Deadly Appraisal

Josie Prescott is settling into her new life in New Hampshire Her antiques business is thriving, she s beginning to make some close friends, and her relationship with the local police chief is becoming interesting Not bad for someone who has completely uprooted her life as a New York City auction house expert in order to get a fresh start in a small New England townJosie Prescott is settling into her new life in New Hampshire Her antiques business is thriving, she s beginning to make some close friends, and her relationship with the local police chief is becoming interesting Not bad for someone who has completely uprooted her life as a New York City auction house expert in order to get a fresh start in a small New England town With so much suddenly to lose, Josie can t help but worry when murder invades her seemingly quiet community Josie is sponsoring the Portsmouth Women s Guild Annual Black and Gold Gala and is looking forward to receiving a kindly worded thank you for her efforts Instead, the Guild representative, Maisy Gaylor, dies a horrible death in the midst of the banquet Who could have wanted to kill earnest, drab little Maisy Funny, isn t it, muses the hostile Detective Rowcliff, how a lot of people end up dead when no one has any enemies Everyone who had access to the wine Maisy drank, including Josie herself, soon comes under suspicion Can Josie manage to ferret out the truth, keep her business running smoothly, and continue to put down roots in her new town, or will everything prove too much for her to handle on her own
Deadly Appraisal Josie Prescott is settling into her new life in New Hampshire Her antiques business is thriving she s beginning to make some close friends and her relationship with the local police chief is becomin

  • Title: Deadly Appraisal
  • Author: Jane K. Cleland
  • ISBN: 9780312343668
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I promised myself I'd try to read some of the lighter mysteries we have on our shelves in the library. First on my list was Deadly Appraisal by Jane K. Clealand. I love The Antique Road Show and am a junk picker at heart so thought this series featuring Josie Prescott, proprietor of an antique business would be right up my alley. I started with the second in the series cause I couldn't find the first but have got it now and hope to read it soon. I don't think I missed too much except the whole s [...]

    2. Josie is still a decidedly weepy heroine in this second entry in the antiques mysteries series, but I didn't find it quite as annoying as in the first book of the series. She still cries at the drop of a hanky and she needs to just get over it already! Maybe she will in the third adventure which I plan to read next.In this one, someone dies on the first page and then someone tries to kill Josie and someone steals a valuable Chinese tureen from her warehouse. Who that (or those) someone(s) is(are [...]

    3. New HampshireI really like Josie, she's intelligent, resourceful and complex with the right amount of toughness and fragility to make her realistic. The mystery was not too mysterious for a couple of reasons; relying a little too much on Wes, I think, for answers and information but she needed to get help somewhere and it will be interesting to see where this relationship goes. Also I found myself telling her (Josie) well before the reveal who did it and I attribute her blindness to the truth to [...]

    4. Book 2 of the Josie Prescott series, takes place about 6 months or so after the first book. While at a local fundraising gala, one of the coordinators falls over dead. Contending with a cynical detective, Josie tries to figure out what happened, all the while keeping the antique business going, fending off the local reporter, and hearing about the prison release of the antique dealer she testified against. But she makes friends with her new landlady, Zoe and her kids, and is in calls with her pa [...]

    5. Second in the Josie Prescott Mystery series revolving around Josie and her antique auction house in Rocky Point, New Hampshire.My TakeCleland does write a good story, I just wish she were a bit warmer and not such a drama queen. Nor do I like Josie all that much. Her "excuses" for investigating never ring true and that's Cleland's writing. I also hate how quickly Josie always jumps to the conclusion that one of her own employees is involved. Sure, it makes sense to wonder, but the cold, controll [...]

    6. I have been looking for some light reading when I came upon this book in the library. I have enjoyed it so far even though I have recently realized this was the second book in a series. Just makes me want to check out the first and see what others are available. I love antiques which Cleland does include some amazing knowledge of woven throughout the story line. I feel i can already related to Josie Prescott and her "innocence" when she just cant believe someone may have been out to murder her. [...]

    7. Josie Prescott owns an antiques house in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It's a nice little business where she holds tag sales and auctions. And at the onset of Deadly Appraisal, she's hosting a charity auction for the Portsmouth Women's Guild Annual Black and Gold Gala. The Gala is a huge success until Maisy Gaylor, a Guild representative, dies after drinking poisoned wine.But wait! The mystery is not simply who killed Maisy. It is much more complex than that. There is some question about whether Ma [...]

    8. Josie Prescott is back in the middle of a controversial murder investigation again. She sponsors a Gala auction for a local charity at her auction house. Maisy Gaylor, a Guild representative dies right there on stage in front of the 100’s of people that are attending. Naturally everybody there thinks it has to be natural causes. There are no outward signs of injury or wrong-doing. The next day, however, the police come to cord off the entire area. It was no accident or natural causes. It was m [...]

    9. When a woman dies during a gala sponsored by antique dealer Josie Prescott & her company, the police are investigate to see if Josie was actually the intended victim. The only person Josie can think of who would hold a grudge is her former boss, who has just been released from prison. After Josie is nearly killed in a hit and run accident, she teams up with an investigative reporter to see if, in fact, someone is targeting her. And if so, why?I was not a big fan of this book, I figured out â [...]

    10. 2.5-3 starsRating: PG-13This book felt stale. The promising Romance for Josie is nowhere in this book – he’s off dealing with a dying aunt across country. And while there are definitely elements that keep my interest, for the most part, this book felt 100+ pages too long. That’s a lot, considering that is 1/3 of the book’s total pages.Josie is still weepy and paranoid, constantly suspecting everyone around her. Josie needs to get a backbone and just CONFRONT her mysterious employee about [...]

    11. Deadly Appraisalby Jane ClelandDeadly Appraisal is the second in the series by Jane K. Cleland that features the amateur sleuth Josie Prescott.Josie runs an antique consignment shopl, and is quickly becoming known in the community. This offers up an opportunity to exploit her expertise when Maisy Gaylor of the Portsmouth Women’s Guild asks Josie to sponsor a charity dinner and antique auction. While anxiously awaiting for Maisy Gaylor to name the winner she ends up dead, someone has poisoned h [...]

    12. I still really like this series! Josie is a wonderful character, full of integrity and pride and compassion. Boyfriend Ty is out of town dealing with the failing health of his aunt so Josie is left pretty much on her own.Josie is hosting a Gala for the Portsmouth Women's Guild when one of the organizers is killed. Josie is either the prime suspect, or the target. She is cooperating with the police but is also investigating with some help from reporter Max.There is a lot of interesting clues and [...]

    13. I picked this up at the library and about 1/2 way through realized that I had already read it. That's how un-noteworthy this book was. I liked the antiques side of things. that's about it. I hated how the author kept jumping back to memories she had of her dad and would spend two or three paragraphs on them. Got very tiresome, very quickly. I'll say yhis, I wasn't sure "whodunit" but.I didn't really care that much. I felt like all of the relationships were forced. She'd throw in these random, un [...]

    14. Another Josie Prescott cozy mystery. The characters are starting to fill out, but although Josie is an astute antiques dealer (and the details surrounding her antiques business are really well done, informative and interesting to read), she sure is a weepy, woe is me type of gal. I hope that the author pulls her together for her future novels. The biggest problem I have with this book is that there are way too many red herrings and Josie is far too quick to jump to conclusions. These drawbacks a [...]

    15. Josie Prescott is hoping that hosting a benefit auction fundraiser will help her antique business. But when someone is poisoned during the auction, Josie becomes involved in a second murder instead. Even worse, the police think she might have been the target. It took me a little while to get into the book, but the story was good and the characters are strong.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    16. Josie Prescott is an antiques appraiser who offered her business warehouse as a venue for a charity. At the charity event Maisy, who was in charge of the event, is poisoned and dies. Josie is a suspect in the murder. It turns out that Maisey was blackmailing Dora, who really wasn't Dora, but a con artist who had made lots of money conning people. Dora murdered Maisey and Josie was cleared. Book #2 in series.

    17. Not bad, but I figured out who did it pretty early. I also found the detective's attitude seemed unrealistic. I'm sure there is a lot of victim blaming, but dear god, this guy accused of of trying to run herself over with a car. Josie also spends a bit too much time suspecting people she should really trust. And then being relieved when they couldn't have done it, but then a couple of scenes later, we're suspecting that person again. Or another employee. Yet again.

    18. Set in Coastal New Hampshire, this book is mainly set in a furniture auction gallery / appraisal shop. There's murder at an event and the search for answers ensues. This was an enjoyable read.

    19. This was a little hard to get into - they get right into the action, but you don't really get to know the character until about halfway through the book, and she's a bit annoying, because she gives way too much info on her thoughts (breaks the "show-don't-tell" rule a bit). But the antiques were lots of fun to read about, as well as her antiques business - there, the author really knows her stuff.

    20. I am enjoying these Josie Prescott Antiques mysteries. Sometimes it's fun to abandon yourself to a good murder mystery. And these are decent ones: not too gory or gruesome, some actual mystery, some nice characters to get to know, and then the whole world of antiques as a backdrop. I'll certainly be checking out more of this series.

    21. I gave it only 3 stars -- not because I did not enjoy it but because it is just well-done escape reading. A good who-done-it, a bit a la Mary Higgins Clark but with references to the antique dealer's world - familiar to the author. Also, no sex scenes. I always find this attempt to describe ludicrous.Apologies for the grammar. In haste

    22. Josie is trying to get on with her life after a tragedgy early in her career when at an auction gala someone dies after drinking wine, could it have been meant for her? I like how the author keeps the reader thinking who is the murderer. There were times I thought it was one person and turns out it wasn't. Good first time read from this author

    23. The characters in this second book of this series are beginning to fill out more and the addition of Josie's new "landlady"/neighbor, Zoe, is a good one. Josie becomes more involved with the Chief of Police but I can't help being annoyed that Josie is still weeping at the drop of a hat and "are you okay?" should be elminated as the conversation starter. It's still a light, quick read.

    24. A fun cozy exploring the world of antiquing and murder. I really liked some parts of this book but also really wish that the lead character was stronger. I will keep reading the series but hope she finds a backbone. I love Max and really enjoyed the introduction of the neighbor Zoe. Hope to see more of her!

    25. This was a pretty good cozy mystery. I like the characters and the setting is interesting. As is true with a lot of cozies, the cops are both stupid and belligerent. Some work is also needed in the background story, which doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but this is only the second book of the series so we shall see.

    26. All the same flaws as her first book. Josie is such a ditzy person. Rushes from one absolute conclusion to the next. Half her suspects are staff. Motive and denouement are both weak. What's up with Ty?First cozy series I have read deliberately. Don't plan to read any more in this series.

    27. #2 in this series set on the coast near beautiful Portsmouth, NH. I may actually read #3--once again, the formula wasn't that simple to figure out and the characters weren't one-dimensional. Who knows, I may become a mystery fiction convert yet.

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