The Seven Minutes

In the stillness of the courtroom a bookseller stands accused of selling a book Is it a work of sensitive genius or an execrable volume of pornography Could it have driven a respectable college boy to commit brutal rape And who is the author of the novel at the vortex of a storm of sensation and controversy Michael Barret has been asked by a friend to join him in a smaIn the stillness of the courtroom a bookseller stands accused of selling a book Is it a work of sensitive genius or an execrable volume of pornography Could it have driven a respectable college boy to commit brutal rape And who is the author of the novel at the vortex of a storm of sensation and controversy Michael Barret has been asked by a friend to join him in a small law partnership, but has also been offered a huge salary to go into big business He s certain of his choice, till he is given a chance to be involved with a major case involved with protecting free speech.The case is about the explicit book The Seven Minutes , which some people consider pornography, while others, Barret included, feel is impressive literature The main focus of the prosecution s case is a teenager who bought the book, and was soon after arrested for rape According to the prosecution, the book insinuated the boy to do what he did, so it must be banned.The novel follows the course of the trial, as both Barret and the prosecutor search for reputable witnesses to prove their side.
The Seven Minutes In the stillness of the courtroom a bookseller stands accused of selling a book Is it a work of sensitive genius or an execrable volume of pornography Could it have driven a respectable college boy to

  • Title: The Seven Minutes
  • Author: Irving Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780671500979
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. So unassuming at first glance, but this book was so much more, a hidden gem. I have such respect and admiration for this book. I have deep, deep affection for its inner workings and mechanism, what it tried to do, what it stood for. It won me over delighting me as it took me through twists and turns exhibited in it. I found myself cheering for the champions, all of them, the book surprising me at every turn, and then surprised me even more. The final act, all of it, felt so satisfying. Like writ [...]

    2. I read this book way back in 1980 and it took me ages as it was quite a tome. It was one of those books that everyone was reading and talking about because it was very controversial at the time, due to its subject matter and descriptions of same.After reading it I thought the hype was a all bit of a beat up and found that what I really enjoyed most about the book was the way the drama was all played out in court.

    3. Another extraordinary novel from the 80's (I must be longing for my college days!) dealing with free speech, what it is in all its iterations, how it's interpreted, and how it affects us all. I plan on reading it again very soon. I suggest you check it out, too!

    4. I reckon this novel should be read by everybody especially politician as well as conservative people. The novel vividly described hidden activation of censors and anti-censors and moral dilemma we are facing today. I was shocked to find that Gibbon`s Decline and Fall of Roman Empire and Mill`s Principles of Political Economy were listed in the Index of Prohibited Books because they are anticlerical. I learned one thing from the novel that moral standards are changing.

    5. Read this the first time in grad school and couldn't put it down - no so much this time!! Still a good story with a twist ending - I guess our taste in books changes over time.

    6. It's nice to see the enthusiasm for this book and its author. I read and enjoyed this in 1972 or 1973, at a time when my reading taste was very commercial and rather indiscriminate, often consisting of healthy doses of the fast-paced, glossy fiction that authors such as Irving Wallace, Harold Robbins and Arthur Hailey produced regularly - I was in my mid-teens and such reading material seemed very grown-up (and to be fair to myself, I was also reading more serious authors such as Ayn Rand). Desp [...]

    7. I read this a number of years ago. I liked it, as I did this author's "Fan Club" and a couple of others. But alas, college life intruded, and I set Wallace aside for good.

    8. Mildly interesting potboiler. The worst part of this book is that the characters speak in soliloquies filled with literary or legal quotations. Seriously, all the characters, all the time. Nobody talks like that.

    9. I'm not a big fan of lawyer novels, but as an artist I've had many discussions about what obscenity in art means. The Seven Minutes by Irving Wallace, is a fictional account of a trial about blocking publication of an erotic book, which speaks to this issue in an informative and also entertaining fashion. Good fiction writers often can do this better than non-fiction for a layperson (pardon the pun). Wallace is obviously talented in writing best sellers, but with this one somehow manages to make [...]

    10. Extenso, mas deveras interessante.Um abre-olhos, graças a um caso levado a tribunal, sobre um livro, Sete Minutos, que é considerado demasiado obsceno e pornográfico para a população dos anos 50. A história do livro não é muito trabalhada durante a história, mas sim a liberdade de expressão, de imprensa e de outros assuntos que são utilizados como argumentos, da parte de cada um dos advogados - defesa e o promotor - nomeadamente, a 'pessoa média', obtida através de dados estatístic [...]

    11. The Seven Minutes written by Irving Wallace is a novel about a novel,”The Seven Minutes – J J Jadway”, one of the most banned and obscene book of all Times.As per prosecution, “The Seven Minute” is immoral, filthy and very dangerous to society while on other side as per defense, the book is master piece and literature art not made for monetary purpose but with social importance. Lots of unforgettable characters are caught up in this dramatic conflict over sexual freedom, perversion, nu [...]

    12. Vatican has a book list to condemn authors of immorality. It is called the Index. Points at the hypocrisy of the church and fights for the freedom of speech for writers.Popes known for immorality: Pope Sergius 111 had a lover called Marozia, who had her illegitimate son named Pope John 1X; Pope Leo V111 died of a stroke in his lovers bed;Pope Alexander V1, father of the Borgias. One of his mistresses was 17 year old Giulia Farnesse. Discusses the origin of baser vocabulary, all with honourable b [...]

    13. This book shook me. It opened my head to the cunning, wit and savagery of lawyers or their brilliance if you prefer and the 'perfect world of political wizardry. Beautifully crafted, gripping and at times heart aching. Read this book about twenty years ago. It's still knocking in my head. I could hardly put it down. It made me start a fruitless search of anything Irving Wallace; fruitless because in those days the internet was just a toddler.

    14. I have read this book 3 times. I find it so interesting for the reason that a book is on trial,

    15. This is a beautifully written "post coming of age" story told motly as a flashback. The writer's skill is evident in every line, creating a memorable tale and I truly enjoyed it.

    16. This is a true story: I first saw The Seven Minutes at a resale shop, immediately bought the weathered copy for 50 cents and about 120 pages into it, the spine cracked something fierce, and no matter how delicately I tried flipping the following pages, preservation was fruitless; I really liked where it was going but I also wasn’t about to page through it and simply discard every page as I finished it, which is where that exercise would have headed. Oh well, I just read something else. About a [...]

    17. This book rates a 3.5. A good story, with some far-fetched elements, and some flaws, to my mind, in the telling. One flaw is that the author works in (probably) every quote he could find on obscenity and censorship. The characters are developed somewhat, but don't always behave true to "character.'

    18. Pretty long read but very interesting with no dull moments.A must ready for any/everyone one who is interested in reading and writing.

    19. By Irving Wallace. Grade: AIrving Wallace was born in Chicago. His best-selling and award-winning novels have been translated into numerous languages and have sold some 250 million copies around the world. He is considered one of the five most widely read authors of modern times.A bookstore owner is arrested for selling a copy of “the most obscene piece of pornography ever written.” The notorious work – telling a woman’s thoughts during seven minutes of sexual intercourse – is condem [...]

    20. So many of you have rated this book 5 out of 5. I just cannot. I enjoy Wallace very much, and I enjoyed this one as well. But, there are some significant areas of shortfall that prevent me from giving it 5 stars. The story is pretty slow-going at first, but it does pick up toward the end, I just don't appreciate being manipulated quite as blatently as Mr. Wallace did this time. Just before revealing each new element, he has Mr. Barrett "remember" or "review" all the preceding information needle [...]

    21. Would have liked to give it 5 stars, but the ending was short and abrupt (we do get the explanation and loose ends are wrapped up nice and tidy - but outside of courtroom drama)First half of the book is massive build up to the case that then plays out in court. We get POV from both sides - while that prepares the reader in advance, the author still manages to introduce elements of surprise. Seasoned readers would spot many of the twists easily and yet the detail and depth of treatment by the aut [...]

    22. This is one book both the conservative and modern should read. Micheal Barret the lawyer is defending a teen accused of murder. The freedom of expression is being questioned and the premise of deciding between art and porn is craftily explored in the court room interactions. The facts are over whelming and at the end you end up changing some of your perspective on art and vulgarity. It was written in the seventies but the moral dilemma dealt in the book still remains the same.The arguments for a [...]

    23. Lots of interesting discussion and debate on the historical censorship of novels. Ultimately, it's about the First Amendment, bravely focusing on sexual topics in publication. Though it is unbelievable that someone can attribute his raping a girl to his reading of a dirty book, or that a convent is so strict that it wouldn't let a nun meet a lawyer even on serious business; despite its flaws, the author makes this over-the-top story super entertaining, each chapter with a cliff hanger ending. Ha [...]

    24. The Seven Minutes is a book based on defending the book "The Seven Minutes" by J. J. Jadway, a fictional book that describes a woman's mind during the seven minutes of sexual intercourse. The book is republished and then, all hell breaks loose. There is a murder after the purchase of the J.J. Jadway book and the murderer cites the book as the reason for his crime. Barrister Mike Barret is called into the scene by the publisher of the book to defend the "piece of art". This book is an excellent d [...]

    25. The first half really caught my imagination: the theories about censorship, valiant defense of the First Amendment, positive portrayal of librarianship. The actual trial was a bit much, particularly near the end, but that's simply because I don't like fast-paced mysteries that keep adding more possibilities until I just want to jump to the end of the book and find out what happened. Plus, the love affair at the end was daft. I'd still recommend it, if you're interested in censorship. There are s [...]

    26. I'm disappointed that I didn't read this book until today. This book was first published in 1969 (I wasn't even born)and the subject matters holds good even today. The plot revolves around a fictional, pornographic novel called Seven Minutes. The book is touted as the most pornographic book ever written. It does raise a few hackles among the conservatives. To the liberals,the book is all about a peep into sexuality in general and female sexuality in particular. The conservatives want the book to [...]

    27. Legal Fiction par excellence. People might get carried away by the author's earlier books and his way of writing would give an impression that this book is yet another Wallace-style erotica, but it isn't. A lawyer's fight with this conscience and his fight in the court of law to prove that a book is not to be shelved as obscene. The spine chilling climax is simply unbeatable. The intricacies explained has proved that this isn't just a work of fiction but of research. Mike Barret would definitely [...]

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