Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum

After a variety of animals get stuck one by one in bubble gum melting in the road, they must survive encounters with a big blue truck and a burly black bear.
Bubble Gum Bubble Gum After a variety of animals get stuck one by one in bubble gum melting in the road they must survive encounters with a big blue truck and a burly black bear

  • Title: Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum
  • Author: Lisa Wheeler Harriet Kasak Portfolio Laura Huliska-Beith
  • ISBN: 9780316988940
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I think just the title of this story would get the children's attention just because of their love for bubble gum. It has it humorous parts involving the animals getting stuck in the bubble gum which would keep the children interested trying to guess which animal is going to get stuck next. The story could be used to ask some good questions while reading out loud.

    2. This one was great for music and movement. Use with the song "Sticky Bubblegum" by Carole Peterson and/or make up your own tune. We used scarves as bubblegum.

    3. I love rhyming kids' books that are put together so well, you can "hear" the rhythm, even if you're not trying.

    4. Wonderful rhyming book! My 5-month-old was paying so much attention while I read it to him. I wish I could get a copy of this book, but I was told it is no longer in print. I can't wait to borrow it from the library again!

    5. Funny story about a lot of animals who get stuck in a piece in a piece of bubble gum on the road. Clever twist at the end.

    6. The Michigan Reads book for this year. Great circle story of sticky gum, vivid animals and a passel of trouble. My class enjoyed it.

    7. Cute story about animals getting stuck in bubble gum. Might be fun to couple at storytime with Carole Peterson Stephens' "Sticky Bubble Gum" song.

    8. Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum by Lisa Wheeler is a cute and entertaining book for young readers. It begins with "a fine, fat, toad" who comes along and steps in bubble gum in the road. The toad gets stuck in the bubble gum. Then a slew of other characters such as a shrew, goose, bee, and a crow all come along and they get stuck in the bubble gum too! Oh no, a big blue truck approaches all the characters stuck in the bubble gum so they must work together and chew, chew, chew the gum into a balloon. The [...]

    9. Ever had gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe? Well, how about you getting stuck to the gum? This story begins with a happy little frog minding his own business, when he accidentally gets stuck to an enormous wad of bubble gum on the road. And he's just the first. Five animals find themselves in the same distressing situation as a vehicle barrels down the road toward them. These animals don't lack ingenuity, however, and they use the gum as their escape. The action continues as a bear chases the [...]

    10. A toad gets stuck in some bubble gum that’s all melted in the road. A shrew comes along, laughing at the toad, and promptly gets stuck. Soon a whole slew of creatures are stuck in the gum, and when a truck comes down the road, they panic into chewing the gum, blowing a bubble, and escaping. The adventure isn’t over yet, though, as a bear comes alongd he gets stuck in the gum! This book was rather disappointing. I found the plot a cute idea, but really implausible, and the animals end up chew [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book and it kept me guessing as to how all these fun and silly characters were going to get out of their sticky situation ! Very child friendly and inviting , loved the illustrations and the lesson it taught children on how through teamwork , talking it out you can work through a sticky situation .About the Author: Lisa Wheeler was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She had no access to a public library so she would spend many hours in her school's library as she loved to rea [...]

    12. Well, this was definitely a fun book to read. There was lots of rhyming and funny descriptive words, like ooey-gooey. It makes children laugh. The animals adventure while stepping in gum along the way allows children to use their imagination. It's so far fetched you can't help but laugh. it was also colorful and each page leaves you wondering what you find find on the next page. It would be fun to include the children in the reading. Ask them what they think will happen next or have them repeat [...]

    13. This is a book that you can read over and over again to your child without getting bored! The rhymes are just fantastic. It's the story of some animals getting stuck in a patch of bubble gum:Bubble Gum, bubble gumChewy gooey bubble gumIcky sticky bubble gumMelting in the road.Along comes a toadA fine, fat toad,A fine fat wild--splat-Wart-backed toad.Ew, yuck, the toad got stuck!Sticky toad, sticky toad.Bumpy-icky-sticky toadLumpy grumpty, sticky toadStiting in the goo,Along comes a shrewAnd the [...]

    14. This a great story for children who love to solve problems and guess what will happen next. It lets them think of different possibilities and solutions. The book can also be used as a memory game for children. They can start from the beginning of the story and begin naming all the animals that got stuck in the gum in order. Not to mention, the illustrations in this book will make children smile as they look at each page. The animals' expressions and actions are really silly and fun to look at.

    15. This book was very cute. I liked that their was a lot of color so I think children will stay entertained for the most part as you can ask questions about what is happening or what will be happening next. It also had a small concept not to be mean to people because some day something mean might happen back to you so its good to just work all as a team and be nice to each other. If was a funny book as well to see how so many animals were getting caught in the bubble gum and for the end to show it [...]

    16. Review: This is a really nice story. It has so many different animals. Children can learn the names of these new animals through this story. They also introduce new words and vocabulary. Learning Experience: The children will be given different liquids such as liquid glue, juice, water, wet flour, etc in a large tray or tub. They will put their hands inside and feel the different liquids to see how they feel and which ones are sticky and which ones are not and which are sticker than the other.

    17. I LOVE this book, it is so much fun for the children! All the different variety of vocabulary and all the different types of animals that walk down the path. you could use this book in science and language. Language for the vocabulary and science what else is sticky besides bubble gum. So much fun for everyone!Lisa Wheeler.She first got her intrest in writing in fourth grade, when she won her halloween poem. She moved to michigan when she was 15 and spent most of her time in the library. She sti [...]

    18. Absolutely love this book! The best part of reading this book is not knowing what could possibly happen next. The rhyming of the words helps children to focus and be engaged to the story, in my opinion. I also love the vocabulary used in this book. New Vocab: Burly, Stuck, Rude. Learning Experiences: 1. Exploring bubble gum- the taste, how it feels, the color and the smell. Engaging all senses. 2. Seeing how sticky the bubble gum really is!. What will stick to the bubble gum? how many things can [...]

    19. Great book for a storytime on "Bubbles".Excerpt: "Bubble gum, bubble gum, Chewy-gooey bubble gum, Icky-sticky bubble gum, melting in the road."This story tells of all the animals that get stuck in the bubble gum. The animals finally get unstuck after a big bear comes along and scares them. Then the bear gets stuck and a whole new round of animals come along and get stuck as well.It's a funny story and the rhythm, rhyme, and repetition are fantastic.

    20. I think this book is funny and cute. I love all the nonsense descriptive words. As I was listening to the story, I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to come up with a game/activity where children use words and nonsense descriptive words to describe many different textures. I could also develop some sort of activity dealing with seriation or teamwork. This book also has tons of rhyming words which makes it great for literature.

    21. This book was a part of a "Sticky Story Time" for Pre-Schoolers. It was pretty cute and the children listened quite well. I was able to throw in "what is going to happen" or "what do you think will happen". The one thing that bothered me a bit was the overuse of rhyming words. While I know rhyming words are great to point out as you are reading and helping children to get ready to read, but it seemed to drag down the story a little bit.

    22. This is a cute book that uses rhyming to help maintain interest in the basic story line. The plot of the story is that a group of animals get stuck in bubble gum that is on the road and then work together to get free. As the story ends, the reader is left to decide if a new group of animals will get stuck. The rhyming combined with the detailed and somewhat comical illustrations do a good job of keeping children interested and engaged.

    23. I selected Bubble Gum , Bubble Gum to read to a Kindergarter because of the large words 'Bubble Gum' which a child could 'help' me read throught the book. The lyrical rhyme was appealing to me as the reader as well as the 5 year old as the listener.When asked what was her favorite part, she repleid, "I like the part when all the animals worked together to make a bubble. Well, actually, I like it all."Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum is a hit at my house; sure to be read over and over and over

    24. This book was very colorful. It's allows children to think of solutions on how to get out of bubble gum, so children have to use their cognitive skills to expand their thinking. This book teaches children not to drop or throw bubble gum on floor because of consequence of something getting stuck on it. Also this book uses a lot of rhyming words and many adjectives to describe different things and situations.

    25. This is a silly book that children would love. It has big pictures, the roundness of the drawings, and great repetition. It also introduces some new vocabulary words such as burly, stuck, and rude.L.E.: After reading the book revisit the new vocabulary words that were discussed. Then have children give you examples of a situation or sentences were you would use these words. For example: teacher to class- "what are things you can get stuck in?"

    26. Bubble Bubble Gum is a wonderful story to keep children's attention. Children love to chew bubble gum! This story allows children to predict the sequence of events. Children can think of what might happen to the hen at the end of the story and continue creating a story of their own. In Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum there is much phonological awareness, onomatopoeia, rhyming words, and sophisticated vocabulary.

    27. This book was very cute. It was also a rhyming book to help figure out what was getting stuck next. Some were more predictable than others. But very cute story for children to get engaged in. L.E. Have the children act out the book. Give each of the children a part of the book and re-play it. It would get all the children engaged and show them sequence to who comes next.

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