For seven books, Clive Cussler has dazzled readers with the spine tingling adventures Chicago Tribune of Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA Special Assignments Team, but in Medusa the NUMA team faces what may be its most perilous mission of all.In the Micronesian Islands, a top secret, U.S government sponsored undersea lab conducting vital biomedical rFor seven books, Clive Cussler has dazzled readers with the spine tingling adventures Chicago Tribune of Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA Special Assignments Team, but in Medusa the NUMA team faces what may be its most perilous mission of all.In the Micronesian Islands, a top secret, U.S government sponsored undersea lab conducting vital biomedical research on a rare jellyfish known as the Blue Medusa suddenly disappears At the same time, off Bermuda, a bathysphere is attacked by an underwater vehicle and left helpless a half mile below the surface, its passengers including Zavala left to die Only Kurt Austin s heroic measures save them from a watery grave, but, suspecting a connection, Austin puts the NUMA team on the case He has no idea what he s just gotten them all into A hideous series of medical experiments an extraordinarily ambitious Chinese criminal organization a secret new virus that threatens to set off a worldwide pandemic Austin and Zavala have been in tight spots before, but this time it s not just their own skins they re trying to save it s the lives of millions.Filled with the high stakes suspense and boundless invention unique to Cussler, Medusa is the most thrilling novel yet from the grand master of adventure.
Medusa For seven books Clive Cussler has dazzled readers with the spine tingling adventures Chicago Tribune of Kurt Austin Joe Zavala and the rest of the NUMA Special Assignments Team but in Medusa the N

  • Title: Medusa
  • Author: Clive Cussler Paul Kemprecos
  • ISBN: 9780399155659
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. If your are looking for pure swash-buckling adventure, then this is it. NUMA (National Underwater Marine Agency) is an oceanographic research foundation, and some of the key personnel seem to be very similar to the James Bond character; extremely capable, nonchalant, easy-going even in a pinch, and very good with the ladies. They get themselves into lots of tough predicaments, and then use their wits to extricate themselves.You sort of have to throw away your disbelief, and your desire for reali [...]

    2. A fast paced techno/medical thriller after eons.The plot is convoluted, but is something like -*early 19th century, few ship crew are attacked by sperm whale, medusa, and one is even engulfed by the whale but is rescued, and these men show certain health benefits, which go recorded* Present day research involving H1N1 vaccine*China and SARS/influenza epidemics which remains uncontrolled*Chinese mafia which has its manifold hand in every lucrative pie including health industry and politics*Corrup [...]

    3. Oh Clive, we used to be such good friends, you and I. We were practically inseparable all those years ago. Although I discovered you late into my Jr. High career, you were the one responsible for pulling me through that awkward transition from child to teenager. I even remember the very first book of yours I read (“Iceberg, Junior Edition) and I can pretty much blame “Atlantis Found” as the one novel that really got me into reading spirit.I’ll admit, over time we kind of drifted apart. I [...]

    4. In Medusa, a series of seemingly unrelated events combine into a cold, calculated scheme which will kill millions of people and dangle the fates of nations in the hands of a few Chinese madmen. The story begins in 1848 on the whaling ship, Princess, when the crew falls under a strange illness while sailing the Pacific. The strange potion that cures them is remarkable and most of the men live to a ripe old age, relatively free of disease.Years later, a strain of the virus which afflicted the men [...]

    5. Clive Cussler is becoming nothing but a nice time waster for me. Nothing I have read by him has amazed me much and most of it is just quickly-produced novels that seem to all be about some sort of conspiracy. James Rollins has a similar problem with me now that he writes almost exclusively for his Sigma Force books. Like James Rollins, Cussler researches his books a great deal and this shines through the otherwise bland novel like a coin submerged in oatmeal. I always get annoyed when books boun [...]

    6. It is an intriguing, suspense thriller. I was first attracted to it by the unusual story of Caleb Nye, who in 1848 was swallowed by a sperm whale in the South Pacific, but was rescued a few hours later when the whale was killed and gutted for its whale oil. Nye's widely acclaimed survival in the belly of a fish made him a carnival attraction as a "modern day Jonah." Also of interest was the novel's focus on the anti-viral benefits of the jelly fish (the Medusa) toxins to combat virus infections. [...]

    7. Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala of NUMA and their underwater vehicles B3 and Bubbles are attacked by a mysterious submersible when they take a scientist with them on an exploration. The scientist is head of an undersea laboratory, Davy Jones’s Locker, which disappears at the same time. The Navy asks NUMA for help in retrieving the laboratory. Of course, as in most of Cussler’s books, the future of the planet depends on Austin and NUMA, this time in safeguarding the vaccine to an epidemic. Our her [...]

    8. Fun easy thriller that reads like a movie script. This was the first Clive Cussler book that I've read. I hadn't even heard of him before. He strikes me as a kind of poor man's Tom Clancy. The plot was interesting, the plot fast and it took place at exotic locales with heroic good guys and really bad bad guys.The downside was that the characters seemed like thin caricatures and some of the dialog was excruciatingly bad. It reminded me of watching a really cheesy movie. Overall a fun, quick read. [...]

    9. A Kurt Austin/NUMA novel incorporating the recent SARS epidemic scare into the threat of bioterrorism. A fascinating denizen of the deep, the Blue Medusa jellyfish, is being studied for its potential use in developing a cure for the threatened epidemic but the research scientists and their discoveries have been kidnapped and it is up to Kurt and his supporting cast including the intrepid Trouts (Gamay & Paul) and the suave Joe Zavala to save the day.

    10. A classic Clive Cussler novel with twists and turns that keep you turning the pages. If you love the ocean and its creatures you will love this book. The oceans may well hold the answers to todays medical cures.

    11. Good action book and that's about it. There are some interesting facts mixed in which provide some credibility to the story line, but besides that it's just an action packed book!

    12. It is unlikely that Clive Cussler will ever win a Nobel Prize for Literature.I'm not sure he's especially troubled by that given the fact he's sold several million copies of his action-packed adventure novels and is a reader favorite around the globe.The reality is this: Whether you love him or hate him, it's clear that Cussler knows how to spin an adventure tale and "Medusa" is no exception. Co-written with Paul Kemprecos, this is a novel with all the requisite Cussler elements: Exotic location [...]

    13. I enjoy listening to Clive Cussler novels when I'm driving. Scott Brick is the perfect narrator! This starts out with a tale from 19th century whaling days when a crew is attacked by a sperm whale, a crew member is swallowed but recovered, & the crew gets sick with a disease that is cured by pacific island people who have an unusual medicine. Today, a deadly virus has been unleashed in China & is about to explode worldwide due to the Chinese criminal organization, Pyramid. Dr. Song Lee i [...]

    14. A good book for a change. Lately, I have been disappointed by Cussler's dually authored books. To me, they have been pretty sub-par for him. I think its the co-writer, and not Cussler. So when I started this, I was pessimistic.I was very pleasantly surprised. This seemed like the action thriller we have come to expect from Cussler. I note that the co-author, Paul Kembricos, has collaborated with him on numerous prior Kurt Austin adventures. Apparently, they make a good team.The story was competi [...]

    15. This was ok not bad, not fantastic (though I did apparently jump in the middle of a series, so maybe I'm just not as attached to the characters as I ought to be at this point). It's fun, mindless action from start to finish, though there was a lot of jibber-jabber in between. They have to go talk to someone, then drive somewhere else and talk to someone else, go back and talk to this other guy it reminded me of a video-game side quest at times. Anyway, it didn't blow me away, but it wasn't bad.

    16. Enjoyable as usual though for the first time I had to look up a word in the dictionary to know what the author was referring to. It is obvious the author is well informed and intelligent, but it bugs me when I have to pull out a dictionary to understand what I am reading and I am not unintelligent. Luckily, there was only one instance that I needed to resort to this action and I can overlook it due to the relative flow of the work and the interesting venues where the action takes place.

    17. Medusa is a Numa Files story, part of the Cussler's universe of adventure.Good book, as usual well written. I liked very much the main idea of the book, the cure-all pill that could save humanity from every disease, but that could trigger the heinuos insticts of mankind.Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are a well assorted pair, they assure the fast pace of the story and took the reader into the action.Cussler is always a good choice, he never let a reader down.

    18. Although there was "edge of my seat" moments, there were many boring parts. The first part didn't make sense until toward the very end. I didn't like the way it jumped around and made the reader try to figure out why that part was there. I like the Numa ship books better.

    19. absolutely loved. Clive Cussler has become one of my new favorite authors! Medusa was very addicting and I enjoyed every minute of it. its main character was Kurt Austin. I know there are other series by Mr. Cussler and I can't wait to read more by him!

    20. Almost cartoonish super-hero characters. Though that's not the main reason I'm going to quit reading this series. I just got tired of the bantering.

    21. Kurt Austin and the gang team up for another adventure on and under the sea when a bathysphere dive they’re conducting for NUMA is sabotaged, and both Kurt and his partner, Joe Zavala, are nearly killed. At the same time, a top-secret government undersea lab is hijacked and goes missing with its crew and a team of scientists on board. The target in the bathysphere attack seems to be Dr. Max Kane, a scientist making breakthroughs in immunology. The government whisks him away, but when Kurt send [...]

    22. As a HUGE Cussler fan, I've spent what seems like years in a mode of 'waiting 'til his next book came out'd then something strange happened: he began writing different series. And then it became clear after a bit that all of the co-authors were the ACTUAL writers, to which Clive came up with story outlines and had the co-author actually pen the novels. At first Paul Kemprecos was brilliant--and by that I mean he mirrored Cussler's style and more importantly his *formula* to a Tee. Take ANY of th [...]

    23. I didn't realize that I'd read this before and found that it was the only book I had with me once I remembered it. I enjoyed it all over again.

    24. Totally daft, unapologetically simple and at times extremely funny.My only complaint is that two characters had four letter names starting with the letter K, and maybe the second quarter of the book could have skipped along more quickly.I haven't read any other books by this author, but this one reads like the screenplay for a film, or maybe tv mini series.Having a limited amount of reading time I've become increasingly frustrated with very complicated books which can't be easily put down and pi [...]

    25. I am reviewing the novel Medusa by Clive Cussler et al which is an excellent adventure story and which I bought at a car boot sale. This book is part of the NUMA or Kurt Austin series of novels and I think is one of the best of the series. I don't know why but Clive hasn't written any additional books to this series recently which is a bit of a shame maybe his workload would have been too much with the other series he writes of which he generally updates each series each year. The plot to this b [...]

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