Arriving in 1935 Cleveland with a determination to clean up the city, Eliot Ness is greeted by a series of grisly murders and is introduced to the local underground that threatens to swallow up his own detectives Reprint NYT.
Torsos Arriving in Cleveland with a determination to clean up the city Eliot Ness is greeted by a series of grisly murders and is introduced to the local underground that threatens to swallow up his ow

  • Title: Torsos
  • Author: John Peyton Cooke
  • ISBN: 9780446404549
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Over the period 1935-8, possibly beginning earlier and ending later, an unknown serial killer murdered at least a dozen people, leaving their decapitated and usually dismembered bodies scattered around the city of Cleveland. The case captured international attention, especially since the cops seemed powerless to come up with even the scantest of clues. That the city's Safety Director became, after the initial murders, none other than Eliot Ness of Untouchables fame merely added to the piquancy.T [...]

    2. Such a great one. Until the very end I was thinking that the end is going to be all sad and bitter , but I was surprised at Cooke's wise descision. I definitely recommend this book !!

    3. Read this years ago while still living in Cleveland. A friend's visit and conversation about the Torso Killer reminded me.Historical information in this was good (mostly), but the story itself was very gritty & graphic sexually and on the "fetish" end of things. I compare the "chicken scene" to the "cat scene" in The Once and Future King" i.e. a disturbing mental image I wish I'd never had.I think if one is interested in the torso murders, there are likely better books out there.

    4. Fast paced and tightly gripping plot - kept me wanting for more.This is the first novel I've read with quite a few gay theme and I'm surprised that the story is more than the erotic plot and details. I really appreciate that the author tried to leave more details to the audience's imagination.

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