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  1. 3.5 starsFraternity Village, authored by Ben Ames Williams, is a compilation of short stories that interweave the lives and times of characters residing in Fraternity, Maine, at the turn of the twentieth century. Each story was beautifully written in its descriptions of both the land and its inhabitants: “Indolence rode him; he wore it like a garment.” Ben, the storyteller who returns to Fraternity on a regular basis to hunt and fish, takes us through the horse-and-buggy days to the first au [...]

  2. Notes to self: Ben A. Williams was a well-known short story writer and novelist in the first half of the 20th century. Although not from around here, he wrote many short stories about "Fraternity" AKA Searsmont ME. I live in a town next to Searsmont, and this author was recommended by the man who painted our condo. Great reading, great characters, and beautiful descriptions. My favorite: "The Piano"--even though I knew how it would turn out, I loved how Williams led us to the inevitable conclusi [...]

  3. Each short story grew progressively better till finally the last two, "My Grandmothers Leg" and "Road Discontinued" were really gripping. All in all well worth reading. And now when I drive through Searsmont I will know why the store is called fraternity Village store

  4. Highly enjoyable collection of short stories Williams published in a variety of magazines. All about a village in Maine, its inhabitants, and their lives. Lots of hunting, fishing, Yankee ingenuity, and a few tall tales.

  5. Old-fashioned and sentimental and quite enjoyable. It took a few stories, but I grew to appreciate the writing style and predictability. The author truly loved the people and land of past days in Maine. His appreciation shines through and enriches today's reader.

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