The 50th Law

In The 50th Law, hip hop and pop culture icon 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson joins forces with Robert Greene, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, to write a bible for success in life and work based on a single principle fear nothing.With intimate stories from 50 Cent s life on the streets and in the boardroom as he rose to fame after the release of his album Get RicIn The 50th Law, hip hop and pop culture icon 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson joins forces with Robert Greene, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, to write a bible for success in life and work based on a single principle fear nothing.With intimate stories from 50 Cent s life on the streets and in the boardroom as he rose to fame after the release of his album Get Rich or Die Tryin, as well as examples of others who have overcome adversity through understanding and practicing The 50th Law, this deeply inspirational book is perfect for entrepreneurs as well as anyone interested in the extraordinary life of Curtis Jackson.
The th Law In The th Law hip hop and pop culture icon Cent aka Curtis Jackson joins forces with Robert Greene bestselling author of The Laws of Power to write a bible for success in life and work base

  • Title: The 50th Law
  • Author: 50 Cent Robert Greene
  • ISBN: 9780061774607
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This book was a delightful surprise. It was just what I was looking for on a topic that I am very interested in, Fear. Often I have thought that all human emotions and feelings could be boiled down to two basic forces fear and love. This has always been an elusive and easily misunderstood topic for me. Fear is a shadow that is always present but rarely noticed. My interest in this subject stemmed from the idea that fear may be the opposite of love. This intrigued me because I thought the two cou [...]

    2. I always did ask myself why 50 Cent ventured into other areas than his music, because I found his music had message-it was not only about parties and the hot girls, and the fights-it was about being able to rise above any bad situation.So, when I got a hold of the 50th Law-I realized that I have always been wrong in my view of musicians-and with someone as brilliant and observant as 50 Cent-then there exists other sides to him. He has the Vitamin water, G-Unit books and much more, but now I am h [...]

    3. This is the first book I have ever returned to Audible, and the first one I have put on my DNF shelf. I am a very patient and sometimes stubborn reader; I'll usually finish a book even if I don't like it, if for no other reason than to think about why I didn't like it (and write down my thoughts in a possibly scathing review).1 star may not be entirely fair. I didn't hate this book. It wasn't offensive or stupid or badly written.It was just boring. Soooooo boring and banal and trite.I can sum up [...]

    4. Robert Greene is a friend, but also someone I am a fan of as well. This is a book that he put together with 50 Cent, regarding the role one has to play to obtain a sense of success - which of course can be financial but as well as success on an everyday level. Although this book is sort of a re-mix of Robert's "48 Laws of Power" it is a little bit more, because one of the focus points is the life and times of rapper 50 Cent. Who in turn is a fascinating figure, in that he knew by instinct how to [...]

    5. Accepting your own mortality. What prevents us from doing what we really want to do is fear. Fear of failure, fear we won't be accepted, fear of death. When we accept the fact that one day we will die, we are empowered. Most of us don't touch death daily so when we experience a death in our lives it rattles us. Just say this out loud and notice how you feel, "I will die." If we think about it, confront it, and accept mortality we are liberated, energized, and empowered to live life. 50's image i [...]

    6. Best one yet. Far more applicable to your life than the others.Fear Nothing.Quotes:"Understand: no one is born this way. It is unnatural no not feel fear. It is a process that requires challenges and tests. What separates those who go under and those who rise to the above adversity is the strength of their will and their hunger for power.""The greatest fear people have is that of being themselves. They want to be 50 Cent or someone else. They do what everyone else does even if it doesn't fit whe [...]

    7. The 50th Law is as much about the hip-hop artist 50 Cent as the movie “Titanic” is about the “The Heart of the Ocean” diamond. If you are a picking up this hefty tome as a fan of “fitty” you are to be disappointed as he appears as author only with brief chapter intros written in a seemingly unauthentic style and as subject only in the well-trod stories of his relatively short life (in a nutshell; he sold crack, got shot for it, was signed to Eminem’s Shady records and later to a nu [...]

    8. I loved The 48 Laws Of Power and this book, essentially ten additional laws patterned after rapper/businessman 50 Cent, is more an addendum than a stand-alone product.While Greene's other books have a heavy literary, if not academic weight, The 50th Law is comparatively breezy and light. That said, I had a really hard time putting the book down - I read the whole thing during two very late nights - and I enjoyed seeing the Machiavellian ideas grafted onto the rough Queens neighborhood 50 Cent gr [...]

    9. “This is life, new and strange; strange, because we fear it; new because we have kept our eyes turned from it…men are men and life is life, and we must deal with them as they are; and if we want to change them, we must deal with them in the form in which they exist.” Richard Wright,Native Son“Reality is my drug. The more I have of it, the more power I get and the higher I feel.” 50 Cent~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~These quotes are the perfect f [...]

    10. Surprisingly enjoyable. An analysis of 50 Cent's life as a hustler and how some of his methods can be applied to the corporate world. An interesting parallel was 50 testing a new batch on a few people he trusts and if it was good, he would know to charge a decent price. Very similar to user testing in SoftwareBiggest takeaway was to nearly die so I can learn to not give a fuck and become fearless.

    11. If you haven't already read Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power, then definitely pick this book up. It's a self-help book disguised as an autobiography of 50 Cent.If I had to pick 2 books that belong in every library in America, then it'd be Ramit Sethi's "I Will Teach You to be Rich" and The 50th Law.

    12. This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn how to handle fear and be fearless in life. This book is a great introduction and simpler entry point to The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. I was drawn to this book because I was interested to learn about 50 Cent, the man, instead of his rap persona and see how he was able to succeed in life without having a father and mother to raise him. Robert Greene eloquently tells 50 Cent's story by explaining to the reader how his power is absolute fea [...]

    13. well, fiddy, you are not a great philosopher.i made it about 20% through this book and i was dumbfounded that there was 80% more yet to read. this was very clearly NOT written by fifty cent. i recently read a rolling stone article about rick ross where the interviewer is at some fancy seafood restaurant in la and ross is just sitting across from him smoking blunt after blunt and eating shellfish talking about his life and how he goes about living it.i assume the same thing took place for the wri [...]

    14. Who ever really wrote this book looking at 50 has the eyes of a pure poet like paint brush with words if that makes meaning to you. This book is up there with Sun Tzu, Michio Kaku, and Niccolo Machiavelli.

    15. Being a great fan of fictional stories involving meticulous strategy and action, going through historical masterpieces makes them even better to read. Curtis Jackson's early life (50 Cent) was one such story. His life resembled more of HBO's famous series "The Wire" - hustling in the streets, real and violent gangsta lifestyle. Having lost his parents so early due to violence and being completely isolated, he had defied all the odds and obstacles that were thrown at him. Greene's obsession with [...]

    16. Es cierto lo que se lee en muchas otras revisiones de GoodReads sobre este libro, la historia del cantante se repite muchas veces, quizá demasiadas. Sin quitar mérito a un ejemplo de superación tan notable, a su éxito y determinación ante vivencias tan difíciles durante su niñez y parte de su adolescencia, encuentro a menudo artificiosa la idea de hacer ver todos sus actos como parte de un plan maestro.Por otra parte la historia de la vida de 50 Cent contada por Greene difiere en algunos [...]

    17. The 50th law is amazingRobert Greene once again lays out the genius philosophy of everyday credentialsis subject in particular : fear. Based on 50 Cent's encounters and events that transformed his life we learn how to overcome fear and be successful in life. I learned alot about using fear and other downfalls as opportunity for victory and ambitionI'm definitely going to buy this bookI read it from front to back and loved every pageUnlike Greene's previous books 48 Laws Of Power and Art of Seduc [...]

    18. This book quite simply has to be one of the best management / business related books I have ever read. It’s about 50 cent the rapper and Robert Greene who is a business writer. The book is about fearing nothing essentially and uses fiddys life as the string through which some of the key morals and principles of the book are skilfully weaved. It essentially proselytises the carpe diem mentality which saw 50 cent through all sorts of travesty in his life. He was orphaned very early and got into [...]

    19. I wrestled with fear a lot when I was younger. In many ways I still do. This book, along with Ryan Holiday's 'Obstacle is the Way' helped me figure out what to do when I feel fear.I found the book instructive and enjoyable. After reading 48 Laws it felt slightly rehashed, but still stands strongly on it's own.

    20. This book was very good. It was interesting to see a more focused case study on the laws that attributed to the success of one individual, as opposed to the first book.

    21. I’ve read this one 4 times. I own the paperback version as well as audible. Powerful words and awesome ideas. Motivating and captivating. “Opportunism comes with a belief system that is eminently positive and powerful—one known to the Stoic philosophers of ancient Rome as amor fati, or love of fate. In this philosophy every event is seen as fated to occur. When you complain and rail against circumstances, you fall out of balance with the natural state of things; you wish things were differ [...]

    22. Robert Greene and 50 Cent collaborate together in this fantastic book, which gets into more detail about becoming fearless and never fearing failure. As both of the author's lifestyles during their childhood relate to what kind of fear and embrace of failure both had to overcome (especially 50 Cent living in such a dangerous neighborhood during his young years), this book really packs so much when it comes to living your life based on yourself and your agenda, never anyone else's.

    23. the adventures of a street hustler. well OK about 50 but the book was a bit a marketing gimmick as well

    24. Another Robert Greene book down. He's currently my favorite non-fiction author of the moment.This one I have mixed feelings on. The content is ultimately good, but I'm a little disappointed that he teamed up with rapper Fifty Cent for this. While the advice and analysis is still deep and useful, it feels like Greene is pandering to Fifty Cent's patently immoral and irrational lifestyle, giving him more credit than he deserves for his accomplishments. Cent's rise is far more likely to have been e [...]

    25. How to be fearless in life according to Robert Greene, who uses 50 Cent as his major example, among the lives of other more prominent characters in history for illustration.It's a contundent treatise. Sometimes redundant to the point of forgetting to look at other sides of a large spectrum or developing tones of self-help books, but it's a poignant and well enveloped book on the subject of fear.I didn't have much information on 50 Cent, but it seems to me that the book frames him much more like [...]

    26. This books entire philosophy is centred around the idea of fearlessness. This book (when applied) will ingrain you with the spirit of a bold fearless person and shift you into a new paradigm one where you learn to turn your negatives into prosperities and are not afraid to be yourself (and explains why you should be) which is ultimately attractive and something society conditions you against. It pushes you to be genuine and escape your comfort zones. Even if that is just walking up to a hot girl [...]

    27. This book resonated with me on a number of levels and does a great job of describing some very real problems that people struggle with in our modern world. The book’s essence can be boiled down to two things: becoming fearless and taking bold action.For anyone feeling that they aren’t in control of their life or are unable to assert themselves, the 50th Law does a good job of presenting this reality: we have become afraid to be our true selves. Whether you are in a job you hate and can’t f [...]

    28. It's not really by 50 Cent. It's by Robert Greene, who was allowed access to the great man for a period of time in order to be able to document his thoughts, route to success, etc.Greene is a serial writer of such works (The 48 Laws of Power, 33 Strategies of War, etc.), so it was probably a bit of a breeze to listen to 50 Cents' life story, untangle the lessons and weave it into the fabric of a personal development book.There are some interesting insights into life on the street and how to surv [...]

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