Emma's Gift

In Leisha Kelly s well received novel, Julia s Hope, Samuel and Julia Wortham and their two children charmed readers as they found shelter in the home and heart of a grandmotherly woman named Emma Graham.Now, in Emma s Gift, the Wortham family is struck down by the deaths of two close friends, including their neighbor Wilametta Hammond, just days before Christmas 1931 WilIn Leisha Kelly s well received novel, Julia s Hope, Samuel and Julia Wortham and their two children charmed readers as they found shelter in the home and heart of a grandmotherly woman named Emma Graham.Now, in Emma s Gift, the Wortham family is struck down by the deaths of two close friends, including their neighbor Wilametta Hammond, just days before Christmas 1931 Wila is the mother of ten children and the glue that holds the family together In his grief, her husband, George, ignores the children and has no will to live Sam and Julia step in to help, but how can they manage ten extra children when they barely have enough for themselves Can George overcome his grief and become the father his children need And if Emma s nephew takes ownership of her land, will the Worthams be allowed to stay Masterfully told from the perspective of both Samuel and Julia, Emma s Gift is an unforgettable story of God s faithfulness and peace and of the seasons of life that shape each of us.
Emma s Gift In Leisha Kelly s well received novel Julia s Hope Samuel and Julia Wortham and their two children charmed readers as they found shelter in the home and heart of a grandmotherly woman named Emma Gra

  • Title: Emma's Gift
  • Author: Leisha Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780800758578
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This second book of The Wortham Family Series picks up a few months after the first book, Julia's Hope, left off. It's December in 1931, and their neighbor Wilametta Hammond has just died, leaving behind 10 children. On that same day, the loss of another loved one leaves Julia and Samuel reeling, but before they mourn their own loss, they are left to pick up the pieces when Wilametta's grieving husband George just gives up, and it's up to the Wortham's to care for the Hammond children the best t [...]

    2. Second in the Wortham family series of Christian fiction books by Leisha Kelly. I hesitate to "only" rate it 4 stars, as I rated the first one ("Julia's Hope") 5 starts. I'd give this one 4.5 if GoodReads would let me. I liked it very much, but not quite as much as the first one. Still a very good read, with wonderful examples of faith and love. I'm almost dreading reading the last in the series, because I don't want these to end. I'm really enjoying these books and am hoping the next series by [...]

    3. Emma’s Gift continues the story of the Wortham Family, that we were introduced to in Julia’s Hope. Several months have passed since the end of book one and we find this sweet family has become more comfortable and used to living on a farm. But, shortly into the story, we find both their family and the neighboring Hammond family struck by tragedy. The Worthams are dealing with the deaths of two close friends, one of which is Wilametta Hammond, the mother of the family next door. In the midst [...]

    4. Amazing story! Wow what a beautiful story. Through all the good times and bad times our God will be by our side along with our savior Jesus Christ. It's amazing what prayer can bring to you. Thank you again and can't wait to read more of your books

    5. Awesome readLove it. So many emotions and good lessons of life. I love a book that has good Christian values in it .

    6. I loved this book. It was as good as the first in the series – Julia's HopeThis book does start with loss. Terrible Loss. Sadness. Pain. It was hard to read at times.But there is hope. With God there is always hope. Hope for restoration and help to deal with the hard things in life. Help to go on even when we don't feel like it. Even when life is hard. Help for ourselves and help to serve others even when we are feeling pain ourselves. This is a very hard thing to do.There are many many GREAT [...]

    7. Well, if I complained that in the last book everything working out seemed a little contrived, then in this second book, everything going wrong also seemed contrived - except for the fact that I have had times myself when multiple people I loved died close in time for unrelated reasons. It was an interesting read, to see how the survivors all coped differently with death and grief. I could relate to Julia entertaining the children by getting them to help with cooking and baking, because I've done [...]

    8. I haven't yet read any others in the series, but this is a stand alone story (book #2 in the series. Wow! This is a heart-tugging story packed with emotion. It takes place during the Great Depression, and is mainly about two families who live near each other far outside of town. When two friends die, just before Christmas, one of them leaves behind a husband and ten children. As everyone struggles to overcome their grief and help one another through the loss, it is their faith in God and in each [...]

    9. Couldn't put it down.This is the second book in this series of families and their trials during the depression. I usually read for entertainment and this is hardly entertainment in the usual sense but the books are so well written, they are history lessons also that we should always pass forward.These are families that care for one another---even putting someone in need over your own need because of love----God's love motivating them and how sheer determination prevails. God is faithful.At times [...]

    10. This is my new favorite series of books. Oh how I came to love these two families who eventually merged into one. Each book in this series teaches strong Christian principles without becoming preachy. I love the lesson of learning to trust in the Lord regardless of the circumstances or how hard life is treating you. Not only did I love the lessons but I came to love each of these characters with all their flaws. I am only saddened that there will be no more stories of the Wortham family. Now all [...]

    11. You may not want to read unless you already love the characters from Julia's Hope. If you loved Julia's Hope, you will want to read this. More like 3.5 stars because it really was longer than it needed to be and it just had such a different feel than the first book. Also, I felt this book wouldn't appeal to non Christians where as the Julia's Hope showed God's love without scaring them off. I like a good christian book that I can offer to my friends that don't have strong christian beliefs and w [...]

    12. Definitely had a God moment while reading this story, especially the last chapter. Love reading books that leave you feeling good but also give you the opportunity to reflect on events that occurred in your own life and help you better understand it's all a part of God's plan even though you couldn't recognize it at the time. My mom's favorite Bible passage was used several times which made the story even more real for me and a great time to remember her so close to the anniversary of her death. [...]

    13. Outstanding This written is fantastic. You get so involved from the moment you read the first page. Love her stories you feel you are there.

    14. I'm not one to read a book twice, but this one was worth it. I read it many years ago not knowing it was part of a trilogy. I decided to start with book 1 and read this one again. It was even better the second time. I live Leisha Kelly and can't wait to read the rest of her books. It doesn't matter what your situation or current struggle may be she has a way of speaking true wisdom to you through her characters. Reading her books are like wrapping up in Mamaw's old quilt on a cold winter day. A [...]

    15. What can I say! Loved the first book of Julia's Hope. Had to find out how Julia, Sam, their kids and the Hammonds were going to fair. Had a feeling some character/characters were going to be leaving in this book, but not the one I thought. Such a joy to read and to imagine how the families survived in that day and age. Just finished this 2nd book in the series and have reserved the 3rd of Katie's Dream. Can't wait to see what is in store for the Wortham's and the Hammond's in this next installat [...]

    16. Totally simple but a lovely story that made me want to finish the book as quickly as possible (in a good way). It's one about faith, and I even dare to say this book may be found in the "Christian Literature" section of your local Barnes & Noble . . . I wouldn't know as I picked it up off of the free book cart in our office building. (The building is home to a publisher, so there are lots of free books.)

    17. I was saddened by the loss of Emma and Wilametta (characters in the book) but admired how several of the characters did what had to be done despite their grief and how the community pulled together to embrace the Worthams right after Emma's death. I also liked how Julia stood up for the Hammonds to Emma's nephew because she'd promised Emma she would, and I liked seeing how the Wortham and Hammond families ended up working together to make it through the tough times of the Great Depression.

    18. Great ending to Emma's story!Again, Leisha Kelly has written a book that sounds more like someone recounting real events, than someone trying to come up with clever phrases strung together. Lovely story. Sad in some parts, so tear-jerkingly tender in others.What everyone learned from this simple, generous woman of God was beautiful, affecting so many people even after her death.I don't often give 5 stars, but these two books were worth it!!

    19. In the Christian genre and a followup to Book 1 of the Wortham Series. Tragedy hits the Wortham and Hammond families and this book updates and tells the story of heartache, healing, and revival. Setting takes place during the Depression Era and at times it is hard to imagine having very little and yet when the need arises, the bounty is plentiful.

    20. This book started slow but halfway through I began caring more about the story. By the time I was finished I saw some valuable lessons through the character's experiences. God's providence is not always easily or immediately discerned but His hand is evident in all circumstances and He is faithful. Recommeded.

    21. I read the first 3 chapters or so and got so frustrated I skipped to the end and left the book at a cabin in Estes Park! How many people need to die in the first chapter? Good grief!! And the going back and forth from the husband's to the wife's perspective really grated on my nerves. The plot moved way to slow for me.

    22. Very humbling novelEmma's Gift was a very heart warming story. It showed how the love and example of one lady, Emma, was passed on to Samuel and Julia and their children and how they exhibited God's love to their neighbor's children and their dad after the passing of their wife and mother. Loved reading this novel; well written

    23. I enjoyed the book and the Christian perspective and dedication that ran throughout the book. It was a little slower of a read, but I don't know if that is due to the fact that it was the book, or because I have had to earn reading time and I am so worn out by the time I get to read, that I haven't been reading for as long as I used to.

    24. Too much sadness in this book for me. It felt like it drug on. I liked the characters and how their personalities developed. I also thought it was too preachy. I like to hear about God but it was repetitive and sometimes didn't fit. The title sounds happy but the bulk of the book was anything but happy.

    25. This is the second in a series. I liked it a lot. It is a "feel good" book to hear about a time when people really cared about each other. Written about the years America was in a depression. I will watch for the third in the series. Some would think these books are a little to sappy but then I guess I must be somewhat sappy also.

    26. I read this in a matter of days, I found it to be different from the first in the way that most of this book stretches over a matter of a couple weeks while the first (and third) spans much more time! Very good book, well written and definitely held my attention, especially when I could hardly hold my tears back.

    27. This was the second book in the Wortham trilogy. It was a wonderful book. The charitable, loving spirit that Emma personified is also seen in Julia and other members of their small community.The only character that I really disliked was Emma's nephew, Albert. I thought that he was a typical cold, greedy businessman.Hope that the third book is just as wonderful!

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