Does Accent Matter?: The Pygmalion Factor

Does Accent Matter The Pygmalion Factor None

  • Title: Does Accent Matter?: The Pygmalion Factor
  • Author: John Honey
  • ISBN: 9780571154593
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Does Accent Matter?: The Pygmalion Factor”

    1. An interesting read- albeit outdated- Honey examines British accents with a critical eye in real-life applications.Providing an insight into how accent effects everyday lives, he then provides a recommendation at the end for how he sees the situation will evolve. Although his predictions were a bit off-skelter, the observations of his study continue to be relevant today.This book is well-written, and I recommend it to those who want an introduction into the subject.

    2. John Honey's book studies the influence an accent can have upon a speakers life. Very much a comprehensive and insightful text, this book explores the prevailing attitudes that have helped or hindered predominate public figures of the 1990's. Detail questions of social issues such as "Can job prospects be affected by a candidate's accent?", "Why are some accents more popular than others?" and "Should our schools concern themselves with their pupils' accents?" help to articulate the misunderstand [...]

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