Rorey's Secret

When all seems lost, out of the ashes redemption rises Determination and faith have kept Samuel and Julia Wortham and their family safe through many trials Together with their neighbors, the Hammond
Rorey s Secret When all seems lost out of the ashes redemption rises Determination and faith have kept Samuel and Julia Wortham and their family safe through many trials Together with their neighbors the Hammond

  • Title: Rorey's Secret
  • Author: Leisha Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780800759858
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The Worthams and Hammonds are close friends and neighbors, sharing almost everything on their Illinois farms during the Depression era. When a fire breaks out and threatens to destroy the Hammond farm, both families are affected by it. Was it an accident or set on purpose? Some of the kids know, but no one is talking. The fire sets events into motion that affects each member of both families differently.This story takes place about 7 years after the last book of The Wortham Family series, (Julia [...]

    2. Not a bad book but not great either. It was slow and seemed to have hardly told a story by the time it was done. While I enjoyed the characters and setting, the lack of real story to keep me involved was the hard part.

    3. Good butThis should be book 3. I read book 1 and Emma and Ms Hammonds were alive. I feel I missed much. Elizabeth's wedding and who is Kate?

    4. Enjoyed the bookEnjoyed this book easy, good, nice read with a good Christian message too. I would Recommend it for most ages

    5. This fourth book in the Country Roads Chronicles series is the least enjoyable of the four. The story started with so much going on at once that it was almost stressful to read. 3/4 of the book is so full of worry and indecision that it ruined the storyline which was told in the alternating voices of mother Julia and daughter Sarah. At the end, neighbor Franky also told parts of the story. Julia's parts were particularly annoying as she worried over everything. The story centered on the accident [...]

    6. The beginning was a bit cumbersome to get through - too many unknown characters getting thrown at you & not sure if they were important enough to the story to remember. Then the constant worrying by Julia was a bit annoying - no, he's not okay & if you wait 2 minutes and ask again it's going to be the same answer. Geesh! I did like Sarah & her character development as well. Didn't realize it was a Christian book until I got more into the story & then I just muddled through it. It [...]

    7. This is my new favorite series of books. Oh how I came to love these two families who eventually merged into one. Each book in this series teaches strong Christian principles without becoming preachy. I love the lesson of learning to trust in the Lord regardless of the circumstances or how hard life is treating you. Not only did I love the lessons but I came to love each of these characters with all their flaws. I am only saddened that there will be no more stories of the Wortham family. Now all [...]

    8. Yet another great book involving the Wortham and Hammond families in rural Illinois during the 1930-1940's. This is the first book in the second series. Both series deal with the same primary characters.I realized today that these stories remind me of the tv program, The Waltons, which I have always loved.In my opinion, the only difference is that the books have an extreme focus on Christianity.

    9. I had not read the previous books in the series so it was a bit confusing at the beginning until I got all the characters into place. (A list of characters would be helpful.) This is very light easy reading. At 1st I thought it wouldn't hold my interest but it turned out to be a little break from more serious reading. It was a window into rural middle American during the late 1930's. I would be bored by a steady diet of such fare, but it was a nice change of pace.

    10. Like all the books Leisha Kelly wrote about these families, this one is well-written and had an interesting plot. And yet, due to the high levels of worry and stress the characters were dealing with (and my deep dislike of some of the characters--especially Rorey and her father) I found it difficult to enjoy the read. Still, I know I'll read the next book in the series--because I have liked the majority of the previous ones.

    11. This was my first book to read by this author. I really loved Rorey's Secret! I enjoyed getting to know the people of the book. It is the first in the series, but there is a series before it that introduces the families. I am looking forward to going back and reading that series before going to the next in this one.

    12. Love these books for Ms. Kelly. Was so sorry to find out that she and her 16 year-old son had passed. I will miss reading books from this author that I came upon by chance from her first book of Julia's Hope when I started back going to the library just a few weeks back. Such great books, characters, story lines.

    13. The bulk of the narrative of this book is unusually packed into one harried weekend, which means you learn about each character's point of view in a lot of depth. That strength was also a weakness, though. I had a hard time figuring out how each narrator was related to the whole because of the constantly shifting perspectives.

    14. This is the fourth in a series by Leisha Kelly. In this one Sarah Worthington's best friend Rorey Hammond has shared a secret with her and asked her not to tell. But did Rorey's secret have something to do with the Hammond's barn burning down. Sarah has to decide whether she should break her promise or keep it.I enjoy this series written in the setting of the Great Depression.

    15. A very nice read about rural families and how they deal with relationships and tragedy. What it takes to support each other as family members and friends is well written about and has a nice solid touch to the whole story line.

    16. Not especially exciting or endearing. I finished reading the book on principle. The events of the story all tumbling on top of one another seemed very hectic and chaotic and nearly produced a panic attack. I won't be reading any others in the series.

    17. This was a hard book for me to read, mainly because of my dislike for the title character. Again, Leisha Kelly has written a compelling story about the providence of God and the need for and power of forgiveness.

    18. I really started out enjoying this book but it just kept going no where, very, very slowly and I felt I was wasting my time. I have so many books to read and just did not want to take any more time with this one, so I stopped reading it at around page 147.

    19. Wonderful uplifting bookThis book will touch your heart in so many ways! It has a great massage and is very well written. You feel like the characters are sitting beside you telling you their story.

    20. Possibly the most obvious book I have ever read. The characters were two-dimensional and unlikeable. Maybe this would have been better if I read the previous series but as it was I didn't empathize with anyone which made for very dry reading.

    21. Inspirational book about a couple of families in 1930 rural America. I love reading about the way of life then versus now. I especially love reading about how faithful these families were when times were much harder then versus now. Everyone needs a family like the Wortham's in their life.

    22. This was a nice change from most of the books I have been reading. God, morals, family, right and wrong were the major ideas in this book. I could relate with some of the characters and disliked others.

    23. This book was pretty decent, however it wasn't what I had expected! I gave it 3 stars but it was more like a 3 1/2 star book! I hope book 2 in this series is much better!

    24. This was a quick read, not really what I was thinking it would be like, but I will go on to book 2 and see if it grabs me.

    25. Sarah Wortham is harboring a troubling secret and her best friend Rorey makes decisions that affect every member of both of their families. I would highly recommend this book for teenagers.

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