult ideas accessible and entertaining Newsdayaking us through the upheavals in biological thought which made The Origins of Species possible, Jonathan Miller introduces us to that odd revolutionary, Charles Darwin a remarkably timid man who spent most of his life in seclusion a semi invalid riddled with doubts, fearing the controversy his theories might unleash yet also the man who finally undermined belief in God s creation Along the way we meet a fascinating cast of characters Darwin s scientific predecessors, his contemporaries including Alfred Russell Wallace, whose anticipation of natural selection forced Darwin to publish , his opponents, and his successors whose work in modern genetics provided necessary modifications to Darwin s own work.Splendidly illustrated, this clever, witty, highly informative book is the perfect introduction to Darwin s life and thought.
Darwin for Beginners The Beginner Books Their cartoon format and irreverent wit make difficult ideas accessible and entertaining Newsdayaking us through the upheavals in biological thought which made The Origins of Specie

  • Title: Darwin for Beginners
  • Author: Jonathan Miller Borin Van Loon
  • ISBN: 9780375714580
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Just like the rest of the "introductory series" this book does a good job of simplifying a difficult subject making it more accessible.Not my favorite of the series, I would have enjoyed reading a bit more about Darwin's life and struggles. But none the less it has sparked my curiosity and I am quite eager to read more about Darwin and his theories.

    2. عندما قرأ ت. هـ. هكسلي صديق داروين وزميله كتاب أصل الأنواع لأول مرة في عام 1859 قال لنفسه: "يا لغبائي! كيف لم أفكر في ذلك من قبل؟" •••مع أنه مازال هناك عدد كبير من التفاصيل التقنية التي ظلت محيرة حتى الآن؛ فإن نظرية داروين تظل هي التفسير الوحيد المعقول للحياة على الأرض. •••إن ال [...]

    3. This is an interesting look at Darwin. The comic book is a biography, talking about Darwin. What is amazing about this book is that goes through various other scientists, who were active before or during Darwin's life that had their own theories about the life of animals. The book also talks about Darwin not as genius but as an person of average intelligence. Since the theory of evolution isn't very complicated, the book talks a lot about history, which isn't common with the "for Beginners" comi [...]

    4. Like the other books in the Introducing series, this presents the key topics and ideas in a readable form. However, I liked this one less than some of the others I have read, primarily because of the polemical tone (like 'Making a British ass of himself' or 'stupid critics' types of expression) and because the discussion does become jargon filled at places, like the descriptions of Mendelian biology etc.

    5. Overall, this book does a good job of showing what Darwin discovered, went through, and how it changed the world. It's pretty simple to understand.But wow. Really? It's really inappropriate. There are terribly disgusting pictures and occasional swearing, which I'm unaccustomed to when it comes to reading text books (what this was for me). So, it's a good read, but don't read it around small children.

    6. My husband and I read this small book to each other. I don't think I would have finished it if I read it alone. I am sure very accurate but Darwin wasn't that exciting or interesting of a person from an observational view. what he produced as human is a whole different story, that is not this story.

    7. This comprehensive book explains everything you've ever wanted to know about Darwin and the facts surrounding his "Origins of the Species." I'm not a science person AT ALL and I was miraculously able to comprehend the book's information, presented in cartoon format. It's witty and entertaining. Highly recommended, especially for people who don't mesh well with science but are curious anyways.

    8. Just a fun little overview of Darwin's life and work. Nothing spectacular, but there are lots of cartoons, which keeps it enjoyable. I do wish I could suspend my inner copyeditor; this one needed a firmer eye looking it over before it went to print.

    9. Okay, although Darwinism is today self-evident theory. Last 40 pages were somewhat complicated for me. Illustrations doesn't make sense at all.

    10. Darwin biography meets Mad Magazine through a natural history lens, this does a great job of comic bookizing the story of how the most important book ever written for empiricists came to be.

    11. I needed to read this for my Anthropology class. It was a very simple way to learn about Darwin.

    12. This was a fantastic intro to the life and times of Darwin, and clearing up a lot of simple misconceptions about the man himself. He had an interesting and fruitful life, and this book is short and easy to follow. Highly recommended!

    13. Irreverent, smart, and surprisingly dense for a cute little book. The comics were helpful, as the language was a bit tricky for my students. Still, it was worth it!I needed a short book to teach about evolution--but I wanted a bit more than the basics. I wanted my students to gain some historical context and broader appreciation for evolution, something beyond salt-and-pepper moths and long-necked giraffes. This book helped them contemplate the structure of scientific revolutions: how far-reachi [...]

    14. Dulu waktu jaman masih pake seragam putih merah, aku pernah tanya ke guruku. Kalo teori Darwin itu benar, berarti Nabi Adam monyet dong? Sama guruku aku dimarahi. Dia bilang jangan campur adukkan agama dan ilmu pengetahuan (ini juga jawaban guru sejarahku waktu SMA. Malah guruku ngasih petuah: Kau percaya aja deh apa kata buku pelajaranmu kalo pengen dapat nilai bagus). Baru pas kuliah aku baca buku-buku lain tentang teori Darwin dan orientalisme. Teori darwin itu muncul sekitar jamannya orang E [...]

    15. Buku yang ditulis oleh Jonathan Miller dan digambar ilustrasinya oleh Baron van Loon ini diterbitkan oleh Mizan di Indonesia dalam seri buku "For Beginner" lainnya. Buku ini mencoba menjelaskan mengenai biografi Charles Darwin dan teorinya yang sangat terkenal sekaligus kontroversial itu, Teori Evolusi.Coretan ilustrasi yang disapukan disini cukup impresif, dengan kesan ilustrasi realis di buku-buku kuno yang monokrom. Terkadang ada karakter yang digambar seperti karikatur yang lucu. Namun janga [...]

    16. Aku selalu suka dengan buku-bukun yang berbau Ilmu Pengetahuan seperti ini, Buku ini kumiliki ketika masih di SMP dulu, dan dari buku inilah aku berhasil membuat satu Karya Tulis yang ketika itu menjadi karya tulis terbaik di SMPku tercintaSMPN I Solo hehehe. Salah satu yang membuatku tertarik dengan Darwin ini adalah keberaniannya untuk menyesuaikan dirinya dengan kenyataan dan kebenaran yang sanggup ditangkapnya. Saya tidak setuju bahwa manusia dan monyet satu nenek moyang, namun bagaimanapun [...]

    17. This is a graphic (comic) book, but it really has a lot of good meat to it. I liked the way it laid out what ideas about evolution were in the air prior to Darwin. And, having just read a biography of the early life of Darwin, I enjoyed seeing some of the same material summarized very thoughtfully. But most interesting for me was the later sections that take up problems with Darwin's theory and how it looks in the light of Twentieth Century knowledge of genetics. Of course 30 years have passed s [...]

    18. အစၥလမၼစ္ အကယ္ဒမစ္ေတြက ဒါ၀င္ကို လက္မခံဘူး။ ေက်ာင္းသားေတြအေနနဲ႔ ဒါ၀င္ကို မသင္ၾကရဘူး။ သင္ရင္ေတာင္ မွားတယ္ဆိုတဲ့ အဆိုကို ဖင္ခုၿပီး တစ္ပါတည္းသင္ရတယ္လို႔ ၾကားမိတယ္။ ခရစ္ယန္ေတြက်ေတာ့ [...]

    19. مقدمة مبسطة للداروينية يكشف الكاتب فيها أن نظرية التطور لم تكن سبق لداروين منفردا لكن سبقه فيها أسلافه و علماء معاصرون له مثل والاس و الجزء الأخير ن الكتاب يتعرض فيه الكاتب لجريجور مندل و كيف هُمش رغم صحة فرضياته يبقى جزء " العشوائية " في النظرية غير مقبول عقليا و لا عقديا و [...]

    20. What an awesome little book. Puts Darwin's theories into the perspective of his time and the theories of others who preceded his work and explains what the hoopla was all about. Helps to clarify in a step by step process just how Darwin formulated his theory and forms a great starting point before tackling "Origin of Species". Irreverent, but fun illustrations add to the overall experience!Great book for young adults and us older adults who think they know it all.

    21. a concise yet very comprehensive 'introduction to Darwin' book. It slightly covers Darwin's life, family, scientific world before and after him and of course his theory. This book deserves 5 stars as it has sparked my curiosity and encouraged me to do some further reading. BTW, excellent illustrations by Borin Van Loon!

    22. "great book. Turns out "the watch" argument against evolution comes from Bishop Paley, and even back then, in the early 1830s, it was called 'intelligent creation' being the explanation for the beautiful efficiency of nature.'" - 2009

    23. Punya buku ini versi terjemahan dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Aku beli dengan harga murah, karena ketika aku beli buku ini sudah termasuk buku lama. Beli untuk koleksi :-)Sebenarya tidak mudah lho, membaca buku for beginners ini.

    24. كتاب مبسط مهم كبدايه عشان تقدر تفهم كلام درايون فيما بعد لتكتشف ان داروين لم يكن الوحيد اللى قدر يوصل لمفهوم التطور بل سبقه كتير ولكنه الوحيد اللى قدر يضيغ النظريه واليه التطور من خلال كتابه اللى اثار ضجه اصل الانواع واللى اتمنى اقدر اقراه

    25. One of my college courses used this, Western Civ, I think. It makes for a very good introduction to the subject.

    26. I could have done without some of the illustrations but overall a great book that clearly explained the basics.

    27. A fun introduction to evolutionary biology. The historical background leading to Darwin's famous theory is worth the read.

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