Jessy Sparhawk has seen firsthand how gambling can ruin lives But one night, desperate for money, she places the bet that will change her life forever Just as she s collecting her winnings, a man stumbles through the crowd, a knife protruding from his back, crashes into her, pinning her to the craps table.
Nightwalker Jessy Sparhawk has seen firsthand how gambling can ruin lives But one night desperate for money she places the bet that will change her life forever Just as she s collecting her winnings a man stum

  • Title: Nightwalker
  • Author: Heather Graham
  • ISBN: 9780778326373
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Reviewed for queuemyreview; book release Apr09“I see dead people.” That line from The Sixth Sense, delivered by that child actor, has become one of the more famous, and infamously parodied, in recent history. It sent chills up my spine when I saw the movie and even now, just remembering gives me the shivers. I’m not sure what the continuing lure is for stories about ghosts, but it’s certainly an enduring part of every society and every generation. Heather Graham’s latest romantic suspe [...]

    2. A neighbor gave me this book and because I have another neighbor who wants to read it I read it rather quickly. I became a Heather Graham fan a couple of years ago when my sister gave me a triology set for Christmas. I found this book disappointing in one respect: it had several typos and things that just didn't correlate with other parts of the story. With the current ebook explosion readers are becoming more and more incensed by bad editing and poorly written books. Most of this ire has been d [...]

    3. Nightwalker (heather Graham)Suspense/Paranormal/MysteryJessy Sparhawk needs money to pay for her grandfather Timothy's home. An entertainer in Vegas, she does the one thing she rarely does. She gambles to keep her grandfather happy. While cashing in her chips a man ends up dead with a knife in his back. An investigation begins and soon a witness to this crime ends up dead as well. Dillon Wolf is hired to investigate. Soon Jessy and Dillon find themselves thrown together in this mystery and team [...]

    4. Another good Harrison Investigation read (pre-Krewe of Hunters). The star of the book was definitely Ringo, Dillon Wolf's ghostly side kick. Another where I never saw the killer coming. I am now caught up on pre-Krewe books and I enjoyed the ride!

    5. The term Nightwalker is a Native American word for people who can see and talk to ghosts. The protagonist in this book, Dillon Wolf, is a Paiute who works for a company that solves mysteries where ghosts are expected to be playing a part. In fact, his sidekick, Ringo Murphy, is a ghost. Dillon and Ringo currently find themselves in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are sent there to work on a case which includes protecting a casino owner. They end up protecting a beautiful single woman who happens to be i [...]

    6. I picked this book up because the premise looked interesting- Jessy Sparhawk is running on empty. Desperate for some money, she gambles what’s left at a Vegas casino. What she doesn’t expect is the large man who stumbles into her, and dies rather dramatically, with a knife sticking out of his back and a single word whispered in her ear. Suddenly, Jessy finds herself in the middle of murders, ghosts, and the obligatory sexy private detective, Dillon Wolf.I found all the characters to be rathe [...]

    7. When compared with the other novels in the "Adam Harrison" series, this one is something of a disappointment. No proper back stories were truly given for Timothy's "wall friends", nor Jessy's sudden ability to see the ghosts around her, and only a passing explanation for Dillion's abilities. For me, the best part of the book was the character of Ringo, who was unfortunately already dead. Definately not what I've come to expect from Heather Graham.

    8. A great mystery combines the old west with modern day Las Vegas. Complete with a creepy ghost story. They must solve a mystery from the past to prevent it from happening again now .With the help of some ghosts and indian spirits. Can they solve it before its to late?

    9. I did not want this book to end. It was great reading and a mystery that is not solved until the end. The mystery starts a hundred years before with a shootout in a saloon in a small town of Indigo but ends in Las Vegas in a casino where Jessy Sparhawk is trying to win enough money to pay housing for her Grandfather. Dillon Wolf was called in to try and solve an attempted murder but the plot goes much deeper than that. Wonderful book.

    10. I can tell Graham isn't as familiar with the Vegas area as she is with some of the other locations she writes about. Or maybe because I live in Vegas, I notice it more. I'm not sure. It was just a bit distracting for me. Which sucks, because we all know I'm total trash for Graham and I'll read pretty much anything she writes.Also, can we talk about how clear it is that Brent and Nikki are her favorites?

    11. Good storyI loved the legends and all the different ghosts in this book especially Ringo he made the book! Dillon was wonderful and Harrison's team is exceptional as always. I am on to the next. Congrats to Timothy! I will leave it there to avoid spoilers.

    12. Enjoyed this book. Liked her writing style. Good characters, good plot. Would like to read more by this author.

    13. NightwalkerI loved this book! A change of venue was nice to see. I didn't know there was so much history in Las Vegas. What a must-read story!

    14. I enjoyed this book a lot. The ending was great. I was a little confused, probably because I listened to it. There were a lot of names to follow, but it was a great book.

    15. I always love when mystery stories have a paranormal element to them. In this case, Nightwalker deals with a woman named Jessy Sparhawk who finds out she can see ghosts after a man dies on top of her in a Las Vegas casino. Private investigator Dillon Wolf is a Nightwalker himself (someone who can see ghosts), and finds himself drawn to Jessy. They team up and together try to solve the mystery of the death of Tanner Green and the mysterious word he said to Jessy.There were quite a few things I li [...]

    16. Sometimes you just need to read something predictable; a good novel with a solid story, fun characters, and no surprises helps when you’re feeling a tad burned out. This is when I turn to Heather Graham. A Graham novel will always contain a headstrong heroine, a smart kind hero, an intriguing mystery, a steamy romance, and ghosts! All good things!Nightwalker did not disappoint. It contained all the classic Heather Graham elements and made for an enjoyable read during my commute. Jessy is a cas [...]

    17. For my taste, the emotional attachment between the hero and heroine never quite clicked. There were some hints of physical attraction that were explored early on but just briefly. In fact, the characters of the grandfather and Ringo were more fleshed out more than the main characters. As a fan of contemporary romantic suspense, this did not sit well with me. However, this book can also be seen as a romantic suspense/paranormal crossover book. That may have been what prevented me from really enjo [...]

    18. I liked it. Jessy works and lives in Vegas as a performer for a casino. She's gambling to pay her bills to take care of her grandfather when a man stumbles into the casino and dies on top of her. Before long, she's seeing his ghost all over town naturally she thinks she's crazy. Dillon is an investigator for Harrison investigations who is currently working a case for a local casino owner. He sees ghosts and knows that Jessy isn't crazy but he has to get her to trust him, since she knows more tha [...]

    19. Review: Nightwalker by Heather Graham★ ★ ★ ★ Jessy Sparhalk needed money badly to keep her grandfather in his nursing home. One night she decides to try her luck at a casino at the crap tables. When she gets lucky and wins she quits when she is ahead and decides to leave with her winnings but before she could she is suddenly trampled on by a man with a knife in his back and the man falls on top of her and dies.Dillon Wolf is a private investigator brought in to investigate the murder? Bu [...]

    20. Jessy needs money and quick to take care of her grandfather. She heads to a local casino and wins the money she needs (and more) but as she walks away a man falls on her trapping her on the table, he has a knife in his back and dies uttering a single word. Dillon is a PI who was working with the dead man. And knows instinctively that he needs to protect Jessy. Dillon sees ghost and to him it's nothing new (heck Ringo is a ghost that is over 100 y/o and hangs with Dillon every day) but when Jessy [...]

    21. After reading a book by Heather Graham I decided to read another one. I'm glad I picked up Nightwalker because it was really interesting.I love mysteries and I love ghost stories so Nightwalker, having both, was a good book to read. The ghosts in this book weren't as scary as most ghosts in other media but they were quite interesting. I liked the different take on ghosts.The mystery in Nightwalker was a good one. It was really interesting because how the man got murdered seemed odd so it was rea [...]

    22. The story had a clever premise. A shootout in a town called Indigo long before it was a ghost-town has set the stage for the act to be repeated in modern times. Jessie Sparhawk didn't know she was a Nightwalker - someone who sees ghosts - until a murdered man dies on top of her and his ghost starts following her around. Dylan Wolf knows he's a nightwalker but he still wouldn't have taken this case if another persistent ghost hadn't encouraged it, even Ringo didn't know why. Lots of action and ad [...]

    23. Las Vegas entertainer Jessy Sparhawk doesn't normally gamble, but she's desperate for money to help her grandfather. She is completely shocked when a huge man falls on top of her at the casino, whispers something to her, and then dies. Without intending to, Jessy has now become part of a murder investigation. She has also now picked up the ability to see certain ghosts, mainly the ghost of the man who recently died on top of her. With the help of private detective, Dillon Wolf, Jessy learns not [...]

    24. This book was not for me. I finished it, but I didn't enjoy it. I found it to be a cheesy ghost story that didn't have enough depth. I actually liked Ringo (one of the ghosts in this story) more than I liked either Dillon or Jessy. I can't tell you why I even kept reading this. I guess I just wanted to finish it, but there wasn't any pull to even figure out what was really going on. I wasn't interested or even intrigued with the plot line and the death of the bodyguard. I wasn't even really into [...]

    25. this here is a paranormal romantic suspense and not as tightly plotted as the other one in this series i have read. still, i enjoyed it. did i enjoy it enough to justify special ordering it? ybe not quite that much. but hey, you never know until you've already done itinly, i needed a book set in Nevada for my Book Crawl challenge and although i own Desperation by Stephen King, that book is so thick that it felt like a huge undertaking and i wanted something quicker and lighter. so on that score, [...]

    26. This is the first book I have read by this author. Great story! Jessy is a modern woman working in Las Vegas who goes to the craps table one evening, looking to win big. With the help of strangers, she does! Almost immediately, the entire casino is shocked when a big guy wanders through the crowd, falls upon Jessy and ----- dies!Who is this guy? What is he doing here? And does Jessy have anything to do with it? People start to investigate, particularly one nice-looking and persistent private inv [...]

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