The Road to Rome

1928 After serving in World War I, Pulitzer prize winning American dramatist Sherwood wrote for Vanity Fair and Life, serving as editor of the latter His first play, the historical comedy The Road to Rome, was an immediate success.
The Road to Rome After serving in World War I Pulitzer prize winning American dramatist Sherwood wrote for Vanity Fair and Life serving as editor of the latter His first play the historical comedy The Road to

  • Title: The Road to Rome
  • Author: Robert E. Sherwood
  • ISBN: 9781417927234
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is a three-act play about Hannibal at the gates of Rome after defeating the Roman legions at Cannae, and how the wife of Fabius Maximus, the man who was just appointed dictator, convinced Hannibal to go away. It was pretty silly, but the edition I got from the library was interesting in that it contained stage layouts for each act, lighting instructions and a list of props. Also, it was the basis for the 1955 movie Jupiter's Darling, starring Howard Keel, Esther Williams and Marge and Gower [...]

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