David and Laci are finally together, ready to move to Mexico and start a family But nothing is ever as easy as it seems
Day Day David and Laci are finally together ready to move to Mexico and start a family But nothing is ever as easy as it seems

  • Title: Day-Day
  • Author: L.N. Cronk
  • ISBN: 9780982002711
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I really, really loved this book!I only recently discovered the joys of the Kindle app + Bookbub = lots of free books to read. I went on a bit of a free book downloading spree and over these Christmas holidays I have been spoilt for choice. However, I have noticed this has made me a lot more picky about what I'm reading. I started two books last week, both written by well known authors (one of whom has sold millions and millions of copies of books, some of which I've read and really enjoyed)ever [...]

    2. I don't know what it is about this author and her writing style, but her books grab me instantly and draw me in. I finished "Day-Day" in a matter of hours. It was heart-wrenching and raw, but wonderful at the same time. I'm off to download book three!************************************SPOILER ALERT**************************************As soon as I got to the part about Doroteo's legs, I knew what was wrong with him. I have a genetic (thus far, incurable) form of rickets. I am a voracious reader [...]

    3. Could not put this down. I read a lot and yes there are many books that can hold my interest and make me excited to read them, but rarely can I say a book will just beg me to finish it.I don't normally seek out Christian fiction for any reason other than knowing it will be smutt free. (Something I really believe is unnecessary in a book.) This author somehow manages to weave a tale about characters you care for with an inspirational message of faith. I have again been impressed by the strong mes [...]

    4. Another great read, not as emotional as the first book in the series but I still loved it and didn't nearly cry this time. It shows a new side to David and who could not love Dorito hehe.This story shows us that even when times are so bad that we can get through them.

    5. Christian fiction for young adults is the marketing title for this series of books. Although I am Christian, I don't QUITE fit into the young adult category! However this is the third of this series I have read, the first being 'What I want' which is slightly apart from the series, a kind of spin off, and I have to say each one of them have had me turning page after page to the end! Brilliant and highly recommended.

    6. This book really resonated with me because Laci and David experienced something that I've personally experienced and wouldn't wish on anyone. The story is a hopeful one, though. God is mindful of us and the desires of our hearts.

    7. I liked the book mainly because I just got to explore the life of David and Laci. As in, their story continued and I've always liked series where I get to stick with the characters for a while. If that makes sense.Now here are my thoughts on the rest of the stuff in here. (view spoiler)[ It was too sad. It wasn't sad enough to make me cry, but it was still sad. I mean, seriously, they have 4 miscarriages, and then Laci gets cancer, and then they are going to adopt the nephew of the guy who kille [...]

    8. First let me say that I read this edition from a Kindle edition which had a different cover and one that I really liked as it showed a little boy's hand within a man's hand. The new edition cover with the red "pepper-like" soother certainly wouldn't have caught my attention, but I am unable to change to the kindle edition that I own. Don't let the cover fool you though - this is a great story which will bring tears to your eyes.David and Laci have married at the beginning of this story and they [...]

    9. Great quick read. This author writes in a way that you WANT to find out what happens. I laughed, and I had tears streaming down my face. But it was a story with a topic that many authors and movies breeze over or avoid all together. As the second in the series, I found this one to be less "preachy", and more realistic. That may only be because my faith wasn't as strong when I was younger as these kids. But I am off to purchase and download book three. Interested to see where David, Lacey, and "D [...]

    10. The second book of the Chop Chop seriess, I admit. I got hooked. But that's a good thing in this case. The title seems strange but it makes sense really quickly. I have really enjoyed the characters in these books so far and am anxious to see where they go from here. L.N. Cronk has a great writing style that is easy to read and flows nicely and has as a way of throwing curve balls at you that you never saw coming! And I love it when I catch myself smiling while reading, and I have done that seve [...]

    11. Great sequel!The first book was so good that I shared it with my 15 year old daughter who also loved it. It didn't take too much work on her part to convince me to buy book two. Again, I was impressed with the writing and admittedly surprised when the story took more than one unexpected twist. I'm not always a fan of Christian fiction, but so far this author has done a great job of being "real" and as my daughter said, "relatable". Great book!

    12. Heartwarming account of trusting in God's plan.Laci and Dave we'd after their graduation from their two colleges. Lack had always known she would marry Dave. They've been friends most of their lives. Dave had tutored Lack through her math classes in high school. After a church service project to Mexico, Laci desires to serve in the orphanage in Mexico City. Because of Dave's work they are able to live this part of her dream.

    13. This story was really, really good. I enjoyed reading more about Laci and David beyond Chop Chop. This isn't a light-hearted story though. There are some heavy and sad things they deal with but I still enjoyed it. There are, I think, eight books in this series, so I'm sure at some point we'll read the others.

    14. Another great read by L.N. Cronk. Loving the continuing saga of David & Laci as they continue their life & journey in Mexico. Makes you think about how many times we all hear God's 'voice' telling us to follow a path & we ignore it. We don't always recognize the voice and realize how much easier our lives would be if we were more obediant.

    15. This is the second book in the "Chop, Chop" series and I am hooked (book one is free from so pick it up). Book Two if filled with more humor and heartache as it continues the stories of David and Laci. The author does a great job of portraying real life, the good and the bad, through book two.

    16. I re-read Chop, Chop the other day before beginning Day-Day. Both books are wonderful at drawing out your emotions and addressing some of the complexities of feeling that are often tritely dealt with in much Christian fiction. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of the occasional editing flaws in both books. The story itself is a 5+.

    17. This is the second book of the series and it was not quite as good as the first but still I finished it in less than 24 hours. As in the first one there were times I laughed and times I cried. The Christian lifestyle was evident throughout and it was refreshing on how it was presented. I will be downloading the third book today.

    18. Good read, read in a matter of hours. This series, so far, focuses on the concept of forgiveness. Its a true testimony of God's love exhibited from one to another. I have to say, forgiveness in theory is easy, but quite a different story when faced with difficult, painful situations. Again, take a chance and read it. I think I will finish this series. I hope you will join me.

    19. The story of David and Laci continues as they start married life in Mexico. They learn to lean on the will of God as their new marriage faces challenges. The couple deals with a new loss, mourning, depression and serious illness. This book is as touching as the first in the Chop, Chop series. I'm still amazed at the writing. I read a lot and L.N. Cronk is a rare voice.

    20. This is a quick and easy read and a sweet story that isn't so sweet that it leaves us thinking, "that's not how real life works." I can't wait to continue the series to find out what happens with Laci and Davidd Dorito(who I loved from the first moment)!

    21. Oh WOW! This book is really emotional. It is one of those books made me laugh, cry and feel a multitude of emotions. My heart broke for Laci, yet rejoiced with her as well. Great writing and a great second book in the series. I will definitely keep reading the series.

    22. I admit, I've read these out of order, but it doesn't matter that I know what happened, I still laughed, cried and wanted to live next door to these people who believe as I do that God is an intergral part if life in a non "preachy" way. Is there beyond 5 stars?

    23. I read this book in one day. It was a heartbreaking story but what really amazed me was that the reader is NOT left with a feeling of despair--and neither are the characters. Starting the next one now!!

    24. Read this book in a day and half. I couldn't put it down. I just bought the third one and I can't wait to start it. So many lessons to that are being taught and a lot of thinking going on in my head.

    25. This was the 2nd in the series. I thought this was a great book. It dealt with some very sad subjects that broke my heart. It was great to see how faith got them thru the tough times. I would recommend this series to young readers.

    26. Must read complete seriesI usually never read series, this is a rare exception. LOVE the way these episodes are written and will continue to finish them all. because they are so satisfying

    27. Once I started this book I could not put it down. Like the first book in the series, Chop, Chop, the characters were so real as we're the situations they experienced. I look forward to learning more of this cast and seeing where they are lead.

    28. Day DayThe second book in this series also makes me anxious to read the next one. Day Day doesn't disappoint. David puts up a front of the business working fellow, but God always wins out and softens his heart.

    29. Well I read it in one day, does that tell you anything? And I read half of the third one and now I'm almost done with the third one too! I HAVE to get some work done so I HAVE to slow down but these are the BEST books I've read in a LONG time and perhaps the best books I've EVER read.

    30. Wow.I really love this family! The author has done a really good job in making the characters and their lives so BELIEVABLE! Yes, I just got Day-Daybut I just HAVE to get the next book! WARNING: another "good read" that you won't ever forget!!!

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