This British artist uses natural materials rocks, boulders, sand, mud, and clay to create outdoor sculptures.
Stone This British artist uses natural materials rocks boulders sand mud and clay to create outdoor sculptures

  • Title: Stone
  • Author: Andy Goldsworthy
  • ISBN: 9780810938472
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Andy Goldsworth has a knack of taking simple, natural, elements, such as leaves, stones, grasses and soil and transforming them into ethereal and sublime pieces of art.This book has some of his most widely recognised images from the towers of stones that have a limited life beaches of the incoming tide, to the way a rock covered with leaves, takes on new dimensions and brings a start contrast to the surrounding forest. I love the way too that he uses the most transient elements of ice and water. [...]

    2. "Most (if not all) that I need can be found within walking distance of my home. When travelling I regret the loss of a sense of change. I see differences not changes. Change is best experienced by staying in one place."(my emphasis: my line for my 2013-Books found poem)Some of my favorites in this book were where he worked with the same place in different seasons.

    3. One of my favorite artists he creates structures in nature with nothing added, just stone, ice, water, leaves, wood with gobs of patience and talent. Many of his pieces only exist in photographs because they go back to nature as intended. Check him out in the DVD, "Rivers and Tides."

    4. “Fixed ideas prevent me from seeing clearly. My art makes me see again what is there, and in this respect I am also rediscovering the child within. In the past I have felt uncomfortable when my work has been associated with children because of the implication that what I do is merely play. Since having children of my own, however, and seeing the intensity with which they discover through play, I have to acknowledge this in my work as well," writes British environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy [...]

    5. Goldsworthy is a sculptor, photographer and environmentalist living in Scotland who produces site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. His art involves the use of natural and found objects, to create both temporary and permanent sculptures which draw out the character of their environment. They are particularly wondrous and beautiful. He explores unfamiliar landscapes, assess how the elements will work for his pieces, and perform what are essentially a set of e [...]

    6. Goldsworthy's art is so inspiring to me as a Reggio preschool facilitator! So excited to share this with my students!

    7. This collection of photos documenting Andy Goldsworthy's unique "nature" sculptures focuses on pieces that he has created with stone.

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